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Bahan Evo Seal Online

Seed - Bud , Success Ratio 100%

Bahan 1 : Yeast, stem of radish, pea shell, sap ,log, soy milk, vegetable oil, dye, spore , wooden board.

Bahan 2 : Geranium, large geranium, log, dye, pea shell, sap , vegetable oil, stem of radish, pea soy milk

Bud - Junior Mo-Mo 25%

Bahan 1 : Sap, vegetable oil, large geranium, stem of radish, radish, hero`s claw, fabric cloth (T),fabric clothes (B), magic fabric cloth (T),magic fabric cloth (B).

Bahan 2 : Radish, stem of radish, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, sap ,leaf, vegetable oil, respect, rod.

Bahan 3 : Stem of radish, radish, sap, vegetable oil, geranium, magic fabric cloth(T), fabric cloth (B), fabric cloth(T), fabric cloth (B), lucky card.

Bud - Green Pumpkin 25%

Bahan 1 : Vine, Mulberry leaf, magic powder, gasoline, piece of glass, really hard shell, platinum, mark of sage, mark of great sage, mirthil

Bahan 2 : Really hard shell, platinum, silver, vine, piece of glass, gasoline, mark of sage, oxgen

Bud - Flower bud 25%

Bahan 1 : Blue dye, dye, 5 color strings, silver, magic powder, fairy powder, mark of wind, shinny thread, snow crystal

Bahan 2 : White ribbon, snow crystal, soul of snowprincess, silver, fairy powder, sap, sun stone, moon stone, blue crystal, cactus flower

Bud - Shuck 25%

Bahan 1 : Stem of radish, radish, vegetable oil, soy milk, large geranium, geranium, pea, kidney bean, dumb knuckle, log

Bahan 2 : Stem of radish, radish, leaf, pea shell, geranium, vegetable oil, sap , rotten leaf, pea ,soy milk

Bahan 3 : Sap, pea shell, soy milk, leaf, mulberry leaf, kidney bean, dye, pea, geranium, egg

Junior Mo-Mo - King Mo-Mo 60%

Bahan 1 : Pharaoh`s curse, ice-cold heart, ice crystal, bowl, man`s romance, jason`s heart, blue crystal, blue blaze, lucky card, radish

Bahan 2 : Father excuse, man`s romance, man`s sentinity, 4leaf clover, lucky card, ice crystal, Bowl, radish, vegetable oil, hero`s claw

Bahan 3 : Radish, man`s romance, man`s sentinity, father`s good old days, fathers`s excuse, pharaoh`s curse, ice crystal, ice-cold heart, bowl, lucky card

Junior Mo-Mo - Pretty Mo-Mo 30%

Bahan 1 : Pharaoh`s curse, ice-cold heart, ice crystal, bowl, man`s romance, jason`s heart, blue crystal, blue blaze, 4 leaf clover, radish

Junior Mo-Mo - Warrior Mo-Mo 10%

Bahan 1 : Pharaoh`s curse, ice-cold heart, ice crystal, bowl, man`s romance, jason`s heart, blue crystal, blue blaze, l4 leaf clover, radish

Green Pumpkin - Pumpkin Head 60%

Bahan 1 : Vine, venom canine, rotten leaf, respect, leaf, herb, log, stem of radish, mulberry leaf

Bahan 2 : mulberrry leaf, stem of radish, log, herb, leaf, respect, rotten leaf, venom canine, vine

Bahan 3 : Venom canine, bat`s tooth, poinsonous tooth, tooh, large pumpkin`s head, mulberry leaf, rotten leaf, 4 leaf clover

Green Pumpkin - Pumkin 30%

Bahan 1 :Hatchling`s tooth , bat`s tooth, venom canine, wolf`s tooth, leaf, rotten leaf, respect, herb, 4 leaf clover

Green Pumpkin - Amber 10%

Bahan 1 : venom canine, bat tooth, poinsonus tooth, tooth, large`s pumpkin head, mulberry leaf, respect, leaf, rotten leaf, 4 leaf clover

Flower Bud - Rose 50%

Bahan 1 : Rose, cactus flower, snow crystal, bell , goldfish, soul of snow princess, piya`s unfertilized egg, vegetable oil, large geranium, geranium

Bahan 2 : Rose, cactus flower, snow crystal, gold, goldfish, knight crest, piya`s unfertilized egg, vegetable oil, geranium, yellow darts

Flower Bud - SunFlower 50%

Bahan 1 : Gold, piya`s unfertilized egg, white fur, snow crstal, blue blaze, cactus flower, bell, large geranium, geranium, knight crest

Bahan 2 : Snow crystal, gold, goldfish, gernaium, cactus flower, vegetable oil,piya`s unfertilized egg, bell, large geranium

Bahan 3 : Snow crystal, bell, goldfish, geranium, lucky card, vegetable oil, 4 leaf clover, knight crest, gold, piya`s unfertilized egg

Shuck - Beannie 60%

Bahan 1 : Herb, geranium, dumb knuckle, soy milk, cactus flower, sap, dye, vegetable oil, pea shell, leaf

Bahan 2 : Log, spore, yeast, soy milk , pea, egg, vegetable oil, pea shell, sap, geranium

Bahan 3 : Pea shell, pea, soy milk, geranium, dye, dumb knuckle, kidney bean, lucky card, bow, vegetable oil

Shuck - Pretty Beannie 30%

Bahan 1 : White gloves, soy milk, pea, pea shell, leaf, dye, geranium, lucky card

Shuck - Warrior Beannie 10%

Bahan 1 : Herb, geranium, dumb knuckle, soy milk, pea, sap, dye, vegetable oil, pea shell, leaf

King Mo-Mo - Mo-mo the great 70%

Bahan 1 : Peterpan 1 set, GS of rays, invisible sword, 4 leaf clover, invisible dagger, respect, leaf

Bahan 2 : Peterpan 1 set, Blue Crystal Dust, Radish, Stem of Radish , Leaf, respect, 4 leaf clover

Bahan 3 : Peterpan 1 set, Gs of rays, invisible sword, 4leaf clover, invisible dagger, leaf, respect

King MoMo - [inf]Warrior Mo-Mo 25%

Bahan 1 : Peterpan 1 set, gs of rays, invisible sword, 4 leaf clover, invisible staff, respect, leaf

King MoMo - Male Dryad 5%

Bahan 1 : Peterpan 1 set, gs of rays, invisible sword, 4 leaf clover, invisible staff, respect, leaf

Bahan 2 : Royal Blade, Sepatu Peterpan, Kepala peterpan, Baju peterpan, Celana peterpan, 4 leaf clover, lucky card, High Red pot, small red pot, mens romance

Pretty Mo-Mo - Beautiful Mo-Mo 70%

Bahan 1 : Peterpan 1 set, leaf, 4leaf clover, Gs of rays, invisible sword, invisible dagger, iron flail

Bahan 2 : Peterpan 1 set, GS of rays, invisible sword, 4 leaf clover, invisible dagger, leaf, respect.

Pretty Mo-Mo - [inf] War mo2 20%

Bahan 1 : Peterpan 1 set, GS of rays, invisible sword, leaf, respect, 4leaf clover, invisible dagger

Pretty Mo-Mo - Male Dryad 10%

Bahan 1 : Peterpan 1 set, GS of rays, invisible sword, 4 leaf clover, invisible dagger, leaf, respect

Warrior Mo-Mo - [inf]Warrior Mo-Mo 70%

Bahan 1 : Peterpan 1 set, man`s romance, royal blade, cactus flower, seaweed, lucky card, 4 leaf clover

Warrior Mo-Mo - Male Dryad 25%

Bahan 1 : Peterpan 1 set, man`s romance, royal blade, cactus flower, seaweed, lucky card, 4 leaf clover

Warrior Mo-Mo - Fly Male dryad 5%

Bahan 1 : Peterpan 1 set, man`s romance, royal blade, cactus flower, seaweed, lucky card, 4 leaf clover

Pumpkin Head - Pumpisto 95%

Bahan 1 : Seaweed, bell, ashes, white ashes, invisible sword, invisible staff, 4leaf clover, lucky card, GS of rays, invisible dagger

Pumpkin Head - Male Dryad 5%

Bahan 1 : Seaweed, bell, ashes, white ashes, invisible sword, invisible staff, 4leaf clover, lucky card, GS of rays, invisible dagger

Pumpkin - Huge Pumpkin Head 70%

Bahan 1 : Invisible sword, GS of rays, seaweed, invisible dagger, starfish, crab leg, rayshark`s fin, white ashes, ashes, 4 leaf clover

Pumpkin - Male Dryad 25%

Bahan 1 : Invisible sword, GS of rays, seaweed, invisible dagger, starfish, crab leg, rayshark`s fin, white ashes, ashes, 4 leaf clover

Pumpkin - Fly Male Dryad 5%

Bahan 1 : Invisible sword, GS of rays, seaweed, invisible dagger, starfish, crab leg, rayshark`s fin, white ashes, ashes, 4 leaf clover

Amber - Jurrassic Mosquito in amber 90%

Bahan 1 : Crystal, gold, silver, white fur, moonstone, ice crystal, lucky card, aleph`s crystal, platinum, ruby

Amber - Male Dryad 10%

Bahan 1 : Crystal, gold, silver, white fur, moonstone, ice crystal, lucky card, aleph`s crystal, platinum, ruby

Rose - White Rose 75%

Bahan 1 : Leaf, lucky card, respect, fairy powder, wit, stone, sharp tooh, invisible staff, sunflower seed, lightpanel

Rose - Female Dryad 25%

Bahan 1 : Leaf, lucky card, 4 leaf clover, respect, fairy powder, magic powder, sharp tooth, sunflower seed, lightpanel

Rose - Fly Female Dryad 5%

Bahan 1 : 4 Leaf clover, respect, leaf, sharp tooth, sunflower seed,magic powder, fairy powder, lightpanel, lucky card

Sunflower - Solar 95%

Bahan 1 : Sunflower seed, iron plate, cactus flower, 4 leaf clover, lucky card, fairy powder, magic powder, leaf, wit, peterpan (T)

Bahan 2 : Sunflower seed, wit, magic powder, fairy powder, cactus flower, leaf, iron plate, 4 leaf clover, lucky card, snow crystal

Bahan 3 : Cactus flower, fairy powder, magic powder, 4leaf clover, lucky card, iron plate, sunflower seed, leaf, wit, peterpan (T)

Sunflower - Female Dryad 5%

Bahan 1 : Sunflower seed, iron plate, cactus flower, 4 leaf clover, lucky card, fairy powder, magic powder, leaf, wit, peterpan (T)

Bahan 2 : Cactus flower, fairy powder, magic powder, 4leaf clover, lucky card, iron plate, sunflower seed, leaf, wit, peterpan (T)

Beannie - French Beannie 70%

Bahan 1 : Leaf, seaweed, white ashes, invisible staff, gs of rays, 4leaf clover, lucky card, peterpan(H)(T)(B)

Bahan 2 : Respect, leaf, mulberry leaf, 4 leaf clover, white ashes, GS of rays, invisible sword, invisible dagger, invisible staff, invisible flail

Bahan 3 : Leaf, mulberry leaf, seaweed, ashes , white ashes, peterpan (H), GS of rays, invisible flai, invisible staff, 4 leaf clover

Beannie - [inf]Warrior Beannie 25%

Bahan 1 : Leaf, mulberry leaf, seaweed, ashes , white ashes, peterpan (H), GS of rays, invisible flai, invisible staff, 4 leaf clover

Beannie - Female Dryad 5%

Bahan 1 : Leaf, mulberry leaf, seaweed, ashes, white ashes, peterpan hat , 4leaf clover, lucky card, peterpan(T)(

Pretty Beannie - Beautiful beannie 70%

Bahan 1 : Respect, seaweed, lucky card, leaf, fairy powder, peterpan(H)(T), invisible staff, sunflower seed, bell

Pretty Beannie -[inf]Warrior Beannie 25%

Bahan 1 : Respect, seaweed, lucky card, leaf, fairy powder, peterpan(H)(T), invisible staff, sunflower seed, bell

Pretty Beannie - Female Dryad 5%

Bahan 1 : Respect, seaweed, lucky card, leaf, fairy powder, peterpan(H)(T), invisible staff, sunflower seed, bell

Warrior Beannie - Inf war beannie 75%

Bahan 1 : peterpan 1 set . respect, seaweed, invisible staff, invisible sword, 4 leaf clover,invisible flail

Warrior Beannie - Female Dryad 20%

Bahan 1 : peterpan 1 set . respect, seaweed, invisible staff, invisible sword, 4 leaf clover,invisible flail

Warrior Beannie - Fly Female Dryad 5%

Bahan 1 : peterpan 1 set . respect, seaweed, invisible staff, invisible sword, 4 leaf clover,invisible flail

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Keroro Gunso

Peleton Keroro
!Artikel utama untuk bagian ini adalah: Keroro Platoon

Sersan Keroro adalah manupulative anti-hero dan nama seekor karakter di mana dia sangat menyukai Gundam dan mau melakukan apa saja untuk mendapatkan Gundam Model Kits. Dia dan peletonnya dikirm ke Bumi untuk menginvasi Bumi dengan iming-iming hadiah. Sebagai ketua peleton, dia membutuhkan bantuan dari beberapa anggota lainnya.

Anggota dari Peleton Keroro adalah Tamama. Tamama sangat menyukai Keroro dan mempunyai wajah yang imut. Dia kadang cemburu juga ada yang mendekati Sersan, walaupun dia juga. Tamama sangat menyukai Keroro dan mempunyai wajah yang imut. Anggota yang lain adalah, Giroro. Ia suka menyendiri dan pandai memasak Sweet Potates. Dia sering frustasi dengan kemalasan Keroro. Dia sangat menyukai Natsumi. Anggota yang bertugas mengurusi alat-alat canggih peleton Keroro, Kururu. Ia sangat aneh, suka tertawa licik sendirian (seperti khu..khu..), tidak populer, dan tidak disukai oleh katak disekitarnya karena ia terlihat seperti orang yang depresi. Walaupun begitu, ia membuat banyak alat-alat canggih yang mendukung peleton Keroro untuk menginvasi bumi. Anggota yang terakhir adalah Dororo. Ia berpakaian seperti ninja, memang dia ninja sih. Dia adalah teman sejak kecil Keroro dan Giroro. Ia adalah katak kaya. Keroro sering membuatnya sebagai tameng, tapi Dororo masih mengikuti perintah Keroro tanpa protes. Dia akan depresi jika mengingat sebuah kejadian yang dilakukan Keroro padanya saat mereka masih kecil.
[sunting] Kelurga Hinata
!Artikel utama untuk bagian ini adalah: Keroro Platoon#Allies (Human)

Keluarga yang menerima Keroro dan peletonnya adalah keluarga Hinata. Anak laki-laki kelurga HInata bernama Fuyuki Hinata, seseorang yang tertarik dengan hal-hal gaib dan supranatural. Kakak Fuyuki bernama Natsumi Hinata, seorang perempuan yang galak dan aneh. Sang ibu, Aki Hinata, seorang editor manga yang cukup senang dengan kedatangan Keroro karena dapat dijadikan inspirasi untuk manganya.
[sunting] Karakter Lainnnya

Selain karakter-karakter utama, juga ada karakter lain di anime Keroro. Misalnya Momoka Nishizawa dan temannya Paul Moriyama. Mereka adalah teman keluarga Hinata, dan Tamama tinggal bersamanya. Momoka adalah penggemar rahasia Fuyuki dan selalu membuat jalan untuk membuat Fuyuki jatuh cinta padanya. Karakter manusia lainnya adalah seorang pembawa acara di radio bernama Mutsumi Hojo dan seorang ninja perempuan bernama Koyuki Azumaya. Seorang teman Peleton Keroro adalah Angol Mois, the King of Terror, seseorang yang diutus untuk menghancurkan dunia, tapi ia malah dilindungi oleh Keroro. Alien lainnya ada juga space detective Kogoro dan saudara perempuannya, Lavie. Sumomo adalah seorang karakter di anime Keroro juga, ia adalah seorang singer yang terkenal, di manganya, ia hanya tampil di beberapa chapter spesial. Karakter yang keluarnya paling terakhir adalah Alisa SouthernCross dan Pururu.
Opening Themes

