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Rohan Online : Blood Feud

Rohan: Blood Feud (an English-speaking version of the recently-released Rohan Online) is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). One week of closed beta testing in America started from March 17, 2008 by publisher YNK Interactive. It ended its one week of closed beta testing.[2][3] Second round of closed beta testing ran from April 3, 2008 to April 9, 2008, the open beta was launched May 28, 2008. There are other versions of Rohan Online in Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Philippines as well.


In the beginning God created the world in seven days. Edoneh was born from the solitude of fortitude. As stated earlier god created the earth in seven days, but the great god gave it to Ian as a gift, Ian in turn gave birth to the five minor gods: Adrian (also known as Loha), Arlyn, Pamela, Wailyn(also spelled Flox), and Monching.

Ian set his creations, known by scholars as "The Lesser/Lower Gods" down on the earth and each of these gods in turn created a race for this new world. Adrian created the Humans, Arlyn created the Giants, Pamela the Elves, WAilyn created Dark Elves, and Silva the Halflings. The Lesser Gods placed their creations on separate regions of Rohan, but Ohn felt this task was too important to be left in the hands of the Lesser Gods, so Ohn created Dragons to divide and patrol the regions.

Peace insured in this early time, but like in all things, everything good must come to an end. In the Human Kingdom, Claut Del Lagos (believed by many scholars to be the world's first Dhan) assassinates his older brother, Penkel Del Lagos (king at that time), and usurps power. Thirteen long years later, the late king's son, Selio Del Lagos, forms a rebellion and ends Claut's regimen. Claut and his followers flee to an island in the northern reaches of Rohan and settle there, and called themselves as Dhans.

Some time later there's a catastrophe and something happened to Ohn. The five Lesser Gods, in an attempt to revive him, decided to kill the Dragons that Ohn had created in order to retrieve the power that he used. However, they manage to kill all the dragons but one. That one dragon hides on the western side of the same island the Dhan inhabit, and uses the last of its life force to create the Dekan race. Due to the constant expanding of the Dhan and the Dekan, the two races finally meet, and clash.

The war between the Dekan and the Dhan lasted ten long bloody years, with the war finally ending in a truce. With the Dragons gone, the other races can now explore past their former boundaries and start meeting each other for the first time.

The Lesser Gods, in a desperate move decided to sacrifice the other races since killing the dragons didn't bring back Ohn. The Lesser Gods create monsters to eliminate the races but their plan backfires. The advent of monsters bring the races closer together. It brings the Elves and Humans especially close, so close that the two start producing offspring, the world's first Half Elves. Rejected by both Humans and Elves, the Half Elves created their own settlement in the middle of the forest of Morrisen.

The wise sages realized that the monsters were the Lesser Gods' doing. A brave soul by the name of Edwin rides out and challenges the Lessers, but he is never to be seen again. Rumors of this event start spreading, and people start talking. The current Elf queen at the time has a terrible vision of destruction, of a Rohan where only monsters roam, and where the created races are nothing but distant memories.

Desperate to make the vision a lie the Elf Queen calls for a gathering of the races, but only the Humans and Halflings show up. The Giants and Dark Elves have formed a secret alliance in order to cleanse Rohan of the Humans and Elves. When the Humans, Halflings, and Elves counter this by allying themselves, the Giants extend their hands to the Half Elves. The Dhan and Dekan, having already lost many in their ten year war remain neutral as this new war unfolds, but their land is now being threatened by monsters from all sides.[4]

The story progresses and determined by the outcome of in-game events dubbed as Story Arc event. Successful events rewards players with experience or drop modifiers, depending on the GM.[5]