1. "Woof! and March" (ケロッ!とマーチ ,Kero! to Māchi?, 1-51) by Nobuaki Kakuda & Juri Ihata
2. "National Irresponsible Era" (全国無責任時代 ,Zenkoku Musekinin Jidai?, 52-78) by GaGaGa SP
3. "I Want to Buy You Some Juice" (君にジュースを買ってあげる♥ ,Kimi ni Jūsu o Katte Ageru♥?, 79-103) by Group Tamashi
4. "Sunny Road ~I Don't See Any Aliens!~" (晴れる道 ~宇宙人(オメェら)に合わせる顔がねぇ!~ ,Hareru Michi ~Omera (Uchjun) ni Awaseru Kao ga Nee!~?, 104-129) by Jicho Kacho
5. "You-You-You" (130-154) by Polysics
6. "Return of the Kero! and March" (帰ってきたケロッ!とマーチ ,Kaettekita Kero! to Māchi?, 155-183) by Ichirō Zaitsu & Yuko Ogura
7. "The Party Games are Here" (フンダリーケッタリー ,Fundarī Kettarī?, 184-205) by Dylan & Catherine
8. "What a Tiggerific Adventure" (なんて素敵な土曜日 ,Nante Suteki na Doyōbi?, 206-231) by Keroro Platoon
9. "Hello, Darwin! ~Curiosity on Demand~" (ハローダーウィン! ~好奇心オンデマンド~ ,Harō dāuin! ~koukishin ondemando~?, 232-) by JAM Project
10. "Woof! and March (Keroro Shoutai Ver.)" (ケロッ!とマーチ ,Kero! to Māchi?, 1-51) by Keroro Platoon
11. Rock Earth Today!晴れる道 ~宇宙人(オメェら)に合わせる顔がねぇ!~ (Ore Chi Piko 306-367 ?) by Keroro Platoon

Ending Themes

1. "Afro Sergeant" (アフロ軍曹 ,Afuro Gunsō?, 1-18, 27-39) by Dance Man
2. "Pekopon Invasion Ondo" (地球(ペコポン)侵略音頭 ,Pekopon Shinryaku Ondo?, 19-26) by Ondo Gal meets Keroro Platoon
3. "Keroro Platoon Authorized! Passionate Learn to Draw Song!!" (ケロロ小隊公認!熱烈歓迎的えかきうた!! ,Keroro-shōtai Kōnin! Netsuretsu Kangeiteki Ekaki Uta!!?, 40-51) by Keroro All Stars
4. "An Invader in My Own Way" (勝手に侵略者(シンリャクシャ) ,Katte ni Shinryakusha?, 52-78) by Naoya Ogawa & Mayuko Iwasa
5. "A Problem of the Heart" (ココロの問題 ,Kokoro no Mondai?, 79-103) by toutou
6. "Flower Petals of Victory" (勝利の花びら ,Shōri no Hanabira?, 104-116) by Chinatouchable (Chinatsu Wakatsuki & Untouchable)
7. "Cycling Recycle" (サイクリング リサイクル ,Saikuringu Risaikuru?, 117-141) by Kirin
8. "Forever" (永遠に ,Eien ni?, 142-154) by Afromania
9. "Spinning, Turning, Once Around" (くるっと・まわって・いっかいてん ,Kurutto, Mawatte, Ikkaiten?, 155-168) by Kigurumi
10. "Smiling Champ" (ニコニコチャンプ ,Niko Niko Chanpu?, 169-192) by Non Style
11. "Kero Cat's Tango" (ケロ猫のタンゴ ,Kero Neko no Tango?, 193-205) by Osamu Minagawa & Hibari Children Chorus
12. "Here's the Earth for You!" (おまたせ地球(ペコポン)一丁! ,Omatase Chikyu Icchō?, 206-218) by Keroro Platoon and Zeroro Platoon
13. "Our Password" (僕らの合言葉 ,Bokura no Aikotoba?, 219-) by Natsumi Kiyoura
14. "Ta-Ta-Taruru's Big Plan" (ケッケッケロロの大作戦♪ ,Kekkekkeroro no Dai Sakusen?, 245-256) by Keroro Platoon, Zeroro Platoon, and Korara Platoon
15. "Daijoubu Supponpon Friend" (だいじょうぶスッポンポン·フレンド ,Daijoubu Supponpon Friend?, 257-282) by Yoshio Kojima
16. "Hallelujah!!" (晴レルヤ!! ,Hareruya!!?, 283-296) by JAM Project
17. "Play With Us!" (晴レルヤ 大作戦 おまた フレンド!! ,Hareruya Dai Sakusen Omatase Furendo!!?, 301-324) by Keroro Platoon

Spongbob Si kotak

SpongeBob SquarePants adalah sebuah serial film animasi yang paling populer di Nickelodeon. Pada awalnya serial kartun ini ditayangkan pada tahun 1999 di Amerika Serikat dan dicipta oleh Stephen Hillenburg, seorang animator dan ahli biologi laut, dan diterbitkan oleh perusahaan beliau, United Plankton Pictures Inc. Seri kartun ini ditayangkan di Malaysia menerusi saluran Nickelodeon dan TV3, dan juga melalui saluran TV9 yang telah diterjemahkan ke dalam bahasa Melayu.

Di Indonesia serial ini dipopulerkan oleh LaTiVi (sekarang TvOne), kemudian hak tayang acara-acara yang diproduksi oleh Nickelodeon dibeli oleh Global TV. Kartun ini diciptakan oleh seorang ahli biologi laut dan animator Stephen Hillenburg dan lalu dirilis melalui perusahaannya United Plankton Pictures Inc. Serial ini settingnya berada di Samudra Pasifik di kota Bikini Bottom.Daftar isi [sembunyikan]
1 Latar
2 Watak
3 Tokoh
4 Tempat dalam siri SpongeBob
5 Produk dalam serial Spongebob
6 Binatang yang ada di Bikini Bottom
7 Popularitas
7.1 Tarikan meluas
8 Penghargaan
9 Keluaran media
9.1 Episode
9.2 Film
9.3 Tayangan singkat
10 Musik
11 Referensi
12 Pranala luar


SpongeBob SquarePants ialah seekor spons yang tinggal dalam sebuah rumah nanas dalam laut di kota Bikini Bottom, manakala tetanggannya Squidward Tentacles ialah seekor gurita yang tinggal dalam rumah moai. Tetangga SpongeBob yang lain dan teman akrabnya, Patrick Star seekor bintang laut merah muda, tinggal di bawah sebuah batu. Rumah Squidward terletak di antara rumah Spongebob dan rumah Patrick, dan inilah yang meresahkan Squidward.

SpongeBob dan kawan-kawannya tinggal di kota Bikini Bottom dalam lautan Pasifik. Bikini Bottom dilihatkan sebagai sebuah kota biasa dengan pusat kota, pinggir kota, kawasan pantai, lapangan terbang, rangkaian bunga laut dan taman hiburan sendiri. Stephen Hillenburg pernah berkata bahawa Bikini Bottom direka lebih kurang berdasarkan kota Seattle, Washington.

Hewan peliharaan SpongeBob ialah seekor siput laut bernama Gary, yang "mengeong" seperti kucing. Meskipun tidak banyak berbicara (kecuali dalam beberapa episode), watak-watak lain kelihatan mampu memahaminya. Tambahan pula, cacing laut menyalak seperti anjing dan dirantai. Ubur-ubur disamakan dengan lebah; bunyi desas-desus, sengatan bisa (tetapi kelihatan seperti kejutan elektrik), dan menghasilkan "jeli" yang lezat, memperolok-olok nama "jellyfish" sambil membandingkan jeli dengan madu lebah. Ikan berperan sebagai warga kota tetapi tidak dijadikan tokoh penting.

SpongeBob yang penyerap, kuning, dan berlubang ini, bekerja sebagai juru masak di Krusty Krab, sebuah restoran makanan cepat saji, dimana Squidward juga bekerja sebagai kasir. Krusty Krab dimiliki Eugene H. Krabs (Mr. Krabs). Sheldon J. Plankton adalah musuh bebuyutan Krabs yang memiliki sebuah restoran makanan cepat saji bertaraf rendah bernama The Chum Bucket yang terletak berhadapan Krusty Krab. The Chum Bucket seolah-olah tidak pernah dikunjungi pelanggan, dan Plankton meluangkan kebanyakan waktunya untuk merancang peralatan untuk mencuri resep burger Krabby Patty milik Mr. Krabs. Plankton hanya berhasil mencuri resep itu dalam The Spongebob Squarepants Movie; formulanya tidak pernah diperlihatkan kepada penonton. Istri komputer Plankton, Karen, kadang-kala membantunya dalam rancangan jahatnya atau bertengkar dengannya.

Satu lagi kawan SpongeBob ialah Sandy Cheeks, seekor tupai yang berasal dari Texas dan tinggal di dalam kubah anti-air di Bikini Bottom. Dia diantar ke dalam lautan oleh majikan-majikannya yang berupa simpanse. Ketika di luar kubahnya, dia memakai baju seperti Astronot.

Penduduk Bikini Bottom mengendarai kapal seolah-olah mobil. SpongeBob masih belajar dalam sekolah mengemudi setelah gagal dalam ujian mengemudi (ada 2 versi tentang ketidaklulusan ini,yaitu 58 kali(menurut episode"Drive to Tears"),dan 1.000.006 kali(menurut episode"Mrs.Puff,you Fired"). Setiap pergerakan menghasilkan gelembung untuk mengingkatkan penonton bahawa cerita ini berlatarkan lautan. Namun begitu, terdapat babak-babak di mana terdapat selapisan air yang berasingan daripada air lautan (seperti adanya pantai) dan api bisa dinyalakan dalam lautan.

Tokoh utama Spongebob adalah sebuah spons laut berwarna kuning yang hidup bersama peliharaannya, Garry, seekor siput laut yang berperilaku sebagai kucing.

Spongebob tinggal bertetangga dengan sahabatnya Patrick, seekor bintang laut dan tetangga yang selalu memusuhinya: Squidward, seekor gurita yang tidak senang bersosialisasi, memiliki sifat penggerutu, dan hobi bermain Klarinet.

Kelucuan-kelucuan dalam cerita serial ini bersumber dari perilaku sehari-hari Spongebob yang polos, optimis, selalu ceria, dan memiliki prasangka baik terhadap siapapun.

Terkadang perilaku ini membawa bencana, dimanfaatkan, atau terjadi salah paham kala disatukan dengan sifat-sifat mahluk lain yang tinggal di Bikini Bottom.
Artikel utama untuk bagian ini adalah: Daftar karakter SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob SquarePants - tokoh utama dalam kartun ini yang berbentuk spon berwarna kuning. Spongebob tinggal di dalam rumah berbentuk nanas di dalam laut. Dia juga memelihara seekor siput yang bernama Gary. Merupakan koki di Krusty Krab yang terkenal dengan Krabby Patty.
Squidward Tentacles - seekor gurita yang tinggal di dalam kepala Pulau Easter. Sangat benci pada Spongebob dan Patrick yang suka mengganggunya. Dia mempunyai seorang saingan yang juga seekor gurita bernama Squilliam Fancyson. Merupakan kasir di Krusty Krab yang pemalas, sangat menyukai dansa,dan sempat pindah rumah karena rumahnya dihancurkan Spongebob dan Patrick di salah satu episode.
Patrick Star - Teman akrab Spongebob yang berbentuk Bintang laut. Patrick tinggal di bawah batu. Patrick merupakan penduduk paling bodoh di Bikini Bottom.
Eugene H. Krabs (Tuan Krabs) - pemilik restoran Krusty Krab yang hanya memikirkan soal uang (dia dikatakan sangat serakah dan pelit). Spongebob dan Squidward bekerja di restoran ini.
Sandy Cheeks (Sandy si Tupai) - seekor tupai yang tinggal di dalam laut. Sandy menyukai karate, dikatakan suka meminum saus yang amat pedas dan juga aksi-aksi "stunt". Nama asli Sandy adalah Sandra "Sandy" Cheeks. Dia tinggal di sebuah kubah anti-air yang mempunyai sebatang pohon besar.
Gary - Seekor siput peliharaan Spongebob. Berbunyi seperti kucing dan merupakan siput yang bijak. Tidak suka kepada Squidward.
Sheldon J. Plankton - pemilik restoran Chum Bucket. Amat terobsesi dengan Krabby Patty sehingga sanggup mencuri resepnya(tapi tak pernah menang).
Larry Lobster - seekor udang karang yang sangat kuat. Kerap kali dapat dilihat di Goo Lagoon.
Pearl Krabs - seekor ikan paus yang merupakan anak Mr. Krabs. Amat menyukai hiburan dan berumur 16 tahun.
Mermaidman - merupakan salah seorang pahlawan super (yang sudah tua) di Bikini Bottom.
Barnacleboy - Teman Mermaidman dan kurang menyukai Spongebob (dan juga gelarannya yang mengandungi "boy", padahal sudah cukup tua seperti Mermaidman).
Dirty Bubble - partner dari Man Ray. Merupakan musuh dari Mermaidman dan Barnacleboy. Wujudnya seperti Gelembung udara berwarna Cokelat.
Man Ray* - Merupakan Musuh terbesar dari Mermaidman dan Barnacleboy. Bentuk tubuh dan Wujudnya seperti Ultraman.
Tempat dalam siri SpongeBob
Bikini Bottomshire - Nama Bikini Bottom pada zaman dahulu, daerah ini dikuasai oleh King Krab, yang merupakan rival dari penyihir Plankton.
Goo Lagoon - Sebuah pantai di Bikini Bottom yang sering dikunjungi Spongebob dan teman-teman.
Rock Bottom - Sebuah tempat di luar Bikini Bottom yang didiami ikan-ikan aneh.
K-Blub - Salah satu stasion radio di Bikini Bottom.
Sea Needle - Bangunan tinggi yang juga parodi dari bangunan Space Needle di Seattle
Shell City - Merupakan toko cenderamata yang terletak di darat. (hanya muncul dalam film Spongebob the Movie)
Jellyfish fields (Padang Ubur-ubur) - Tempat berburu Ubur-ubur. Spongebob seringkali datang ke tempat ini.
Krusty Krab - Restoran cepat saji di mana Spongebob dan Squidward berkerja. Krusty Krab menjual makanan paling disukai selautan yakni Krabby Patty yang seperti burger.
Discount Grocery Mart - Minimarket yang biasa memberikan potongan harga.
Shady Shoals - panti jompo yang di tinggali Mermaidman dan Barnacleboy.
Fancy Restaurant - Restoran bintang lima , dimana Spongebob pernah bekerja disini di salah satu episode.
Glove World - taman hiburan di Bikini Bottom.tempat bermain Spongebob dan Patrick sebelum ke Rock Bottom.
Chum Bucket - Rumah makan dimana Plankton menyusun rencana jahatnya dan tinggal bersama Karen. Selalu kosong tanpa pengunjung.
New Kelp - Kota dimana Spongebob menjadi walikota dan namanya berubah menjadi Cheese Head Brown Pants
Residents' Row Tempat tinggal Patrick, Squidward & Spongebob
Loker Davy Jones - Tempat dimana orang yang memiliki sifat yang tidak baik, tempat yang penuh dengan kaus kaki.
Fast Food Coliseum - Tempat para koki untuk mengikuti kejuaraan masak tahunan.
Barg 'n Mart - Tempat para warga Bikini Bottom berbelanja.
Diner Sebuah restoran yang muncul di beberapa episode yaitu Chocolate With Nuts, Mermaidman & Barnacleboy II,& Missing Identity
Oyster Stadium Tempat tiram & tempat Pertandingan siput.Terletak di Kebun Binatang Bikini Bottom
Mrs. Puff Boating School Tempat Spongebob belajar mengemudi, di sekolah ini sponge bob tak pernah lulus ujian mengemudi.
Palace of Pranks-toko yang menjual barang barang jahil/mainan
Produk dalam serial Spongebob
Krabby Patty - Makanan yang disukai oleh warga Bikini Bottom, Plankton selalu berusaha mencurinya.
Kelpo - Sereal yang selalu menjadi menu sarapannya Spongebob.
Sea Nuts - Kacang laut yang berbentuk seperti kacang pada umumnya.
Mobil transparan- mobil yang selalu dipakai oleh Mermaidman dan Barnacleboy,yang transparan.
Bikini Bottom Phonebook - buku telpon yang pernah diisi oleh iklannya Chum Bucket
Fancy Living Digest - majalah yang memandu cara menjadi kaya dalam waktu yang singkat
Kelp Shake - Minuman enak yang pernah dijual di Bikini Bottom, belakangan diketahui bahwa produk ini mengandung zat radioaktif.
Nachos - Kentang yang menjadi makanan preman siput pada episode Have You Seen This Snail ?
Ol'Reliable - Jaring ubur-ubur yang pernah dipakai Spongebob
Spat si Spatula - Spatula yang selalu digunakan Spongebob untuk memasak Krabby Patty.
Tartar Sauce - Saus tartar adalah produk saus yang berefek seperti asam yang berbahaya
Volcano Sauce - Saus extra pedas
Mangkuk Gary - Mangkuk untuk sarapan Gary.
Binatang yang ada di Bikini Bottom
Alaskan Big Worm Monster cacing raksasa dari Alaska yang senang memakan apa saja
Sea Bear Monster berwajah beruang dan perawakannya seperti ikan besar, monster besar yang pernah muncul di majalah-majalah fiksi Bikini Bottom
Sea Rhino Monster berwajah badak dan perawakannya seperti badak yang memiliki sirip
Nematoda Cacing kecil yang hidup berkelompok dan seperti parasit
Ubur-ubur Binatang yang pada umumnya berwarna pink, dan sering ditangkap oleh Spongebob, populasinya sekitar 1 juta ubur-ubur dan tinggal di Jellyfish Fields.