Game features
R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)that allows players to play with another character within the game world, explore lands, kill monsters, engage amazing quests, perform magic, adopt a pet, buy a mount, and interact with NPCs and other players. The game is a rich and expansive persistent online world, set on the continent of R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud. The land is full of quests to embark upon, from simple to glorious. Friends and enemies will be made and lost, spectacular battles will be fought, and an abundance of unique game features will keep players on the edge of their gaming seats. There are many features of the game that set it apart from more traditional MMORPGs, including
Player-Kill System
R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud has been designed as a Player-Killing(PK) based game. All characters at and above Level 30 are all vulnerable to (PK). All areas of the Rohan continent and dungeons allow PK system, except for some areas called Safe Zones, which are usually Towns and save points dubbed Bindstones.[6]
Vengeance System
The Vengeance system is exclusive to Rohan which enables recording of one’s battle outcomes and delivering reprisal. The Hit list records names of 50 opponents and outcomes of corresponding battles. Particularly, if you are killed in an unwanted PVP or were outnumbered or defeated in one, the log-on status of the opposing player can be verified via Hit list, and Vengeance enables immediate transport to the corresponding player’s vicinity, delivering retribution or a rematch. Upon use, it can be recharged once for a fee by the Vengeance Dealer available at all major Towns, or using Ancient Assassin's Inheritance item available at the Item Mall. There is no limit on recharge when the latter is used.