SpongeBob SquarePants merupakan satu-satunya kartun untuk memasuki senarai 10 Teratas secara konsisten dalam pemeringkatan Nielsen, dan menurut pihak Nickelodeon, Nickelodeon cartoon "berbujet rendah" pertama yang menjadi amat popular. Kartun berbujet rendah tidak banyak meraih penghargaan sebanyak rancangan berbujet tinggi seperti Rugrats, namun semenjak muncul di kaca TV pada tahun 1999, SpongeBob meraih bilangan penonton yang cukup dalam pemeringkatan agar dianggap popular, maka menjadi lebih popular berbanding Rugrats. SpongeBob mengikuti rancangan Nickelodeon lain yang menarik penonton lebih "matang": The Ren & Stimpy Show, Rocko's Modern Life, skit-skit Kablam!, Action League Now! dan The Angry Beavers. Rancangan-rancangan lain turut mengikuti trend ini: Invader Zim dan The Fairly OddParents meraih bilangan peminat yang serupa pada tahun 2001, dan OddPatents hanya di tempat kedua selepas SpongeBob dari segi kelarisan, manakala Zim menarik pengikutan kultus[rujukan?]. Rancangan ini mula pada tahun 1999, dan ketika itu, Pokémon masih menjadi kegilaan yang terbesar. SpongeBob tidak meningkatkan popularitinya sehingga tahun 2000, dan semenjak itu kekal popular sehingga ke hari ini.
Tarikan meluas

SpongeBob ialah salah satu daripada banyak siri kartun yang direka untuk menarik penonton dewasa dan kanak-kanak. ini mungkin banyak berkaitan dengan gambaran kehidupan dan keadaan dalam air yang aneh, dan penggunaan situasi, sentuhan dan istilah yang sukar difahami penonton yang lebih muda. Terdapat juga senario ironis rumit yang memerlukan perhatian teliti.

Sebahagian tarikan rancangan ini berkait rapat dengan sifat kebudak-budakan SpongeBob dan sahabat karibnya, Patrick Star, yang kedua-duanya berusia dewasa tetapi menunjukkan sifat kelurusan kanak-kanak manusia. Namun, watak-watak ini tida terkecuali daripada kegiatan yang lebih bersifat dewasa, seperti kepujanggan rock dalam persembahan stadium, atau Patrick meminta SpongeBob beranak lagi setelah mengambil seekor kapis bayi di bawah jagaan mereka.

Rancangan ini menjadi popular dengan penonton remaja dan dewasa sehingga siri ini disiarkan di MTV dan ditampilkan dalam Spike TV. The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie yang dikeluarkan pada 19 November 2004, menyaksikan penampilan istimewa oleh David Hasselhoff, dalam satu babak ajukan peranan beliau dari siri TV Baywatch.

Di bawah ini adalah penghargaan-penghargaan yang pernah diraih kartun SpongeBob SquarePants:
Anugerah Annie
Terbitan Televiysen Animasi Terbaik (2005)
Pengarangan Terbaik dalam Terbitan Televisyen Animasi (2006)
Kids' Choice Awards
Kartun Terbaik (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007)
Television Critics Association Awards
Pencapaian Cemerlang dalam Rancangan Kanak-kanak (2002)
Indonesian Kids Choice Awards
Kartun Terbaik (2008, 2009)

Website resmi..
Spongebob Australia
Spongebob Website

What is Cartoon!!!!!

The word cartoon has various meanings, based on several very different forms of visual art and illustration. The artists who draw cartoons are known as cartoonists.

The term has evolved over time. The original meaning was in fine art, where cartoon meant a preparatory drawing for a piece of art, such as a painting or tapestry. The modern meaning refers to both humorous illustrations in print and animated films. Even more recently, there are several contemporary meanings, including creative visual work for electronic media and animated digital media. When the word cartoon is applied to print media, it most often refers to a humorous single-panel drawing or gag cartoon, most of which have typeset captions rather than speech balloons. The word cartoon is sometimes used to refer to a comic strip.


Early examples of attempts to capture the phenomenon of motion into a still drawing can be found in paleolithic cave paintings, where animals are depicted with multiple legs in superimposed positions, clearly attempting to convey the perception of motion.

The phenakistoscope, zoetrope and praxinoscope, as well as the common flip book, were early animation devices to produce movement from sequential drawings using technological means, but animation did not really develop much further until the advent of motion picture film.

The first animated cartoon (in the traditional sense, i.e. on film) was "Fantasmagorie" by the French director Émile Cohl. Released in 1908.

One of the very first successful animated cartoons was "Gertie the Dinosaur" by Winsor McCay. It is considered the first example of true character animation.
Further information: Animation in the United States during the silent era

In the 1930s to 1960s, theatrical cartoons were produced in huge numbers, and usually shown before a feature film in a movie theater. MGM, Disney, Paramount and Warner Brothers were the largest studios producing these 5 to 10-minute "shorts".
Further information: Hollywood Animation: The Golden Age

Competition from television drew audiences away from movie theaters in the late 1950s, and the theatrical cartoon began its decline. Today, animated cartoons are produced mostly for television.


A horse animated by rotoscoping from Eadweard Muybridge's 19th century photos. The animation consists of 8 drawings, which are "looped", i.e. repeated over and over.

The advent of film technology opened opportunities to develop the art of animation. The basic animation process is described in the article Animation, and the classic, hand-drawn technology in Traditional animation.

At first, animated cartoons were black-and-white and silent. Felix the cat is a notable example.

The first cartoon with synchronized sound is often identified as Walt Disney's Steamboat Willie, starring Mickey Mouse in 1928, but Max Fleischer's 1926 My Old Kentucky Home is less popularly but more correctly credited with this innovation. Fleischer also patented rotoscoping, whereby animation could be traced from a live action film.

With the advent of sound film, musical themes were often used. Animated characters usually performed the action in "loops", i.e., drawings were repeated over and over, synchronized with the music. The music used is often original, but musical quotation is often employed.

Disney also produced the first full-color cartoon in Technicolor, "Flowers and Trees", in 1931, although other producers had earlier made films using inferior, 2-color processes instead of the 3-color process offered by Technicolor.

Later, other movie technologies were adapted for use in animation, such as multiplane cameras, stereophonic sound in Disney's Fantasia in 1941, and later, widescreen processes (e.g. CinemaScope), and even 3D.

Today, animation is commonly produced with computers, giving the animator new tools not available in hand-drawn traditional animation. See Computer animation for further information of the specific technologies. However, many types of animation cannot be called "cartoons", which implies something that resembles drawings. Most forms of 3D computer animation, as well as clay animation and other forms of stop motion filming, are not cartoons in the strict sense of the word.

An animated cartoon created using Adobe Flash is sometimes called a webtoon.

Spongebob play

Home Meaning

The British love of a rural manor house or period townhouse is as strong as ever. Our national tolerance for draughts and cold showers has, however, withered. The new ideal home is a combination of old and new: a historic exterior with a modern interior humming with the latest technology. The buyers at the top of the market, who set the trend, want past and present merged into one perfect package.

Buying agents report that “more people are definitely asking for a period house with a modern interior”. James Greenwood, of Stacks Property Search, says: “The days of people putting up with draughty, damp, dark houses for the sake of living in a historic old wreck are behind us. People love a fancy kitchen and music systems and they don’t want to have to go to bed early with bedsocks because the heating doesn’t work.”

Luxury developers in London now specialise in transforming Georgian and Victorian townhouses into space-age technology hubs. One example is The Lancasters development on Bayswater Road, overlooking Hyde Park ( The developer, Northacre, has demolished almost everything behind the Grade II listed stucco façade, creating a new concrete structure behind. This creates a platform for “top of the range audio-visual equipment, mood lighting and comfort cooling, as well as swimming pools, gyms and business centres”, the chief executive, John Hunter, says. “Purchasers in the million-pound-plus price bracket are attracted to the grandeur of period London buildings yet expect state-of-the-art technology.” Creating this hybrid has presented “numerous technical challenges” to the architect, Chris Gaylord, of Nilsson Architects, such as “calculating down to the last millimetre the correct placement of the movement joints between the traditional and modern structures”.

On Palace Street in Westminster stands a classic Georgian townhouse. Inside, however, one finds “Lutron lighting, integrated speakers, iPod docking stations and Sky+HD points connected via infra-red to the central Sky box”, says Bernadette Cunningham, of Thornsett, the developer ( “Period features such as the front elevation and staircase have been retained.”

The trend is heavily influenced by international tastes, says Alex Michelin, director of Finchatton, another luxury developer ( “Buyers at this level want world-class audio-visual [equipment] to match what they get in hotels, on their yachts, at the most prestigious homes around the world.” Finchatton has just converted a Victorian building on Montpelier Street, opposite Harrods, into multimillion-pound flats. Again, it is new-build with a period façade, and is, wonderfully, “the first development in London to have a fibre optic backbone”.

The list of gadgetry includes “wall-mounted touch panels, multi-scene lighting, bulletproof perimeter CCTV, underfloor heating, motion sensors and panic buttons”.

The trend has even spread to the countryside. “Country house buyers do want a period property, but they will spend huge sums of money installing very modern living on the inside,” says Atty Beor-Roberts, of Knight Frank’s Cirencester office. “New build still retains a stigma for some people, but it’s quite common to find a wet room bathroom in an old cottage with inglenook fireplaces.”

One developer, Fairfax Properties (, has capitalised on this craze for the best of both worlds. “Most people aspire to live in a Grade II listed Georgian rectory, because it is a status symbol — a grand house with gravitas,” says David Milligan, of Fairfax. The problem is that there aren’t very many of them around. Fairfax builds new period-style houses. He says: “Queen Anne and Georgian is what most people ask for. The number of people who now want a brand new Georgian house is about equal to the number who would prefer an original one.”

The desire for old and new is not restricted to the rich. Houses at Kevin McCloud’s new affordable development in Swindon, The Triangle (, are modelled on a traditional terraced street.

Isabel Allen, the design director, says: “You have to offer what people will be comfortable with. Some cultures learn to love tower blocks, but we’ve never quite managed it in this country.”

Yet the interiors will be contemporary, with latest technology as standard. “Each house will have a home information portal which tells you when the next bus is coming, how much your bills are and what’s going on in the local community”. So will the next trend in affordable housing be the fibre-optic backbone?

Hip and heritage

At first glance, 3 Queen’s Gate Place looks like any other renovated Victorian house. But here first impressions mislead — this development of five flats in Kensington typifies the heritage outside, high-tech inside that is, for many, the 21st-century ideal.

As Adam Blaskey, of the developer Northbeach, explains, the seven-storey building is “effectively new”, although the 1860s shell of brick and render and the period detailing have been carefully conserved. Inside the sleek apartments only the windows and the cornicing belong to the period. The comfortingly bulky radiators appear to date back to the early 20th-century additions, but even these are new.

The high-tech equipment in each of the apartments includes Rako wireless lighting and the SpeakerCraft MODE system. This allows you to plug in your iPod in one room and listen to your music via a keypad in all, or one of the other rooms.

All this gadgetry does not come cheap. The prices of the flats, which are on sale through Farleys, the estate agents, range from £1.95 million to £4.95 million for the four-bedroom duplex on the ground and lower ground floor.


Sctv vs BRI

Sctv merupakan stasiun televisi ternama yang ada di Indonesia, karena acara acaranya sangat mendidik untuk masyarakat indonesia terutama acara liputan enam....
Oleh karena itu kiat musti tahu sejarahnya dulu..


SCTV (awalnya singkatan dari 'Surabaya Central Televisi') mengudara pertama kali pada tanggal 24 Agustus 1990 di Surabaya, Jawa Timur, dengan jangkauan wilayah Surabaya dan sekitarnya (Gresik, Lamongan, Sidoarjo, Mojokerto, Jombang, Pasuruan, Bangkalan). Pada tahun 1991, didirikan stasiun SCTV Bali di Denpasar dan SCTV Surakarta di Surakarta. Sejak itu kepanjangan SCTV menjadi Surya Citra Televisi.
Televisi nasional

Pada tahun 1993, SCTV mengudara secara nasional. Secara bertahap, dalam kurun waktu 1993-1998 SCTV memindahkan basis operasi siaran nasionalnya dari Surabaya ke Jakarta. Saat ini kantor pusatnya di Senayan City Jalan Asia Afrika Lot 19, Jakarta Pusat. SCTV juga memiliki studio penta di kawasan Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Barat. Sejak pertengahan 90-an, SCTV yang semula satu manajemen dengan RCTI akhirnya keduanya berpisah manajemen.

Saat ini kepemilikan SCTV dikuasai oleh grup Elang Mahkota Teknologi, melalui PT.Surya Citra Media Tbk. Direktur Utama SCTV ialah Fofo Sariaatmadja.
Acara Sinetron Unggulan 2008 / TOP 10 ver AGB Nielsen
Cinta Fitri (sesi Ramadhan)
Melati Untuk Marvel
Piala Dunia 2006

SCTV menjadi satu-satunya pemegang hak siar pertandiangan Piala Dunia 2006 di Indonesia
Senayan City

SCTV resmi berkantor di Senayan City sejak Februari 2008 yang sebelumnya berada di Jalan Gatot Subroto Kavling 21 Jakarta. Komplek Senayan City ditargetkan menjadi Super Komplek Media, Entertainment & Style pertama di Indonesia. Dengan konsep ini diharapkan SCTV menjadi perintis dalam pengembangan New Media.
Acara Unggulan Lainnya
Liputan 6 (berita)
BUSER (acara televisi)
Gala Sinema SCTV, dulu dikenal sebagai Sinema Utama SCTV
Gala Bollywood SCTV
Box Office SCTV, dikenal sebagai Gala Hollywood SCTV
Gala Mandarin SCTV, dulu dikenal sebagai Sinema Asia SCTV
Cinemaholic SCTV
Cookies (Acara Remaja)
Lemon Tea (Acara Remaja)
Was Was (Infotainment)
Ada Gosip (Infotainment)
Hip Hip HURA (musik)
Hot Shot (Infotainment)
Kasak Kusuk (Infotainment)
Kasak Kusuk Investigasi (investigasi)
Inbox (musik)
By Request (musik)
Playboy Kabel
Kontak Jodoh
Pacar Pertama
Cinta Lokasi
Mak Comblang
Cinta Monyet
Mata Hati
Cinta Lama Bersemi Kembali
Di Ambang Fajar (religi)
Tukar Nasib (Reality Show)
Pemberian Misterius (Reality Show

Sedangkan Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) adalah salah satu bank milik pemerintah yang terbesar di Indonesia. Pada awalnya Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) didirikan di Purwokerto, Jawa Tengah oleh Raden Bei Aria Wirjaatmadja dengan nama Hulp-en Spaarbank der Inlandsche Bestuurs Ambtenaren atau Bank Bantuan dan Simpanan Milik Kaum Priyayi yang berkebangsaan Indonesia (pribumi). Berdiri tanggal 16 Desember 1895, yang kemudian dijadikan sebagai hari kelahiran BRI.

Pada periode setelah kemerdekaan RI, berdasarkan Peraturan Pemerintah No. 1 tahun 1946 Pasal 1 disebutkan bahwa BRI adalah sebagai Bank Pemerintah pertama di Republik Indonesia. Dalam masa perang mempertahankan kemerdekaan pada tahun 1948, kegiatan BRI sempat terhenti untuk sementara waktu dan baru mulai aktif kembali setelah perjanjian Renville pada tahun 1949 dengan berubah nama menjadi Bank Rakyat Indonesia Serikat. Pada waktu itu melalui PERPU No. 41 tahun 1960 dibentuklah Bank Koperasi Tani dan Nelayan (BKTN) yang merupakan peleburan dari BRI, Bank Tani Nelayan dan Nederlandsche Maatschappij (NHM). Kemudian berdasarkan Penetapan Presiden (Penpres) No. 9 tahun 1965, BKTN diintegrasikan ke dalam Bank Indonesia dengan nama Bank Indonesia Urusan Koperasi Tani dan Nelayan.

Setelah berjalan selama satu bulan, keluar Penpres No. 17 tahun 1965 tentang pembentukan bank tunggal dengan nama Bank Negara Indonesia. Dalam ketentuan baru itu, Bank Indonesia Urusan Koperasi, Tani dan Nelayan (eks BKTN) diintegrasikan dengan nama Bank Negara Indonesia unit II bidang Rural, sedangkan NHM menjadi Bank Negara Indonesia unit II bidang Ekspor Impor (Exim).

Berdasarkan Undang-Undang No. 14 tahun 1967 tentang Undang-undang Pokok Perbankan dan Undang-undang No. 13 tahun 1968 tentang Undang-undang Bank Sentral, yang intinya mengembalikan fungsi Bank Indonesia sebagai Bank Sentral dan Bank Negara Indonesia Unit II Bidang Rular dan Ekspor Impor dipisahkan masing-masing menjadi dua Bank yaitu Bank Rakyat Indonesia dan Bank Ekspor Impor Indonesia. Selanjutnya berdasarkan Undang-undang No. 21 tahun 1968 menetapkan kembali tugas-tugas pokok BRI sebagai bank umum.

Sejak 1 Agustus 1992 berdasarkan Undang-Undang Perbankan No. 7 tahun 1992 dan Peraturan Pemerintah RI No. 21 tahun 1992 status BRI berubah menjadi perseroan terbatas.

Sampai sekarang PT. BRI (Persero) yang didirikan sejak tahun 1895 tetak konsisten memfokuskan pada pelayanan kepada masyarakat kecil, diantaranya dengan memberikan fasilitas kredit kepada golongan pengusaha kecil. Hal ini antara lain tercermin pada perkembangan penyaluran KUK (Kredit Usaha Kecil) pada tahun 1994 sebesar Rp. 6.419,8 milyar yang meningkat menjadi Rp. 8.231,1 milyar pada tahun 1995 dan pada tahun 1999 sampai dengan bulan September sebesar Rp. 20.466 milyar.

Seiring dengan perkembangan dunia perbankan yang semakin pesat maka sampai saat ini Bank Rakyat Indonesia mempunyai unit kerja yang berjumlah 4.447 buah, yang terdiri dari 1 Kantor Pusat BRI, 12 Kantor Wilayah, 12 Kantor Inspeksi /SPI, 170 Kantor Cabang (dalam negeri), 145 Kantor Cabang Pembantu, 1 Kantor Cabang Khusus, 1 New York Agency, 1 Caymand Island Agency, 1 Kantor Perwakilan Hongkong, 40 Kantor Kas Bayar, 6 Kantor Mobil Bank, 193 P.POINT,3.705 BRI UNIT dan 357 Pos Pelayanan Desa.

Kepemilikannya Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) masih 100% ditangan Pemerintah Republik Indonesia.

Oleh karena itu BRI merupakan Bank yang hanya beroperasi di Indonesia, dan tidak kalah terkenal dengan Bank yang ada di dunia...

View more


Energi kita

Indonesia merupakan salah satu negara yang memiliki sumber daya alam yang sangat melimpah. Kondisi ini dapat mendorong negara Indonesia menjadi negara maju asalkan pengelolaan sumber daya alamnya dikelola dengan benar. Terutama sumber daya alam minyak bumi yang sangat menguntungkan karena harga minyak bumi saat ini sangat tinggi sehingga berpotensi menjadi penghail devisa yang besar.
Melalui pertamina, impian negara kita untuk menjadi negara maju dapat terwujudkan. Karena Pertamina merupakan organisasi yang dikhususkan dalam pengelolaan minyak bumi sehingga dapat berkosentrasi melihat peluang bisnis yang bisa menguntungkan Bangsa Indonesia. Hal ini dibuktikan dengan membuat SPBU di Australia yang menaikan prestise Pertamina di mata dunia.
Pertamina juga merupakan organisasi yang berisi para ahli - ahli dalam bidang Pertambangan dan Dunia Bisnis. Para ahli itu kebanyakan berasal dari anak - anak bangsa walaupun ada sebagian dari warga negara asing.


Kerja Keras adalah Energi Kita

Semboyan pertamina yang sangat mendukung bangsa Indonesia menjadi bangsa yang maju..
Dengan sumber daya alam yang ada di negara tercinta kita ini, kita harus pandai mengelola sumber daya alam yang sangat melimpah itu..
Dengan kerja keras dan support pasti Bangsa Indonesia menjadi negara yang maju mengalahkan negara maju terdahulu.....
Salah satunya hasil sumber daya alam dari minyak bumi yaitu bensin.....
Bensin adalah satu jenis bahan bakar kendaraan bermotor khususnya mobil dan sepeda motor. Jenis bensin saat ini sudah mengaalami perkembangan yaitu premium, pertamax, dan pertamax plus . Ketiganya mempunyai mutu pefomance yang berbeda. Karena mutu bahan bakar bensin dikaitkan dengan jumlah ketukan (knocking) yang di timbulkannya dan dinyatakan dengan nilai oktan. Semakin sedikit ketukan, semakin baik mutu bensin, dan semakin tinggi nilai oktannya.
Ketukan adalah suatu perilaku yang kurang baik dari bahan bakar, yaitu terjadi pembakaran terlau dini sebelum piston berada dalam posisi yang tepat. Ketukan menyebabkan mesin menggelitik, mengurangi efesiensi bahan bakar dan dapat merusak mesin.
Dan untuk menentkan nilai oktan, ditetapkan dua jenis senyawa sebagai pembanding yatu “isooktana” dan n-heptana. Kedua senyawa ini adalah dua diantara banyak macam senyawa yang terdapat dalam bensin. Isooktana menghasilkan ketukan paling sedikit, dan di beri oktan 100; sedangkan n-heptana menghailkan ketukan paling banyak, dan di beri nilai oktan 0 (nol). Maka suatu campuran yang terdiiri dari 80% isooktana dan 20% n-heptana mempunyai nilai oktan sebesar (80/100x100) + (20/100x0) = 80.

Isooktana ( nilai oktan = 100) n-heptana (nilai oktan = 0)

Secara umum, alkana rantai bercabang mempunyai oktan lebih tinggi daripada isomer rantai lurusnya. Sebagai contoh, n-heksana mempunyai nilai oktan 25, sedangkan 2,2 dimetilbutana mempunyai nilai oktan 92.
2,2 dimetilbutana (nilai oktan = 92) n-heksana (nilai oktan = 25)

Pertamax mempunyai nilai oktan 92, berarti mutu bahan bakar itu setara dengan campuran 92% isooktana dan 8% n-heptana. Namun demikian, tidak berarti bahwa Pertamax hanya terdiri dari dua jenis senyawa (92% isooktana dan 8% n-heptana), melainkan “mutunya” atau jumlah ketukan yang di timbulkannya setara dengan campuran 92% isooktana dan 85 n-heptana. Premium mempunyai nilai oktan 88, sedangkan Pertamax plus mempunyai nilai oktan 94.
Fraksi bensin dari hasil penyulingan mempunyai nilai oktan yang rendah . Hal itu terjadi karena sebagian besar bensin dari hasil penyulingan terdiri dari alkana rantai lurus. Nilai pktan bensin harus diingkatkan sebelum dapat digunakan sebagai bahan bakar kendaraan. Hal ini dapat dilakukan dengan reforming atau menambahkan zat anti ketukan. Reforming adalah suatu proses untuk mengubah alkana rantai lurus menjadi rantai bercabang, sehingga akan menaikkan nilai oktan.
Salah satu zat anti ketukan yang hingga kini masih digunakan di negara kita adalah Tetraethyl lead (TEL, lead = timbel atau timah hitam). Penambahan 2-3 mL zat ini ke dalam gallon bensin dapat menaikan nilai oktan sebesar 15 poin.
Pembakaran bensin diperkaya dengan TEL akan menghasilkan oksida timah hitam yang akan keluar bersama asap kendaraan atau menempel pada komponen mesin.Untuk mencegah supaya oksida timbel itu tidak menempel pada mesin, maka ke dalam bensin bertimbal dicampurkan etilen bromida, C2H4Br2. Atom bromine dari etilen demikian akan keluar bersama asap kendaraan bermotor. Sayangnya, senyawa timbel ini merupakan racun yang dapat merusak otak. Jadi penggunaan antiketukan yang lebih ramah lingkungan adalah methyl tertiary buthyl ether (MTBE).
Sekitar 75% dari minyak bumi mentah merupakan fraksi berat ( keroksin dan yang lebih berat lagi), sedangkan fraksi bensin hanya sekitar 6%. Sejak tahun 1930, seiring dengan berkembannya industri kendaraan bermotor, pemnggunaan bensin meningkat dengan cepat, sehingga bensin hasil penyulingan tidak mencukupi kebutuhan. Untuk menambah produksi, maka fraksi berat dikonvensi menjadi bensin melalui proses cracking atau perengkahan. Perengkahan dapat terjadi karena pemanasan (thermal cracking) atau dengan bantuan katalis (catalytic cracking). Kataiis menyediakan permukaan yang panas tempat terjadinya perengkahan.
Bensin yang diperoleh melalui cracking lebih baik daripada hasil penyulingan, sehingga produk tersebut dicampurkan dengan bensin hasil penyulingan langsung. Proses pencampuran ini disebut blending.

Oleh karena itu Kita harus dukung Pertamina, dengan cara apapun baik dengan pikiran contohnya dengan memberikan saran..
Agar Indonesia bisa maju.....



Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita

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Bahasa juga mengatakan bahwa dari negeri buat negeri untuk negeri!!!
Hal itu merupakan seruan untuk mengajak kita untuk mencintai produk negara sendiri, tapi jaman sekarang ini tak banyak yang menyadarinya sehingga negeri kita selalu tertinggal dari negeri lain....
Walaupun begitu...
Indonesia tetap berjaya dalam bidang sumber daya alam. Karena di Indonesia banyak SDA yang belum terjamah. Dan karena itulah Pertamina ada. Sehingga SDA yang ada di negara kita itu dapat di ekplorasi secara maksimal...
Serta sebagai warga Indonesia sendiri, kita harus mendukungnya dengan berbagai cara...
Salah satunya mencintai produk negara sendiri...
Dengan itu Kita pasti dapat menyaingi negara - negara maju..
karena dari kita untuk kita....


Make anime Hard or Easy


1. Make sure you have a quiet work environment your favorite music or movie and lots of pencils erasers and lead.
2. Decide whether you want your character to be a boy or girl.
3. Decide what kind of personality your character will have. This will model his appearance and add a twist to their personality to make them more interesting.
4. Decide if you want them to have long hair or short hair, spiky or comfortable, wavy, curly, or straight, or maybe just plain unique!
5. Create a personal storyline to go with it. Or you could insert the character into a certain Manga you enjoy, that would then be a RPC (role-playing-character). When making your own story, be sure to be as imaginative as you want!
6. Draw them! Make unique hair and clothes, have them have lots of charms, bracelets, piercings, tattoos, or lots of weapons hanging out of their pockets. They should have a theme. The first character I made up was named Kika Yugami, she was Jungle Girl. Her theme was wild and sassy. She had lots of ties on her arms and legs, a tank top and short skirt, long boots, and enormous swords. Be creative! A good website for drawing anime tutorials is
7. Get them some personal information. They should have a name, age, theme, position in anime, favorite color/person/book/music/anime, etc., hair color, crush/boyfriend/girlfriend, best friend, birthday, prissy/tomboy/punk/emo/Gothic/sporty status, and blood type. (The types and meanings are listed below.) All this information will pay off if you choose to make an anime series or something later.
8. Check out these blood types and meanings:
* O - Happy, open, caring, and energetic
* A - Chilled out, cool, caring, positive attitude
* B - Chilled out, cool, mean, negative attitude with an occasional glimpse of happiness
* AB - hyper! funny, positive thinking, energetic, cool, overall great person!
9. Choose their talents! They could be sporty, artistic, famous, wannabe, or whatever you want them to be. They could be a ballerina, like Mint Aizawa in Tokyo Mew Mew; they could be a rich, famous, over-all superstar like Zakuro Fujiwara, who's also from Tokyo Mew Mew, or they could be just plain weird like Spongebob Squarepants!


* When designing what your character looks like, don't go overboard with the special effects. You don't want 3 cool belts, 5 cute bracelets, and 8 weapons! Just go easy on it. Remember, when it comes to anime, a little can turn into a lot!
* Even if you don't think you can draw, you can! You probably just have a low self esteem. Practice on other anime or manga you see on shows if you aren't creative. People will still love your art even if it isn't original--it's called fanart. If you keep practicing you will get better and more creative. It doesn't matter if you're good or bad you just need to start. If people critique your art badly then just keep trying. They will like it a little more each time.
* If the character seems too bland, that's okay! Get some peer critique from peers or people of the same interest, or if you're creating a character for a published work, get feedback from your audience. Remember, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but also is harsh criticism!