Item Mall
The Item Mall is a convenient and safe place where you can purchase items to help enhance your in game experience in R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud. There are various options to chose from including, weapons, armor, costumes, customization items, and more. Item Mall transactions are conducted with Rohan Points.[9]
Exchange Market
With a small lifetime fee, you can sign up for the Exchange Market system of R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud. Buy & sell safely through the Exchange Market. The Exchange Market is the place where you can buy or sell items from other players for Rohan Points (RPs). Items that you find, purchase, or forge/refine in-game can be bought and sold here. Even whole characters can be traded. This allows players to buy uncommon, ancient, unique, or just plain ordinary items that they need for RPs. This will also allow players who don't wish to purchase RP to be able to sell items that they have acquired in-game to other players wishing to purchase them.[10]
*Rohan Points: Rohan Points is the exclusive currency of R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud and is used to purchase items from the Item Mall. You can obtain Rohan points two ways:
1. Through purchase If you choose to buy Rohan Points directly from YNK Interactive, there are several secure payment methods that you can choose from. These will be directed to your Rohan Points, which can be used to buy items both in the Item Mall and in the Exchange Market. Purchased Rohan Points will remain in your account until you decide to use it.
2. Through selling items or in-game currency Through the Exchange Service, you are able to securely sell your in game items for Rohan Points to other players. You can continuously add Rohan Points to your account whenever you please. This will be added to your Bonus RPS, which can only be used to purchase items from the Item Mall only.
There are seven character races in the game and each have two advanced classes.
Human (Knight)
Created by the God Hand, humans are perfectly suited for the role of knight. Being a tank by absorbing enemy damage to keep fellow players alive portrays the actions of a human in this game. The human race is perfectly suited for the Knight class. Bound to chivalrous conduct, humans are predisposed to fight for what they believe to be right. They dwell in the town of Einhoren, capital of Del Lagos.
*Defender A brute of a soldier, they are often the center of a battle party due to their strengthened defense. They can also cast stun spells and sacrifice mobility for an overhaul in melee attack, or strengthen their defense in order to take damage from another partymate.
*Guardian The strongest of all types. They are the killers using swords and daggers. These steadfast warriors boast refined attack skills. They can successfully reach their targets even if well-protected, and can even increase the amount of damage with each attack with lightning fast attack speed with a sacrifice of mobility.
Dhan (Assassin)
Though similar to humans, Dhans are less outgoing, and more the kind to watch from the shadows. Their main skills involve use of agility, and dexterity, as they tend to be assassins. Though their attack is not the greatest, they stun their enemies with rapid swift blows. Another great advantage of being a Dhan is that they have the stealth ability. This allows one to hide from beasts at least 5 levels above their own, although they do suffer a penalty to mobility unless Hide skill is maxed. These killing machines are serpentine in their deadliness. Because of their bias for butchery, they are the most feared (and despised) class in R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud. Dhans can acquire experience by killing other players rather than completing quests if they choose. However, if they die during the Murderer status, they may lose their equipped armors and/or weapons. They dwell in the northern part of the continent, at the town of Par'talucca, capital of East Bahran Island.
*Avenger Can achieve invisibility and dismember opponents with no warning. By the time you see them, your eyes may no longer be connected to your face.
*Predator They deal blows so swiftly that anyone within striking distance may not even be able to take a single swing before death. They utilize a specialty of traps to render opponents unable to fight.
Half Elf (Archer)
Offspring of Human and Elf, these forest-dwellers and nature-lovers are masters of ranged combat. Be it bow & arrow or crossbow, their proficiency are unmatched. They live in the heart of Morrisen, the town of Kai'non.
*Scout Masters of multi-targeting with their bows, they often choose to fight all enemies at once rather than one at a time. They may also opt to drop their bows and take advantage of their buff that greatly increases their melee damage.
*Ranger Well versed on the crossbow, Rangers dominate their opponents with swift and precise bolt attacks. Upon learning Winged Foot, an exclusive skill to Rangers, they can traverse distances that no one can match. However they can opt to indulge to immobility to attain higher attack speed coupled with increased damage to rectify their opponents.
Dekan (Dragon Fighter)
Usually fighting alone, the Dekan race may transform into a dragon, use a blood sucking ability. Dekans are found to be a lone powerhouse. Nearly incomprehensible, these changelings defy nature. Dekans are born with the nascent ability to transform from humanoid to a fiercely violent dragon. They settled in the town of Rev'decca, found near the sea of Armenes.