* Draw your lines lightly or you wont be able to erase.
* Don't let people bother you when they don't like your art.
* Don't make their weapons huge! You don't want your character to be carrying around five feet wide swords all the time! Make it simple. Just make it big enough so they can defend themselves well.
* Manga won't make you friends. In fact, connecting to a fantasy world tends to drive us away from real social interaction. Many people will start running at the first sign of interest in trivial hobbies.
* Make sure your ideas are not plagiarizing another anime or manga.


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you complete guestbook...


Deimon Devils Bats

The Deimon Devil Bats (泥門デビルバッツ Deimon Debiru Battsu?) is a fictional American football team, composed of the protagonists of the anime and manga series Eyeshield 21. The team is from the fictional Deimon Private Senior High School (私立泥門高等学校 Shiritsu Deimon Kōtōgakkō?). At the beginning of the series, the club has only two members, Yoichi Hiruma and Ryokan Kurita, who are joined by Sena Kobayakawa, codename "Eyeshield 21". Over the course of the series, the Devil Bats acquire new members and gradually improve as they move toward their goal of playing in the Christmas Bowl, the high school American football championship of Japan. This team is closely based on the Philadelphia Eagles and the Arizona Cardinals where their uniforms are similar to the Devil Bats and both of the teams reached the NFC Final in 2008 as underdogs.Contents [hide]
1 Team information
2 Team history
3 Coach
3.1 Doburoku Sakaki
4 Players
4.1 Sena Kobayakawa
4.2 Yoichi Hiruma
4.3 Ryokan Kurita
4.4 Taro Raimon, a.k.a Monta
4.5 The Ha-Ha Brothers
4.6 Manabu Yukimitsu
4.7 Daikichi Komusubi
4.8 Tetsuo Ishimaru
4.9 Yohei Satake
4.10 Kenta Yamaoka
4.11 Futoshi Omosadake
4.12 Natsuhiko Taki
4.13 Gen "Musashi" Takekura
5 Manager
5.1 Mamori Anezaki
6 Cheerleader
6.1 Suzuna Taki
7 Mascots
8 References

Team information
Red Devil Bat, a nonexistent creature with devil horns and tail. The Devil Bat frequently appears in omakes, sometimes along with a more innocent-looking bat, Little Devibat.
The jerseys are red with white numbers. The pants are a very light shade of beige. Helmets are black with a white facemask, and adorned with red bat wings inspired by the helmets of the Philadelphia Eagles.[1] There is also an alternate away uniform, with white, red-lined jerseys that strongly resemble the Arizona Cardinals away jersey. In the Kanto Tournament, the jerseys change, gaining black streaks on the sides resembling bat wings, and the numbers are instead black with white outlines. This change does not occur in the anime.
Team Chant

"Kill'em! YA-HA!" (ブッツブス!YA-HA!! Buttsubusu! YA-HA!!?) in the anime and "Bukkorosu! YA-HA!!" (ブッコロス!YA-HA!!?) in the manga.
Play style
Deimon plays a high-octane offense and a lot of gadget routines, due to the preferences of team captain Hiruma. Initially, due to their lacking a kicker, Deimon is at a disadvantage in low scoring games early in the story because of their inability to score extra points, so scoring more touchdowns than the opponent is the only way to win. However, this philosophy continues for the team even after the kicker Musashi reunites with his teammates. Due to lack of numbers, the Bats' squad play both sides of the ball, but even when on defense, the Devil Bats rely heavily on big plays such as turnovers to take the ball from their opponents and gain more chances to score, rather than halting their opponents' efforts. They frequently use high-risk trick plays, which have a surprisingly high success rate due to the players dedicating themselves heart and soul to such plays.

Team history

The Deimon Devil Bats are the high school reincarnation of the Mao Devil Bats, which had only three members: Yoichi Hiruma, Ryokan Kurita, and Gen "Musashi" Takekura. After its inaugural year, its membership was further reduced with the departure of Gen Takekura. This remains the case until Hiruma discovers Sena Kobayakawa and his amazing running ability.


Doburoku Sakaki

Sakaki Doburoku (酒奇 溝六?)
Voiced by: Shōichiro Akaboshi

Position: Manager/Trainer

Doburoku Sakaki first appears during the Beach football match in the United States. He was a coach to Hiruma, Musashi, and Kurita, and taught them how to play American football. Doburoku loves drinking sake; he has many different gourds, all of which look the same, but each contains a different kind of alcoholic beverage.

He later ran off to the United States since he owed some loan sharks two million yen after gambling. He intended to look for talented people in America to play American football, but got into Beach football instead, training a team called Too Tattoos, who became better after undergoing his strict training regimens. After Hiruma gambles in Las Vegas, and pays off Doburoku's debts, he becomes the Deimon Devil Bat's coach and personal trainer.

He and Ojo's trainer and coach, Gunpei Shoji, were teammates at Sengoku University's American football team, and were known as "The Twin Japanese Blades", where he played as a tight end. Back then, the both of them participated in the Death March, with Shoji being on the offense line and Doburoku specializing in defense; Doburoku's philosophy, which was maybe passed on to Hiruma, was that the offense was the most important. However, after their other teammates gave up during the last 200 or so kilometers of the Death March, Doburoku overexerted himself in pushing the truck, resulting in an unrecoverable injury on his right knee.

Fearing that the Devil Bats might also ruin their potential athletic careers, he did not want the Devil Bats to undergo the Death March. However, he was quite amazed in their determination to do so and also for them being the only team to complete the Death March.

Despite being a good coach, he would sometimes rely on Hiruma for advice and final decisions. In the last quarter of the semifinal match between Ojo and Deimon, his philosophy of the ultimate offense clashes with Shoji's philosophy of the ultimate defense. When Shoji comments that Doburoku has raised a good team, the Devil Bats' trainer denies this, stating that the team had grown all on their own and that he is only in the way.

Doburoku has commented that he has never washed his clothes and has worn the same clothes for three years. Also, when he returned back to Japan, he started work as the school's janitor, however, his salary went into Hiruma's account, where it will be used for maintenance and improvisations for the team.

Doburoku still tends to gamble as he wagers a million yen on Deimon's victory over the Nagas with the odds of 170 to 1. Though he becomes a millionaire after their win, he is once again put into debt when he bets his winnings on the Taiyo Sphinx to win against the Hakushū Dinosaurs, where the Sphinx are forced to forfeit during half-time.


Sena Kobayakawa

Sena Kobayakawa a.k.a Eyeshield 21 (小早川 瀬那 Kobayakawa Sena?)
Voiced by: Miyu Irino (Japanese), Yuri Lowenthal (English)
Main article: Sena Kobayakawa

The main character of Eyeshield 21. Initially a bullied gofer, his speed was discovered by Hiruma as he was literally forced into joining the football team at Deimon. However, he soon grows to love the game he plays as he masters both the Speed of Light Pace and further techniques as he gains the confidence to become a successful player. At different times throughout the anime and the manga, he will often, through emotions, tap into the Speed of Light Pace, but the problem with this is, every time he does that, he will often overextend himself, causing himself to faint. As time went on, he gets to the point where he can run the Speed of Light Pace at will.

Techniques and strategies

Speed of Light Pace - The ability to run 40 yds in 4.2 seconds. Gained from running errands for 10 years.
Devilbat Ghost - The ability to disillusion the opponent into thinking that he is in front of them. Learned when doing the death march.
Multiple Ghost - Learned by imitating Yamato's steps at the Christmas Bowl, it is just like it sounds- creating 3-5 multiple ghosts to confused several players.
Devilbat Dive - Jumping over the opponent and then spinning down like a rocket into the endzone.
Spin - Spinning around an opponent so they cannot block. Learned the first day of practice.
Devilbat Hurricane - Spinning around an opponent when using the 'Devilbat Ghost'. Learned when playing against Kyoshin Posiedons.
Devilbat Stun-Gun - Even without much arm strength, using his speed as power Sena can strike the enemy hard with his arms. Combos with Ghost on offense.
Fourth Dimension Run - Running straight at the opponent and taking a step back at the last second. Learned when playing in the Christmas Bowl.(manga only)

Yoichi Hiruma

Hiruma Yōichi (蛭魔 妖一?)
Voiced by: Atsushi Tamura (Japanese), Derek Stephen Prince (English)
Main article: Yoichi Hiruma

The twisted quarterback of the Devil Bats, who is deeper than his demonic face may appear. He even carries multiple amount of guns and a homicidal dog named Cerberus. He is cold and calculating on the field, never falling for tricks or mind games that his enemies may attempt. Though he acts cruel and a little crazy, he really does care about his teammates and friends. He is clever at calculating, always coming up with a maverick of a plan to pull the team out of dire straits. He is also very brilliant, and is the first member of the "Deimon's Smart Trio". Along with Kurita and Musashi, he is the one of the founders of the Devil Bats. His skill as a quarterback are highly recognized, even by Shin, including passes with incredibly high RPMs as well as executing extremely convincing play action fakes. Because he has worked with a poor defensive line in his earlier days on the team, he is very good at dodging and feinting incoming tacklers. His specialty off the field is a combination of blackmail and mind games along with superior intellect which has effectively allowed him to take control of all of Deimon High, including the faculty.

There have been several allusions to Hiruma being similar to a demon. These include his dog's name, his fondness for heat, his constantly present fangs and pointy ears (undoubtedly a comparison to horns), a general theme of Hell in his training methods, and his love of violence, explosives, and firearms (which he'll use at a moment's notice).

Techniques and strategies

Devil Laser Bullet - A high speed pass Hiruma throws that resembles a laser.
Wishbone - A play conducted by Hiruma where the offense all run forward and block, or pass, for whoever has the ball.

Ryokan Kurita

Kurita Ryōkan (栗田 良寛?) Ryokan Kurita
Voiced by: Kōichi Nagano, Masato Amada (jump fiesta)

Position: Center / Defensive Tackle/ Long snapper
Jersey: 77
40 yard dash: 6.5 seconds (faster, since intense training)
Bench Press: 160 kg(352 lb) (most likely increase after training with Banba and match with Hakushū)
Weight: 145 kg (319 lb)
Birthday: July 7
Graduated From: Mao 13th Middle School
2nd Year Student (Grade 11)

The largest and strongest player in the Deimon Devil Bats, Ryokan Kurita is a kind-hearted individual, and the only thing bigger than his body is his heart. He becomes Sena's second friend after entering Deimon High School. He is somewhat dim-witted, nearly giving away Sena's identity as Eyeshield 21, but is immediately silenced by Hiruma (in the manga, he did it by electrocuting Kurita with a stun gun, whereas in the anime, he simply did so by tossing the much-larger teammate contradictory to Kurita's overall weight). When playing, Kurita shouts his kiai "Funnuraba!"(Here I come!) when exerting extra effort. His biggest dream is to compete in the Christmas Bowl.

Yusuke Murata, artist of the series, said that Kurita is his favorite character; Murata likes how Kurita's "zeal" for American football matches Murata's passion for manga.[1]

He lives in a temple with his father, who is the director of a Buddhist sect. His father believed that to grow up big and strong, a young boy had to eat a lot, thus overfeeding his son. Kurita, as his name would suggest, has a head shaped like a chestnut.

Before coming to Deimon, he applied to Shinryuji High School, but failed to get in because Kongo Agon was chosen over him for the special athletic scholarship, so he came to Deimon High along with Hiruma and Musashi. It is Kurita who was interested in football from the beginning, reading magazines and practicing in order to reach the Christmas Bowl. Before meeting Hiruma, Kurita tried to encourage everyone to join the American football club, but failed to convince anyone. A fateful falling piece of paper, detailing football strategies, from the roof of Maoh Middle School, led him to first meet Hiruma, who claimed to have only been interested in betting on the game rather than actually playing. Soon, Kurita's goals met with more obstacles as the school denied him the formation of a football club, and ordered him to destroy all training equipment. Kurita's desire for playing football soon struck Hiruma, resulting in the latter to bet all his previous earnings on one match in the army base in order to gain enough money to start a football club at his school. Injuries on the team Hiruma bet on to win resulted in him and Kurita to play in the injured players' stead. Though they lost tragically, the game inspired both to create a football club at their school, in the hopes of one day making it to the Christmas Bowl.

He gains an "apprentice", Komusubi, who practices with him whenever he can. He is insanely strong, and has accidentally destroyed a small truck by hugging it; encouraging other characters to run away from his hugs. Also, whenever fights ensue between the Deimon members, he always stops them by flattening all of them. Though he normally looks rather comical, he is dangerous when he is actually fired up. He was nominated among the top eleven defensive players of the Fall Tournament. When Musashi rejoins the team, Kurita's "alternate personality" is revealed during the games; his face changes as his eyes inflame and become bigger, his eyebrows thicken, and his face tightens up. He gains even more strength than usual in this "form"; though he can quickly change back when he gets happy, he can also change back again as the game resumes.

Kurita's drive and determination finally pays off as he pushes down Agon, the one who had ridiculed him and had him ousted from Shinryuji's team, and three other members of the Nagas at the same time, which allowed Deimon the win over the Nagas. In the game against Ojo, he is given quite a bit of trouble from Otawara and his new charging tactic, but is later seen hugging and crying with his rival when the Devil Bats win the game.

Kurita then faces off against the monster Gaō as the Devil Bats and Hakushu Dinosaurs prepare to play in the Kantō finals. In order to prepare him for the upcoming match, Banba agrees to train him with a week of boxing at the Taiyo gym. By the time the Hakushu game arrives, Kurita appears as scarred as Banba from the training regimen. Though Kurita is initially unable to stop his opponent completely, he is still able to keep the Dinosaur's lineman away from Hiruma. However, during a play, when he is distracted by Kisaragi, he loses his balance, thus making him unable to stop Gaō, and without anything between him and Hiruma, Gaō manages to crush his best friend. Kurita becomes so weakened by this, he was not able to understand the "Powerful Go- Language" which Komusubi spoke. Hiruma, before he was escorted off the field, motioned to Mamori to take him over where Kurita sat, slumped on the ground. Hiruma put all his energy in to giving Kurita a good kick, to show that he was still alive and, well, kicking, although he fainted right after.

It was only until Sena and Komusubi displayed their determination to win despite their small statures, that Kurita's spirit is reawakened, and for the first time, he faces Gaō with all his might, along with a killing drive, for the sake of protecting his teammates. Banba commented that his strength was born from his kindness, unlike Gaō's absolute strength and Hiruma's intelligence and manipulation. This motivates his whole team, to the point that members of his team begin chanting "FUNNURABA!!!" while defending.

After Kurita successfully tackles Marco, however, Gaō becomes even stronger, which excites Kurita more. In the last play of the game, Kurita decides to go all out against Gaō, though Gaō has superior upper-body strength, Kurita is able to take down Gaō using his lower-body strength and experience as a football player, finally settling who the number one power player is.

During Teikoku's match, his strength is important in ensures Deimon's 2 point conversions.

Two years later, Kurita has entered Enma College. Along with Unsui, he attempted to recruit new team members using methods Hiruma used at Deimon. He's thrilled when he learns that Monta, Sazuna, and Sena have followed him to Enma.
Techniques and strategies
Kuri-Hammer - When he dives for a fumble, he crushes other players under him, which sometimes include fellow teammates.
Zone Blitz - Taking advantage of Kid's quick but predictable pass, when one lineman tries to sack him, he will silently move to the place of the designated receiver, effectively interfering with the pass thanks to his build. During Teikoku's match, he almost succeeded, but failed since he's using too much strength to catch the ball (although he successfully crushed Sano, that becoming the target pass).
Kurita-Push/ Blast - After snapping the ball, Kurita serves as a blocking wall for Sena by charging five yards ahead and pushing any opposing blocker out of Sena's path. This is also used for breaking through the defensive line of the Alexanders for two-point conversions, since no one on the opposing team can match Kurita's drive and overall raw power.
Belly-Bounce (anime only) - During the game against the Blizzards before the Kantō Tournament, Kurita and Komusubi utilized their mass and fat to create a variation of the Hip-explosion, breaking down the Blizzard's line by thrusting their bellies forward, sending the Blizzard linemen flying.
The Lonely Center - A trick play which has only Kurita defending in front of Hiruma while the other members of the Devil Bats are positioned to the left. This tricks the Dinosaurs into using just Gaō to break through the line, instead of the normal 4 to 5 linemen. With Gaō preoccupied, Hiruma is given the time needed to throw any pass he wants. Furthermore, if the opposing linemen do try to rush Hiruma from the empty side, that leaves the rest of the field open for a lateral to Sena. However, this is also a risky tactic since the only one standing between the quarterback and the sacker is just one man, therefore, if the center failed, the quarterback will be totally defenseless.
Lineman Switch/ Stunt - By switching positions with Komusubi during the start of the opponents' drive, Kurita is able to guard Hiruma when Marco tries to break through him.
Four-Point Stance - By standing on all fours, including his arms, Kurita can focus all his strength to tackle his enemy, in this case, Gaō. However, he cannot be the one to hike the ball because of this stance.
Boxing Guard - Learned when training with Banba. Also known as a cover up in boxing terms, Kurita holds up his arms in front of his chest like a boxer. This allows him to take on the full-strength push from Gaō while getting inside his reach. Once inside, Kurita is able to use his weight and lower-body strength to push upward and force Gaō down.

Taro Raimon, a.k.a Monta

Raimon Tarō / Monta (雷門 太郎 / モンタ?)
Voiced by: Yamaguchi Kappei
Main article: Monta (Eyeshield 21)

Position: Wide Receiver Split end / Cornerback
Jersey: 80
40 yard dash: 5.0 (as of the start of the Kantou tournament)

The primary wide receiver of the Deimon Devil Bats. Although he is short in stature, he has remarkable skill in catching. He is observant, recognizing Sena as Eyeshield 21 the first time he saw Eyeshield 21 in person during a practice. Monta was originally a member of the baseball team, where he was an effective fielder due to his intense focus on catching. However, he was cursed with terrible throwing abilities (to almost impossible degrees, sometimes), making him fail to be on even the backup lineup for the club. When the baseball team explained that they needed balanced players, Monta is approached by Sena and decides to pursue his dream of becoming a master catcher as a football player instead. He is best known for always going into a pose after a catch while yelling "CATCH MAX!" He also adds "Max" to nearly anything he describes while excited or determined. His nickname is Monta, which was initially a mistake by Sena, but later accepted when Hiruma tells Taro that the name "Monta" is a play on the name Joe Montana (though Hiruma later admits that was just a fib). He is Hiruma's primary receiving target on the field, and one of Sena's closest friends on the team. During the second game against Oujou, Raimon discovered his own special ability, the Devil Back-Fire, which his ability to predict Hiruma's passes due to trajectory and wind interference. This gives him the ability to rush forward at his target, keeping his attention focused and prepared for any tricks, then catch passes from behind him. As a former baseball player, he also has a talent for catching with one hand when necessary.

The Ha-Ha Brothers
Main article: The Ha-Ha Brothers
Kazuki Jumonji (十文字 一輝 Jūmonji Kazuki?)
Koji Kuroki (黒木 浩二 Kuroki Kōji?)
Shozo Togano (戸叶 庄三 Toganō Shōzō?)
Voiced by:
Japanese - Takanori Hoshino (Jūmonji Kazuki), Masami Iwasaki (Kuroki Kōji), Takeshi Maeda (Toganō Shōzō)
English - Kirk Thornton (Jūmonji Kazuki), Lex Lang (Kuroki Kōji), Liam O'Brien (Toganō Shōzō)

Three bullies initially bossed around Sena on their first day at Deimon. They joined the team because of Hiruma's blackmailing. When they try to get back at them, they are unexpectedly recruited to become linemen for the football team, eventually sticking with the team to prove their toughness both to their superiors as well as to their opponents. They are notably poor and inexperienced at the game when they start out, but their eagerness to prove themselves makes them train vigorously and prove to be very capable linemen. Their nickname is from their weird habit of expression, with each one of the trio saying "Ha!?", progressively louder in sequence. Their jersey numbers are: Jumonji - #51, Kuroki - #52, and Togano - #53.

Manabu Yukimitsu

Yukimitsu Manabu (雪光 学?)
Voiced by: Masaru Hōta

Position: Wide Receiver/Special Teams
Jersey: 16
40 yard dash: 5.5 seconds (most likely faster after Tetsuma training)
Bench Press: Unknown
Height: 179 cm (5' 10")
Weight: 67 kg (147 lb)
Blood Type: A
Birthday: February 29
Graduated From: Deimon 3rd Middle School (Same as Monta)
2nd Year Student (Grade 11)
Nickname: The Ambusher

Yukimitsu is the bench player of the Deimon Devil Bats. He makes his first appearance after watching the Zokugaku vs Deimon exhibition match. He has a big forehead with a prominent widow's peak, which appears consistent with the first signs of male pattern baldness. He initially combs his hair back, emphasising this even more. His mother wants him to be a studious person and makes him study from day till night in addition to going to cram school (even his name means "learn"). Yukimitsu has missed many festivals and games throughout his childhood and youth, and regrets it terribly. After watching the match between Zokugaku and Deimon, he decides to join the American Football club to fulfill his dreams; to be a winner, to be part of a game, rather than studying all day. He wanted to have sweet memories of his high school that didn't have anything to do with studying, even if he just played once.

Yukimitsu was able to pass Hiruma's "Tower of Hell" qualifying test only by Hiruma's pity. He's usually sitting on the bench; supporting the main players and waiting for a chance to play with them. A couple of times, he has inadvertently inspired plays, such as the tactic of neutralizing the Shuttle Pass with the Nasa Aliens, (when Cerberus bit his wrist), which gave Sena the idea of tackling the muscular and well-built American quarterback by the arm, rather than the midsection. Though not physically fit, Yukimitsu has a talent for memorizing plays and pass routes. He is the third member of the "Deimon's Smart Trio", with Mamori and Hiruma. He trains just as hard, if not harder, than everyone else. At one point during the Death March in America, Yukimitsu nearly gave up and was in danger of being cut from the team (he collapsed from exhaustion). However, thanks to Sena, he was able to muster up the courage to complete the Death March (Sena carried him for a short period of time, then Yukimitsu thanked him and even re-ran the segment where Sena had carried him!). He also helped Natsuhiko study for his entrance exam into Deimon, where he discovered that Suzuna's brother could learn things by associating them with football.

Though he wasn't chosen as a regular at the start of the Fall Tournament, he finally begins to play when the Devil Bats had to face against the Shinryuji Nagas. He was initially thought of as a joke, but that was all according to Hiruma's scheme. Though he lacks Hiruma's animal cunning, Yukimitsu's mind is a force to be reckoned with. Combing his hair forward between the start of Fall Tournament and the Shinryuji game (notably de-emphasising his apparent baldness), he was the first to score a touchdown against the Nagas, defeating both Ikkyu and Agon to do so. As of now, he is part of the offensive line for Deimon's pass strategies. Determined as he is to succeed with the Devil Bats, Yukimitsu has yet to tell his overbearing mother that he's on the team, much less playing in the Fall Tournament.

At the start of the game against Ojo, Yukimitsu is put into play early. This is a surprise to everyone since he never had enough stamina to last throughout an entire game. In chapter 229, he finally makes a catch that resulted in 2-yards. However, near the end of the 4th quarter, his lack of overall stamina finally catches up to him, causing him to collapse on the field, and consequently taken out of the remainder of the game. As Deimon becomes battered in the final seconds of the game with Ojo approaching the goal line, Sena is sent off with a bloody nose and Hiruma needs to choose a replacement. Based on Yukimitsu's peerless determination and will, Hiruma chooses him and sends him back out where he faces off against Shin. Completely unable to stop Shin's drive to the end zone, Yukimitsu realizes Ojos plan at the last second -to score exactly as the timer reaches zero- and instead pushes Shin from behind, forcing him to make the touchdown with 1 second remaining and giving the Devil Bats one last chance to catch up. His strength exhausted, he then leaves the field as Sena comes back on for the final play.

During the finals of the Kanto Tournament, Yukimitsu is surprised at Deimon's win over the Dinosaurs and is overjoyed that he will be participating in the Christmas Bowl. During the ceremonial party, he found out that her mother already found about his football activity, but instead chew him, she became proud of him, thanks to Hiruma convincing her (disguised as homereoom teacher) to let him play, since it will look good on his CV.

During coaching with Tetsuma, he was told by Kid and Tetsuma to keep his track on his pass route no matter what, despite got hard pressed or having low physical stats.

During the Christmas bowl against Teikoku, Yukimitsu doesn't get any passes towards him, instead he is only use to force Teikoku use a defensive player on him. During the last five minutes of the game, Yamato learns to stop Sena 4th Dimension run, forcing Hiruma to come up with a new play. The next play, Teikoku blitz against Deimon, and Yamato manages to tackle Hiruma but just before he hit the ground, he threw a pass across the field without being able to see, and having faith in Yukimitsu being in place, the weakest member of Deimon catches the pass and manages to do a touch down as his first catch of the Christmas bowl

Option Route - Yukimitsu's main skill lies in the ability to calculate the positions of the opposing team members and where they are going to run, in relation to where Hiruma can throw the ball, allowing him to instantly choose the place to receive the pass. His many years of studying allow him to make snap judgements as to which option to take.
In-motion - Before the actual play begins, a player behind scrimmage can move anywhere as long as it is behind scrimmage. This was useful for trick play and confusing enemies. He once helps Deimon lines to break through the center of Shinryuji defense using this (although only slightly, but thanks to him, they win in numbers).
Pass Routes - After training with Tetsuma, he manages to improve his stamina and physical condition to be able to covering any pass routes given to him. Even though he got hard pressed and did not manage to catch a single pass, his presence alone can force opposition to spare defensive players to cover him, makes the other teammates can catch the pass.

Daikichi Komusubi

Komusubi Daikichi (小結 大吉?)
Voiced by: Hidenori Sakaki

Position: Offensive Guard/Defensive Tackle
Jersey: 55
40 yard dash: 5.2 seconds
Bench Press: 110 kg (242lbs)
Height: 150 cm(4' 11")
Weight: 64 kg (140 lb)
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: January 1
Graduated From: Gōremu Middle School
1st Year Student (Grade 10)

Komusubi is one of the linemen of the Deimon Devil Bats. His given name of Daikichi means 'Good Fortune.' His father named him after he had gotten a promotion after his son's birth. Though Daikichi is not very fast nor tall, but he makes up for it with his indomitable will and power. He decided to join the Devil Bats after seeing the Zokugaku exhibition match. Daikichi was highly impressed by Kurita's amazing strength and build, and decided that he wanted to become Kurita's "apprentice". He was able to join the team after surviving the Hell Tower qualifying test, beating out the Ha-Ha Brothers. Komusubi has taken to bunking at Kurita's house, and joining Kurita in waking up as early as 2 am to go training. He does not talk much, and apparently speaks (and writes!) only in "Power-Go," or the language of strong men, that only "truly strong men" can understand, which consists mostly of strange grunts and one-word sentences. It is still confusing as to how people like Komusubi's father, Kurita, Deimon's gym teacher, Mizumachi, Gaō of Hakushu, and some of the members of the Nasa Aliens team, can comprehend what he is saying (It should be noted that Mamori seems to be able to understand him as well, though it was only once), though the truly powerful men comprehend long and detailed spews of meaning from a simple grunt of "hot!" or "suddenly!"

He always seems to be the thorn in the side of the Ha-Ha Brothers, showing them that he's stronger than them and spurring them on to become stronger. He has also been shown lifting around 20 high-schoolers at once. Though they hate each other, Hiruma knows that their rivalry is what really drives them to become better players. He is also has a gifted talent for being a sumo. Later, especially seen before match against Poseidon, the rivalry later developed into some kind of friendly rivalry (when he disappears because of his feeling of inadequancy, it's the Ha-Ha brothers who, literally, kicking some sense to him, saying that without him it's impossible for them to defeat the Poseidon).

He does not like to be teased about his small stature and does his best to prove that size is not everything. Komusubi is short like his mother, but he inherited his father's strength. He learns all on his own how to deal with taller opponents. Using the Rip Tackle and his Fast Start technique, he is able to bowl over even the tall linemen of the Kyoshin Poseidon. He proved to be instrumental in the final seconds of that game, pushing down his opponent for Eyeshield 21 to get through to score.

Komusubi was not a major factor in the win over the Nagas, however his quietly efficient performance made things much easier for Kurita and Jūmonji. He was also the one to catch Musashi's onside kick. Similarly, Komusubi found no real defensive struggle during the game against Ojo due to the focus on offense. However, the challenge of Hakushū's Gaō towards Kurita has ignited the fire within the small defensiveman, choosing to make his own enigmatic statement towards the beastly lineman prior to the climactic showdown.

In chapter 260, when Kurita became weakened, he desperately stands for his master, to the point of tearing his own body when facing Gaō, and crying, begging to the audience not to badmouth Kurita, sayin that his master just "take a break", continually believing in his master. In the end, Sena decides to use him as Lead Blocker to pass Gaō.

However, as it appears, actually Sena believes that this move will incite Kurita's will once again, and he choose to do run from middle instead. The trick works and it is Kurita's drive which renews Komosubi's faith in his master.

Later in the match against Teikoku, Daikichi tackles Tenma but does not succeed in forcing an out-of-bounds because of Yamato. But it appears that Tenma has stepped on the line and the referee did not count the touchdown. Daikichi was also instrumental in aiding his fellow teammates to stop Yamato from blocking Musashi's game-winning field goal.

Trap Block - Komusubi ignores the person in front of him at the line of scrimmage, then tackles from the side, anyone who tries to sack Hiruma. Opponents have very little force to counter a side attack.
Fast Start - Being smaller gives him a lower center of gravity, allowing Komusubi to get a flying head start than his opponent once the ball is snapped. He learned how to accomplish this feat by taking part in a Sumo competition.
Rip Tackle - To deal with taller opponents, (which is almost all the time), Komusubi pushes upwards during the tackle, utilizing the insane amounts of arm strength he inherited from his father. This allows him to flip over larger adversaries.
Two-Stage Rocket - Not officially the name of the technique, but that is what Komusubi is likened as, when he defeats Kengo Mizumachi's Swimmer's Start by combining both the Fast Start and the Rip Tackle. He uses the Fast Start to get in close, then as Mizumachi brings his arm up for the 'Swim,' Komusubi uses the Rip Tackle to attack Mizumachi's exposed chest, thereby knocking him down. This was also used during the Deimon's final play to allow Sena to get through with the Devil Bat Dive.
Extremely Low Altitude Devil Bat Dive - Combining his combination of his size and power, Komusubi attacks head on against an opponent in combination with Sena, who dives over them. Used as a maneuver against Gaō to ignite Kurita's power and determination to face him.

Tetsuo Ishimaru

Ishimaru Tetsuo (石丸 哲生?)
Voiced by: Kei Katō (Japanese), Grant George (English)

Position: Fullback / Cornerback
Jersey: 30
40 yard dash: 4.9 seconds (quite likely faster since Riku's training)
Height: 168 cm (5' 6")
Weight: 59 kg (130 lb)
Blood Type: A
Birthday: May 26
Graduated From: Jimichū Middle School
2nd Year Student (Grade 11)
Nickname: The Shadowless God of Death

Ishimaru is the Devil Bats' second running back. Ishimaru was recruited from the track team by Sena who took over half of his paper route for him. He played in the Koigahama match, but was injured due to Sena being unable to discern between the types of cleats. Ishimaru continued to play for the Devil Bats, even though no one notices his presence in the team. However, his obscurity works to his advantage when playing since no one notices when he is handed the ball. Many teams curse to themselves in front of him after the play, usually saying that, "he has no presence", or that, "We didn't notice him". He's the track and field captain, which is why Hiruma usually refers to him as "Track Star".