*Dragon Knight They evolve more quickly in the form of dragon rather than humanoid, and employ a unique bloodsucking skill to weaken opponents. They prioritize offense.
*Dragon Sage Specialized hunters that can attack large areas at once. They also utilize the flow of energy to their advantage. They prioritize on balanced defense and offense for their survival.
Elf (Healer)
Having lost their old capital to monsters, the elves now rest in Vena, their new city on the Via Marea. Keen with magic, they are known as healers, priests, and templars, with great healing and magic skills. However, their magic specialization leaves them with weak physical defense, making them easier to kill than other races. Still, they are in great need whenever a group decides to form a party. These gentle-souled elves are proficient at healing others in their party. But do not be fooled, they can also pack a wicked wallop in the form of magical attacks.
*Priest - Specializing in healing and protection using a range of powerful magic spells. They assist in party members recovery, defense and also vitality.
*Templar - Quite the aggressor, they are capable of both magical and physical attacks. But their healing powers are keen as well.
Dark Elf (Mage)
Mysterious and cautious about their self-defense, Dark Elves use a series of powerful magic attacks. Not much is known about the dark elves but their transportation and weakening powers are well known around Rohan. Excelling in group battles, Dark elves have the ability to kill an enemy before it reach's them. Although not much is known, Dark elves have a strong despise for the human and elf race. This races main goal seems to be to drive the elves and humans out of their land. They live in the magma region of Ignis, at the town of Montt.
*Warlock - Thrives in group battles, they seemingly are able to weaken opponents before the fighting even starts.
*Wizard - Expert hunters, they employ powerful area spells to fight off multiple opponents simultaneously.
Giants (Warrior)
They are the latest addition to the game. Though born unusually large, are surprisingly agile, experts in dual wielding swords and polearms. Once prepared for the second job change to become a Berserker or Savage, Giants are able to specialize in a specific weapon. Experts in dual hand techniques. With their hideous horned appearance, the Giants have come to wreak havoc through the Rohan Continent with their polearms and dual-wielding swords. These gigantic warriors use their size to their advantage while remaining agile.
*Berserker Specializing in Player-vs.-Player combat, wide-ranged skills enable these Giants to live up to their brutal names as Berserkers. Delivering swift piercing blows from their Polearms, their potential can be promising.
*Savage Savages provide Buffs to allies and Debuffs to enemies inside Totem Castles, ideal in party play with their wide-ranged attacks and party buffs. They also utilize their Two-Handed swords in order to attack a group of enemies at once, dealing Area-of-Effect damage per normal attack at a high chance.
Rohan Continent is a terrain created by main god Ohn to present to mother goddess Edoneh. In this massive terrain, Ohn's first creation, climates and topographies run the gamut.
The center of the continent is a comfortable warm-climate region made of low mountains and flatlands. Primarily composed of rough mountainous terrain and polar climate, northern continent is difficult to pioneer. Proceeding south of the continent along Rai'ner River, land is divided east and west as vast lowlands unfold. The large island created by volcanic activity in the north has high subterranean heat with magma still curdling in some spots. As such, the northern region has relatively high temperatures.
Currently, Human territory is located in west central Rohan Continent, with Elves in the south and territory of Half Elves, conceived between the two races, located in the eastern central region. The northern island is inhabited by renegade groups Dhans, a race of assassins, and Dekans. This region will be expanded in the future with the addition of new races.
Shielynth was discovered along with Shilayah. It was discovered very quickly after Shilayah was found by explorers. Shielynth revealed a nightmare in the center of the region that has never been seen in the continent of Rohan. This area is called "Devil's Fortress" by explorers.
Shilayah, which is west of the Dekan's capital city and is located in the most northwestern region of the continent, has mostly been concealed. However, it was recently discovered by explorers. Shilayah has not been part of any explorer routes since it is the holy land of the giant blue dragon, therefore Dekans have shown hostility to others in this region. However, curious Humans, Half-Elves, and Giants discovered a new route by crossing Armenes through Liom and Varvylon. Shilayah is covered by ocean on three sides and is not at all like the land of Armenes or eastern Bahran Island. The region consists of mostly grits and rocks.
Armenes, the last dragon fleeing from divine assault in the north, is ultimately destroyed, but after creating Dekans, its descendents, with its last remaining strength. Dekans settled in western Bahran Island and named their state Armenes and their capital Rev'Deca.
Dekans had to ward off assault from Dhans and unidentifiable monsters nearby, and threat posed by Humans, Elves and Half Elves from a distance. Originally the Altar of Armenes built to memorialize their origins and a vast forest, the area is now riddled with vestiges of fierce warfare waged against Dhans from Ashen Battlefield to Dragon's Sacred Grounds, formerly strewn with remains of dragons slain in the battle against the gods.
• Rev'Decca (Dekan Town)