Ishimaru often acts as a fullback, blocking for Sena on screen passes and other trick plays. When he actually learns that Sena is Eyeshield 21, he foams at the mouth and "breaks". Like Yukimitsu, Ishimaru also grows out his hair, but no one seems to notice. He is referred to as the Stealth Running Back, Shadowless God Of Death, or just "plain" Ishimaru. He is such a pushover that he's willing to go with anything that happens around him. His catchphrase is, "It's alright."

One interesting thing to note is that Ishimaru has an American look-a-like named Jimmy Simard ("Jim I-Shimaru" the name itself being a play on words of Ishimaru's nickname ("地味 石丸" Plain Ishimaru). Sena mistakes Jimmy for Ishimaru during the tryout with the San Antonio Armadillos. Jimmy actually made the cut for the pros, despite some bullies' cheating and foul tactics, thanks to Eyeshield 21's help.

Ishimaru's importance came into play during the Deimon Devil Bats vs. Kyoshin Poseidon game. In order to overcome their opponent's height and extreme long reach, he was included as a runner for one of Hiruma's trickiest strategies: Wish Bone.

In the match against Ojo, when Ikari sacked Hiruma, Hiruma was able to throw a short pass towards Ishimaru seconds before the quarterback got sacked. However, Ishimaru only managed to run 1 yard before Shin tackled him.

During match with Hakushū dinosaurs, because of his position, Hiruma shortlisted him as one of two candidates for the quarterback replacement, before Sena volunteered himself.

In the anime, Ishimaru learned of Eyeshield 21's identity when his track team was in trouble for the finals at the Relay Races. Ishimaru was planning on leaving the football club, but thanks to Sena volunteering to be the third man in the race, Deimon's Track Team won. Seeing Sena run without his helmet confirmed his identity as Eyeshield 21 and in gratitude, Ishimaru decided to stay with the Devil Bats until the end of the Tournament.

In the match against Teikoku, he is the one who carries the ball at the beginning of the game. Just as a group of the Alexander's line is about to catch him, he reveals that he has been taught the Rodeo Drive from Riku of the Seibu team, thus allowing him to beat two of the Alexander's players before he was knocked out of bounds by Yamato. It is revealed that he did the hard training with Riku in order to help prove that he is more than just a replacement player on the team and that he is a true Deimon Devil Bat to everyone, including himself.

Insubstantial: Due to Ishimaru's lack of "presence" he can often make long runs or catch passes out of the backfield without the opposing team noticing until it's too late.
Rodeo Drive: In preparation for the Christmas Bowl, Ishimaru trained with Riku Kaitani of Seibu, learning his running style to improve on his own track-honed speed.

Yohei Satake

Satake Yōhei (佐竹 洋平?)
Voiced by: Kyohito Kawano

Position: Receiver / Linebacker
Jersey: 13
40 yard dash: 5.2 seconds
Height: 166 cm (5' 5")
Weight: 58 kg (127 lb)
Blood Type: O
Birthday: April 10
1st Year Student (Grade 10)

Satake is a basketball player who gets blackmailed by Hiruma to become a "support" player for the football team. Satake is perverted and is not a very important character. In the manga, during junior high, he stole some underwear out of the locker room of the girls swim team, not knowing that the underwear belonged to a 50-year-old cleaning woman. He spent the following summer lamenting over that fact. He became especially excited when he saw the team manager of the Yūhi Guts in bloomers.He is the starter player over Yamaoka and always plays.His main job is just to block defenders to open up paths for Sena and Monta.

In the anime, Hiruma blackmails him by threatening to reveal that he used to wet his bed until he was in junior high. He hasn't done much for the team, but sticks with it longer than most of the other "support" players. This is mostly due to the fact that he gets better recognition from girls as a member of the Devil Bats, rather than as a basketball player, (as shown in the anime).

Kenta Yamaoka

Yamaoka Kenta (山岡 健太?)
Voiced by: Shinogiki Hiroshi

Position: Receiver / Linebacker
Jersey: 85
40 yard dash: 5.2 seconds
Height: 168 cm (5' 6")
Weight: 62 kg (136 lb)
Blood Type: B
Birthday: August 10
1st Year Student (Grade 10)

Yamaoka is another basketball player who gets blackmailed by Hiruma to become a "support" player for the football team. Yamaoka has a thing for Ai Kago. He spends 98% of his allowance to buy her CDs, products, and other stalking supplies. Every morning when he wakes up, he kisses a poster of her. Like Satake, he sticks around longer than most of the other support players. He does not do much and is always trying to put the moves on Mamori. He gets excited along with Yohei when he sees the Yūhi Guts manager in her bloomers, and praised the fact that there was "still such a paradise in Japan."

Futoshi Omosadake

Omosadake Futoshi (重佐武 太?)
Voiced by: DJ TARO

Position: Lineman
Jersey: 54
Height: 160 cm (5' 3")
Weight: 100 kg (220 lb)
Blood Type: O
Birthday: March 8
1st Year Student (Grade 10)

Omosadake is a chubby person who keeps his eyes shut all the time; he's very lazy, to the point where even opening his own eyes feels tiring. The only thing that isn't too troublesome for him is eating. In the manga, he was dragged onto the field by Hiruma in the match against Amino Cyborgs as a support player, though he claims he can only play for 30 minutes max. He's also a part of the Sumo Club. But in the anime, Omosadake is also seen in episode 56 of the anime first seen helping the Huh-Huh brothers with line practice for the match against the Poseidons and is then seen throughout the episode. Recently, he has assisted Kurita on the defensive line in the game against the Ojo White Knights, using a tactic similar to the Taiyō Sphinx to hold back the defensive line against players like Ootawara.

During the semi-final against Ojo (chapter 219 of the manga), his name is revealed to be a pun; Kumabukuro, the football journalist and commentator with the massive afro, said he thought Omosadake was just dead-weight on the team - 'Omosa' means weight, and 'dake' means only.

On a humorous note, in the anime, he is revealed to have a weakness for mango pudding, which causes him to exert 100% effort. Naturally, this quickly makes him use up what little stamina he possesses.

In the anime he stands no taller than Daikichi Komusubi,

Natsuhiko Taki

Taki Natsuhiko (瀧 夏彦?)
Voiced by: Kōji Ochiai

Position: Tight End/Safety/Outside Linebacker/H-Back
Jersey: 37
40 yard dash: 5.01 seconds
Bench Press: 90 kg (198lbs)
Height: 182 cm (6' 0")
Weight: 72 kg (158 lb)
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: April 10
1st year student

A man with an odd and rather foolish attitude, and is apparently quite oblivious to the silliness of his actions. He was first introduced in the series when Sena met him in the San Antonio stadium (Natsuhiko was trying out for the team there). He has a habit of opening his jacket to bare his pecs, making weird poses like rising up his leg 180 degrees and is often portrayed as a ladies-man. His dream is to become a pro football star, even though he didn't know the rules, nor the positions, stating that he was an all-around super player. He couldn't play American Football in Japan; he wasn't qualified, so he went to America to apply for a position in the San Antonio Team by taking all the savings in his house to fly to America. He failed; however, the coach did praise him on his potential and asked him to try out again after gaining some experience in high school football. Sena passed the pro-tryouts as Eyeshield 21, (though he and the Taki siblings left before his name was announced). Sena, feeling sorry for him, sensed that Natsuhiko had potential and that his talent shouldn't be wasted, asked him to join the Devil Bats back in Japan as a Tight End. He manages to qualify as a Devil Bats team member after undergoing the rest of the Death March.

Although he's quite the clueless, narcissistic fool, he is undeniably a very good (not to mention useful) player in the team. His personality is noted to be gentlemanly, but he's still an idiotic, competitive showoff. During the Bando Spiders game, after getting thrashed pretty badly by Akaba of the Spiders, Natsuhiko gets serious for the first time, and manages to out-perform Akaba.He demonstates his ability as a H-Back by blocking Akaba with his flexability inorder to open a path for Sena. Though not a major player in the surprise win over the Nagas, Natsuhiko made key blocks and catches throughout the game. Natsuhiko's height and leaping ability also helped Monta cover Sakuraba during the match against Ojo. He also plays a part in the final play of the game in Hiruma's Killer Hornet tactic.

Monta harbors an intense dislike towards Natsuhiko; in junior high, while Monta was taking an entrance exam, Natsuhiko approached Monta and asked him whether a book he found earlier, Son Son (with a picture of a chimpanzee on it) was Monta's, since he thought that Monta looked like a chimp. Natushiko's flexibility is also comparable to Monta's, further deepening their rivalry.

There are several key instances that show his idiocy, one of which is the ability to understand directions. Before the match against the Amino Cyborgs, he made Sena and himself take the wrong bus to Nagano; however, thanks to Hiruma and the Zokugaku Chameleons, Sena eventually got back to play in the match in time. But then, Natsuhiko got lost (again) by taking the wrong train back. In the end he missed the game, yet Hiruma later claimed he was not going to play anyway since he had yet to enroll at Deimon. He is also an idiot when it comes to academics. He proudly announces that he only knew up to the 6 times tables, and said that 9 X 9=18. However, if he associates the questions with football, then he gets it right and it was through this method that he was able to cram for the entrance exam. Hiruma was about to assassinate the examiner in Deimon to make Natsuhiko pass, but the examiner concluded that he passed (barely) and was eligible to enroll in Deimon High School. When Hiruma injured and Deimon had to choose another quarterback, Ha-Ha Brothers quickly rules him out thanks to his stupidity and narcissity ("He'll likely try to run the ball on his own").

He always addresses Suzuna as "My Sister". His catchphrase is usually a loud "AH-HA-HA!", and exclaiming that he has a 150% success rate at anything he does. This usually leads to the Ha-Ha brothers being irritated at him.

During the game against the Alexanders, Taki makes a few key blocks and was part of the group that stopped Yamato from blocking Musashi's game-winning field goal.

Flexibility - Taki's body is incredibly flexible, which allows him to bend and contort at extreme angles to make catches or blocks. It also helps him to makeshift his gravity point quickly, making Akaba's Spider Poison ineffective.
Power Off Tackle/ Gentle Prince Tackle - Basically it's a one-man Sweeper using just Natsuhiko to open a smaller path for Eyeshield to run through. He can also do this with helps with other player,though.
Prince Gentle Hurricane - Taki's own variation of Sena's Devil Bat Hurricane, he lifts up one of his legs and spins around with the football down the field. Unfortunately, the technique is easy prey against an opposing team's defense and is considered more for show than effective.
Prince Spiders Poison - Training with Hayato Akaba for the Christmas Bowl, Taki learned his defensive maneuvers to assist against Teikoku.

Gen "Musashi" Takekura

Gen "Musashi" Takekura a.k.a The 60-yard Magnum (武蔵 厳 / ムサシ Takekura Gen / Musashi?)
Voiced by: Rikiya Koyama

Position: Kicker/Linebacker/Punter
Jersey: 11
40 yard dash: 5.6 seconds
Bench Press: 100 kg (220lbs)
Height: 177 cm (5' 9")
Weight: 77 kg (169 lb)
Blood Type: A
Birthday: April 2 (17 years old)
Graduated From: Maō 13th Middle School
2nd year student

The place kicker for the Devil Bats and one of the original three members of the team, along with Hiruma and Kurita. He is often mistaken for an older person, since he initially has a bit of stubble and has a buzz-cut. When he finally joins the team, he grows out his hair and shaves. He leaves the team during the spring season of his freshman year, due to the fact that his father had become seriously ill. As a result, he was forced to drop out of school and take over as the construction foreman of Deimon High. Though he desperately wanted to get back into playing, he refused to rejoin the Devil Bats. However, after meeting with Sena and Monta and seeing how determined they are to get him back on the team, he agrees, but only if they become a strong team. In the manga, he makes his comeback during the game against Seibu, when his father hit him for abandoning his team. In the anime, he does not rejoin the team until the game with the Bando Spiders. He has a one-sided rivalry with the kicker of the Spiders, Kōtarō Sasaki, who according to Hiruma, has NEVER missed.

Musashi has an incredibly strong right leg which helps the Devil Bats on kickoffs, often pinning their opponents deep or forcing them to down the ball deep in their own territory, or in their end zone for a touchback. The title of the 60-yard Magnum was actually a lie fabricated by Hiruma, in order to make Musashi seem invincible, and Musashi keeps telling people that it is a lie. However, the kicker of the Bando Spiders STILL wants to prove that he's better than the Deimon player. During the game against the Nagas, he is instrumental in the Devil Bats' onside kick at the start of the second half, and even pounds some sense into Hiruma with his fist, (though it was all an act). He also has been the only player on Deimon to score during the climactic game against Ojo, making two field goals that kept Deimon within range of the White Knights with a 14-6 score at halftime.

Following the Bando game, there is an omake strip in which Hiruma and Kurita take Musashi to a barber as 'punishment' for not coming back until that game - if he had kicked against the Wild Gunmen, Deimon may have won. They give him various comedic hairstyles (which lead to Hiruma in particular nearly killing himself laughing) before deciding on shaving the left and right sides of his head, giving him a mohawk hairstyle. The omake was shown in the anime's special episode, but Musashi's hairstyle still remains as it was during the Bando Spider game. It might have been a mistake on the animator's part, but the reason is still unknown.

The kanji in Musashi's last name, Takekura, can also be read as Musashi, thus his nickname. The name is derived from Miyamoto Musashi, a famous samurai, who was famous for his skills with two swords, which relates to the fact that Musashi must put up two kicks for every successful possession (extra point kick or field goal and the kick off). Gen's rivalry with the Bando Spiders kicker Kōtarō Sasaki is also a play on Miyamoto's rivalry with the legendary swordsman Sasaki Kojiro.

In the manga, Musashi has a habit of picking his ear whenever he's not serious (or as a comedy gag). He also has a knack for making unsensitive statements (Claiming that the Devilbats are a weak team when Monta and Sena ask him to rejoin, and also saying that the Ha- Ha brother's are weak compared to him who worked for a year as construction worker, claiming that he is the one more fitted to be quarterback) to cover his true, much more noble, motive (he can't rejoin the Devilbats since his father's company is in danger and with his father's illness, he's the one who expected to work, and he doesn't want to see the first year get injured by Gaō).

In chapter 297, it was revealed that, even though Musashi's kicks were considered legendary with great power, he was holding back the entire time! Hiruma tells Musashi to go all out, and he kicks it all the way to the goal line... almost! During a kickoff, if the ball crosses the goal line, then the opposing team gains twenty yards. Quite luckily, before it crosses over, it hits a pile of snow and slows down. This gives the Devil Bats a good advantage, resulting in a safety.

With the final play of the game and the Devil Bats down by 2 points, Sena notices that the distance to the goal is 60 yards. Now with the entire team focusing on stopping Yamato, Musashi is given the chance to live up to the nickname, '60 yards Magnum' by attempting the longest field goal of his life. He tells the other players to hold back Yamato for 3 seconds, in which he promises to kick the winning field goal. In the end, he manages to achieve the legendary 60-yard field goal, just barely clearing horizontal bar of the goalposts.

Due to his strong leg winning the game for Deimon, he was presumably recruited onto the team as the kicker for kickoffs and long field goals, while his rival Kotaro will handle shorter Field Goals.

Onside Kick - Basically, Musashi kicks the ball at an angle and a shorter distance than usual in order for his teammates to try to regain possession of the ball.
High-Altitude Kickoff - Due to his kicking ability, Musashi is able to launch the ball into the air to an unbelievable altitude. This causes the opposing team to fall back deep into their own territory. The longer the ball stays in the air, the more time the Devil Bats have to surround the enemy and pin them down near their own goal line.
Hyper High-Altitude Kickoff - The true strength of Musashi's kick is revealed in chapter 297, when he kicked the biggest kick-off in the entire season, with the ball landing near the goal line. The ball stopped near the goal line, luckily, because of the snow. This was half-predicted by Hiruma; because of the high altitude, the ball most likely will landed in the pointy ends; and if it lands on the snow, it will (hopefully) stick in the soft snow.
60 Yard Magnum - The legendary 60 yard field goal only achieved on the final play at the Christmas Bowl. Musashi only just manages to sneak in 3 points and award the Devilbats the Championship, when the ball lands on the horizontal post before bouncing over the line. See Chapter 304.


Mamori Anezaki

Anezaki Mamori (姉崎 まもり?)
Voiced by: Aya Hirano (Japanese), Yuka Imai (jump fiesta), Kate Higgins (English)

Position: Club Manager
Bench Press: 20 kg
Height: 162 cm (5' 4")
Weight: 48 kg (106 lb)
Birthday: November 24
Graduated From: Sakura Girls' Middle School
2nd Year Student (Grade 11)

Sena's overprotective and motherly childhood friend (actually, Mamori's name is meant to be a pun, as her name means protect). Mamori's mother met Sena's mother in a cooking class, and Mamori and Sena have been friends ever since. Her mother is half-Japanese, half-American which makes Mamori 25% American and 75% Japanese. Mamori has been protecting Sena from bullies since primary school, to the point that Sena has grown up never having to stand up for himself. Mamori joined the American Football club to watch over Sena and prevent any bullying by the other members (particularly Hiruma). Despite her 'joining the American Football club just to protect Sena's claim, she eventually becomes an excellent manager who knows the rules inside and out and makes up strategies for the team (since she has trouble with computers, she does it all on paper—super-analog). Mamori does not recognize Eyeshield 21 until he reveals his identity during the match against the Bando Spiders team. Mamori, who excels in all her studies except art (which she is horrible at), is the one responsible for helping Sena pass his high school entrance exam. She is the second member of "Deimon's Smart Trio", as well as a member of the school's disciplinary committee. Though she is constantly butting heads with Hiruma, she eventually sees a softer side to the Devil Bats' quarterback.

In the anime, Mamori tries to discover Eyeshield 21's identity, mostly because when she is making the telephone contact list, she needs a number to get in touch with him. Hiruma gets around this by assigning himself the responsibility of relaying all messages to Eyeshield 21. In the end, even when Sena is forced to remove his helmet to save her from the Zokugaku Chameleons, his identity remains secret to her, thanks to her own disbelief and Hiruma's tricks. She eventually gives up trying to learn who he was. Mamori has been known to block bullets from the trigger-happy Hiruma at times (once when they are aimed at Sena for daydreaming, and again after the completion of the Death March when everyone falls asleep in their hotel room).

Mamori learns about Eyeshield's identity in chapters 154 and 155, when Sena removes his helmet in front of her. After Sena apologizes and takes to the field, Mamori says that she should be the one apologizing. Seeing him run out of the tunnel finally made her realize that he is no longer a child and that she has been babying him all this time. Mamori joins the Devil Bats on the field, introduced as the team's manager, signal-relay and "expert at high-speed snack eating" (much to her obvious annoyance).

Prior to the start of the Kanto Tournament, Mamori gets a haircut, saying that she wanted a change of pace. Ishimaru changes his hairstyle, but goes largely un-noticed, as usual.

Mamori's relationship with Hiruma changes over the course of the story. At first she sees him as a bully and tries constantly to stop him from being mean to Sena, but then sees him in a softer light. She also refers to him as "Hiruma-kun" when he became injured, suggesting she has feelings for him. Like she does with Sena and other members of the team, she wants to take care of him and is often worried over his injuries. As much as she argues with Hiruma, she is actually the closest person to him, seeing as she understands him much more than most. In chapter 205, she tries to talk to him about how hard he pushes himself. After telling him that he doesn't need to worry so much, she secretly smiles to herself. Though Hiruma is likely aware of her feelings, he often chooses to ignore her kindness, and sometimes changes the subject in order to avoid an awkward moment. Hiruma certainly acknowledges her, as he usually ignores girls, including Suzuna. When Hiruma got his arm broken and had to be confined to the infirmary, she chose to sit with him instead of watching the game, only listening to the commentary. A running gag throughout the series is that everyone asks if she is Hiruma's girlfriend (emphasized in the anime) and always she responds with a scary disgusted expression about that, though there is no denying that she is extremely close to him, perhaps closer than Musashi and Kurita. In chapter 202, during the game between the Taiyo Sphinx and Hakushu Dinosaurs, after Gao became enraged after hearing someone insult Banba from the Sphinx team and threatens to break the bones of everyone in the audience. He enters the stands near Mamori and Suzuna, however, Mamori jumps in front of Suzuna to protect her from Gao, who was only a few feet away. Hiruma comes to her defense, standing in the between her and Gao as if ready for a fight and with tasers drawn.

Before the match with Hakushū Dinosaurs, Hiruma given Mamori instruction letter which contain how the play should be continued if, by any chance, he got injured. However, in tears, Mamori ripped the letter, saying that she doesn't want to see him injured, and she believes the team will do everything they can do to protect him. However, when Hiruma got really injured and can't continue to play, she reveals that she secretly tapes the letter, and when reading it, decides to let Sena play as quarterbacks as Hiruma's replacement, by saying nothing about it, and letting Sena take the decision by his own will.

When Hiruma began playing again after having Mamori tape his hand, she tried to coerce Hiruma to stop playing to avoid further injury, but Hiruma wouldn't listen, even trapping her with the pop-quiz bet she made with him in the past to force her to do what he wants.

In Teikoku's match, Mamori also became important, since she's the one who decided the snap count for Deimon's strategy "No Huddle" offense.

Also in the final chapter when everyone went their separate ways, Mamori stayed on with Hiruma instead of going to Sena's school of choice.

Sign Language - Mamori analyses the action from the sidelines, and communicates any pertinent information to Hiruma via sign language so that the opposition does not discover the techniques.
Sign Language: Snap Count - Mamori communicates with her team using her sign language, decides the number of snap count the game will started. This was extremely effective, since Teikoku is focusing their attention to Hiruma's Play Call, try to determine the code meaning by counting the snap count. But of course, since Mamori is the one who decided the snap count, this was useless, and Hiruma (to add more insult) can calling for huts at his leisure even when the team already starts the play....


Suzuna Taki

Taki Suzuna (瀧 鈴音?)
Voiced by: Shoko Nakagawa

Position: Cheerleading Captain (self-appointed)
Height: 151 cm (4' 11 1/2")
Birthday: March 31
1st year student (Grade 10)

Suzuna is a cute blue-haired girl who's always wearing rollerblades. She came to the United States and hitched a ride with one of the bikers of a bike gang. Sena first met her after he got lost halfway through the Death March and was surrounded by a whole lot of American bikers - Sena being Sena, he couldn't really communicate with them. However, one biker mentioned the words 'Japanese girl', 'Football player', and 'Japan', and Sena assumed said biker was talking about Mamori, and immediately went off in search of the aforementioned Japanese girl. The 'Japanese girl' term was actually referring to Suzuna, and 'Football player' Natsuhiko, her brother. Suzuna was looking for her brother, and in that same respect, met up with the 'Football player' assuming that it was Natsuhiko. The bikers then assumed they were boyfriend and girlfriend (cheering them on with "C'mon, hug! Kiss! Hug!"), but the fact was that Suzuna and Sena were not in a relationship. She eventually finds her brother and jumps and rolls her skates across his back while still on her feet as punishment for taking the family savings to fly to America. She also witnesses Sena in action as Eyeshield 21.

Later, Suzuna follows the team back to Japan after her brother accepts Sena's offer to join the Devil Bats (he didn't get picked for the American football team he was trying to enter). She then becomes a cheerleader for the Devil Bats even though she's not from Deimon High School (and the captain for the otherwise all-American cheerleading team). Now, the club has a second female member in the group. Fitting to her fiery personality and dislike of being by her surname, Suzuna loudly cheers for the Devil Bats, no matter what the situation as long as it's a competition, and gives many of them nicknames, even Hiruma.

Suzuna is built like that of a young girl, and is often teased mercilessly by others because of that. One thing to note is that she does not like to be addressed by her family name or be called Miss, (in Japanese, using the term 'san') however she does not mind being called Suzuna-ojōchan (little miss, young lady or even madame) by Doboroku.

In the anime, Suzuna was introduced earlier in the timeline as a part-time reporter, working for the magazine American Football Monthly to discover Eyeshield 21's identity. Her reason was to find her long-lost brother, whom she suspected was Eyeshield 21. Realizing that Eyeshield 21 was too short, however, she then leaves for America due to a tip from Hiruma. She later meets up with the Devil Bats during their Death March training. She even came up with the Devil Bats cheer:


Character Info:
The first time Sena and Monta (and Yukimistu in the anime) saw her in her cheerleading outfit, they were shocked as if they had just seen a ghost (here she teases Sena about liking her). She even made a special cheerleading outfit for Mamori and Monta was extremely happy to see it (he had a massive nosebleed there and then).
Hiruma managed to get American cheerleaders for the team mostly via threatening them (two of the cheerleaders appear to look distinctively like the two American girls who were featured in an episode in the anime).
In the 100th chapter (a whole chapter consisting of cute 4-column panel omake), Suzuna got Mamori to wear the Eyeshield 21 clothes. As she puts the visored helmet onto a resisting Mamori's head, that is when Monta suddenly walks in, believing that was Sena with Suzuna, and from the angle he was standing it looked like they were kissing.
Her catchphrase is a loud "YA!" (translated as "YEAH!").
She does not like being addressed as 'San' or by her last name. She demanded that Sena(and anyone who 'San' her) call her by her first, to his embarrassment (in Japanese culture, this is usually done between close friends or couples), perhaps she does not like a very formal treat for herself. However she gladly accepts being addressed as 'Chan'.
Suzuna claims to have little interest in romantic relationships of her own, but is always interested in those of other people. Whenever a prospective couple is mentioned, part of Suzuna's hair sticks up and spins like a radar, locking onto the unfortunate target (usually Mamori regarding Hiruma) before bombarding him/her with questions of their relationship.
She had a habit of making nicknames for people that she thinks makes them cuter. She called Hiruma "You-nii" ;much to the shock of the other members, although Hiruma doesn't seem to mind as much ('Nii' means big brother. Which sounds like 'Big brother Yoichi' , Jumonji as "Monjii", Kuroki as "Kurokki", Toganou as "Toga", Komusubi as "Komusubicchi" (this was also used by Mizumachi), Yukimitsu as "Yukki" (though he was her senior, although not from the same school), Tetsuo Ishimaru as "Tet-chan", Gen "Musashi" Takekura as "Musha-syan", Mamori as "Mamo-nee" (though Riku calls her this as well), Shien "Kid" Mushakonoji as "Kiddon", Cerberus as "Ceru", both Doburoku-sensei and Pig-Berus as "Burokki" (Much to Doburoku's chagrin) and in the latest manga chapter agon as "agone". In fact, the only person that Suzuna doesn't make a nickname for is Sena, which might actually imply that she thinks Sena's name is fine as it is, and doesn't need a nickname to know that she acknowledges him.
In several scenes, it has been implied that she has feelings toward Sena, though this has not yet been confirmed. It may also be interpreted that likewise, Sena may have feelings for Suzuna, based on his protective actions towards her. Examples include numerous instances when Suzuna leaps from high places and Sena purposely places himself beneath her to cushion her fall, perhaps by the own Sena's nature to help to anyone, although both of them claim to have tried to avoid each other at the same time and by the same way, so ending with a collision. Secondly, when Sena agreed to help Suzuna's brother for her Suzuna blushed. Also, when Mizumachi attempts to peek into the girls' side of the bath house, Sena tries to stop him after hearing that Suzuna is there as well (manga only). And when Sena finally reveals his identity in the game against the Bando Spiders, Suzuna gives a squeal of overjoyed excitement and declares that she was "waiting for this", and immediately begins to cheer him on using his name. After being exhausted in the game against the Spiders, Sena collapsed in Suzuna's arms(he was walking almost asleep and thinking about the game, so he did not notice if someone was in front of him); although she was initially embarrassed she supported him. Additionally, in chapter 241, Suzuna reacts to the possibility of Sena dating the Dinosaurs' team manager with worry, though Mamori thinks that it is because Suzuna thinks of Sena like a little brother. In response, Suzuna says that her feelings are different since the time she met him, but she does not elaborate on this. Also in the 7th ending of Eyeshield 21 (EP 127+) it show's Suzuna holding up Sena's shirt to dry and the ending also shows the silhouette of Sena and Suzuna holding hands. In chapter 275, Suzuna was wearing a dress, and wanted Sena to say that she looked beautiful. Sena did think so, but he was too shy to say it outright (he was actually also really surprised). During the flight to New York, America for the World Cup, Suzuna was seen seated next to Sena in the airplane. When Sena and Suzuna are in the trunk of the car listening in on Agon, Hiruma and Kid's conversation when Hiruma says he will do anything to get the NFL contract Suzuna has a loving/caring look in her eyes when she sees Sena's spirit concerning the subject. Two Years later, Suzuna is seen to continue her thinking about Sena noticing his changes. Suzuna is the first of the original Devil Bat team, that goes to Enma Univerity, to see Sena arrive..again.(not counting the Monta part) Suzuna seemed to noticed how Sena had made the lie become reality when Sena stayed in America.
At the end of the anime, Suzuna and Sena are seen shopping together, while being spied on by Mamori, Monta, and Togano.
Also at the end of the anime, while Sena plays for the NFL, Suzuna is a cheerleader for his team (this is not certain, as she was also seen in the stands, though still cheering).

Devil Bat

A fictional creature with a similar personality to Hiruma. He usually appears to explain the rules of American football to the audience. In the omakes such as at the end of manga chapters he also appears, often to announce promotions or answer questions from the readers.
Little Devibat/ Lil' D.B.

A small, cute-looking, lighter-colored version of the Devil Bat. This bat looks up to the original Devil Bat, and often assists him in his omake appearances. First appears in a television propaganda ad during the Deimon-Seibu match created by Hiruma in an effort to get Musashi to rejoin the team.

Hiruma's ferocious dog, Cerberus is named after the Greek mythical creature that guards the gates to Hades. Though incredibly intelligent for a dog, Cerberus is apparently driven entirely by his appetite. Hiruma often uses Cerberus to frighten his players into training harder, and also to track down missing club members. However, in one omake Q&A segment, the Devil Bat claims that Cerberus is a wild dog that simply stays with Hiruma in order to get food more easily. In the anime, it was shown that Cerberus simply showed up at Deimon's football field when Hiruma was in middle school. Hiruma noted that Cerberus had "a good look in his eyes" and challenged the dog to a showdown. When they clashed, Cerberus managed to tear one of Hiruma's sleeves, but Hiruma had fastened the spiked collar on Cerberus in an instant, making Cerberus the loser. According to Kurita, Hiruma took a liking to Cerberus, and Cerberus did everything Hiruma told him to (and showing in episode 27 that Hiruma really did care for Cerberus a lot). Cerberus is somewhat anthropomorphic, and is able to use his front paws like hands while standing on his hind paws. According to chapter 251 of the manga, Cerberus can bench press 120kgs (264lbs).

A small, somewhat anthropomorphic piglet that first appears during the Deimon-Kyoshin match, with Doburoku. Doburoku had set off on a long journey to find Komusubi, who had nearly quit the team. Along the way, Doburoku became drunk, mistook the pigleta

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