Upon being spawned from Armenes, the Dekans, widely scattered, tried to acclimate themselves to the strange environment.
Assembled under charismatic Ferdinante Don Endriago, Dekans began converging upon Armenes in preparation for self-protection. Rev'Deca is the capital they collectively built. Constructed on water's surface, the royal palace of the current king Ferdinante Don Endriago is located deep in the city, and shops and major facilities are built circling with the massive central fountain. A single gate serving as the sole passage to the outside and the city walls erected in the city outskirts plainly reflect their isolationist tendencies. Stone statues and adornments in the shape of dragons can be found readily on the streets.
Liom, located south the Dekan capital city of Rev'decca, can easily be reached through Armenes pathway. However, it is dangerous to enter this area since Diabolo Garden, Myrtle Woods, and Forgotten Fortress are full of monsters ordered by the Gods to kill the races on the continent.
Varvylon, located north of the Human capital city Einhoren, is surrounded by lush woods. Prisoners of Bothan Penitentiary, which is built on an artificially created island on the river, recently raised a riot. They captured Bothan Penitentiary and no one is able to approach it. Spire of Redemption which is located northeast, is built for criminals across the Hushed Forest. Caronia's Tomb which is full of monsters ordered by the Gods, was made to pay a tribute to the memory of Caronia. Caronia is the mother of Sergio Del Lagos and helped his son take back his throne. Shrouded Mansion, Altar of Roha, and Birch Tower are inhabited by monsters as well.
Del Lagos
Del Lagos is the Human Kingdom priding a vast territory surrounded by a beautiful and infinite lake with warm climate and abundant crops. Across the lake past the blessed Abundant Plains with the capital Einhoren at the center stands Trichia Seminary, the symbol of Human faith, along with Juba's Waterclock, the product of interracial diplomacy.
In the north is Traitor's Guillotine, where the criminals of Del Lagos were executed, and the obsolete Paladin Hall of Fame stands guard at the lush eastern terrain.
• Einhoren (Human Town)
The human race of Rohan Continent naturally converged around Einhoren, endowed with pleasant climate and abundant natural resources, and forged a settlement.
With the passing of time, Einhoren gradually takes shape as the Human capital. The grand temple for worshipping Roha, and the training facility for paladins, the central army, are located in the capital, and critical national decisions are reached upon discussion between the grand prophet and the king. Einhoren is bisected into two large regions: the village, a residential district for commoners, and the royal palace quarter for the royalty and aristocracy which can be reached only by traversing a bridge erected in the village. Both zones are surrounded by a high city wall designed to ward off invasion.
Via Marea
Vena, capital of Elves ruled by Queen Rima Regenon, possessing strong magic powers, was fashioned on building blocks of elaborate architecture and beautiful gardens. In the north lies Crea Workshop, where exceptional Elf wands were manufactured, and above it past Crossroad of Fate stands Temple of Marea, built to worship goddess Marea, and Dragon Eyes, where the extinct Red Dragon formerly stood guard. Goddess's Fountain, where goddess Marea, the creator of the Elves, propagated the origins of water, is located in the northwest, and Gray Dawn Tower was erected in the northeast to mount defense against orc raids, but both sites have fallen to the monsters.
• Vena (Elf Town)
Capital of the Elves, Vena is governed by a powerful wizard and Elf representative Sila Mayor Regenon.
Referred to as the city of the arts even within Elf kingdom, it is renowned for its elaborate beauty. Constructed based on an aesthetic blueprint from the inception, the city's buildings and garden arrangement are equally exquisite. Regen was the original Elf capital, but with monsters seizing it in the wake of assaults, the Elves migrated to the second capital of Vena. The original capital has since been turned into a wasteland and its basement a dungeon.
East Bahran Island
Previous dethroned King, Kraute Del Lagos, and his close friend and unequivocal supporter Haillok, along with their supporters, left Rohan Continent and settled in eastern Bahran Island.
They named themselves Dhans, to distinguish themselves from Humans, and erected Par'Talucca. The old-fashioned Dhan capital is circled by mountains where residents practice isolationism. At the center of a nearby river, stands Temple of Ohn, built to worship the main god, and at the river's upstream, a rock resembling mother goddess Edoneh can be found. To the south of the river is Haillok Memorial, founded to honor the great prophet Haillok, and Hermit's Hideout, created to perform Dhan rituals of sect wielding and power.
• Par'Talucca (Dhan Town)
Taking the throne after contending with the 2nd Human king Ferrikhan Del Lagos, Kraute Del Lagos is deposed by Ferrikhan's wife Queen Caronia and factions and the military endorsing sovereign orthodoxy.
With an entourage of his endorsers, he leaves Human capital Einhoren and arrives on Bahran Island in the far northeast. The ousted sovereign then builds the current Dhan capital of Par'Talucca upon discovering a basin surrounded by mountains, and creates a canal in the outskirts of the city for defense. While the underlying appearance of the city is redolent of Human architecture, Par'Taluccan architecture is far more calm and graceful employing primarily wooden materials.

Dharvegawan is located south of the Dhan capital city of Par'Talucca. The woods block explorers and do not allow easy passage. The brutal monsters threaten all living things around this region. Pay special attention to the Origin of Necromancy and the Heart of Flame as this is where dark forces are gathered.
Geizan is located in north of the Half-Elf's capital city of Kai'non. The Temple of Silva located in the center of Geizan, was built by Halflings to pay tribute to the memory of their Creator Silva. Topaz Quarry and Tormaline Quarry which are located northwest, were built by both Humans and Gnilflahs. However, once the monsters became enraged, all the miners left Geizan, leaving the Temple of Silva and Quarries behind. The Black Dragon Sanctuary which is situated in the deep forest, was built by Gnilflahs to maintain the Black Dragon they have been in fear of.
Morissen, located in southeastern Rohan Continent, was forged by Half Elves conceived by Humans and Elves, having relocated and deprived of a sense of belonging.
Sirka Observatory, once the Halfling astronomy Mecca but currently a monster stronghold, and Tempest Watchout, erected to offer protection from Humans and monsters in the radius. And Bergendy Brewery, celebrated for the exceptional brewing talent of Half Elves, was formerly located in Tranquil Forest, but they have all become off-limit zones due to monster assault. Spiritual Haven, where the first Half Elf and their spiritual leader's remains were cremated, has been abandoned and become a monster habitat.
• Kai'non (Half Elf Town)
Located in southeastern Rohan Continent, Kai'non was built by Half Elves conceived between Elves, who migrated from the mainland, and Humans.
Half Elves, unable to feel a sense of belonging in either group, and having failed at assimilation in the city erected by Humans, assembled in the south of the continent and formed an independent settlement. Upon settling, all Half Elves strewn throughout the continent gradually began to converge upon Kai'non, and with population steadily growing, it grew to a size comparable to that of cities of other races. Due to the nomadic disposition of Half Elves, no city walls or notable architecture were constructed. Being firm individualists, they do not welcome external aid, and without a fixation on settling in a single site, they pitch tent-like shelters.
Aevraury, located in east of Vena and south of Half-Elf's Kai'non, is corrupted by brutal monsters and Orcs that are created to exterminate all other races in Rohan world. Ehres harbor is the only place for the explorer to put their mind at complete ease. Serpenters, descendants of ocean dragon protecting the ocean, threaten the explorers according to the Gods' order and expend their living space. The savage Orc's Fortress conquered northwest forest. The unknown monsters and living things are in the Verrat Island where there were laboratories of magicians who betrayed each other influenced by chaos of northeast world.
Having begun as a network of small villages, Giants amassed power and expanded in size ultimately founding a new state. Draht, a land on the arctic terrain with Etton as its capital, became what is now known as the Giant Nation. With the sweltering heat wave just beginning to recede, an arctic chill fell throughout the region.
• Etton (Giant Town)
The Giant capital, Etton, is a large city comprising a web of small villages including a training facility where these Giant warriors trained in isolation from the rest of the Rohan continent. The Giants, though perceived as brutes, are surprisingly accomplished in stone craftsmanship constructing many elaborate and intricate stone buildings which makes up their homeland. Detailed stone structures pervade in Etton, accurately reflecting the Giant's sturdy yet skilled disposition.
Kowarre is where Giants and Halflings confront each other. Ezker River flows east to west that divides Kowarre into two different regions, north and south. The northern part contains Giant camps that is mostly formed with giant rocks and snow. The southern part contains Gnilflah camps that is mostly formed with grassland. Ezker Island at the downstream connects these two different areas.
Rima is located in between the cold north and warm southern regions so it has a wide range of weather conditions. The tree forest in the north is abundant and thick, however there are less trees in the south and contain mostly grassland. The mountain located southwest, contains a quarry and mine. All other areas consist mostly of low hills and plains.
Eibach, located above the town of Dark Elves, proved to be once a peaceful scenery turned into a devastating place with the advent of monsters. Tourist spots before have now become monster lairs.
Pervaded by volcanoes, this region's mountains are high and treacherous. The only active volcanoes issuing lava are Flox's charcoal burner and the Dark Elf capital of Montt.
Most mountains are inactive with merely smoke billowing from the summits. For this reason, Scorching Canyon and Birthplace of Purity are devoid of vegetation, and the earth is black due to volcano ash. But massive forests fill the remaining regions. Most trees in Ignis are broad-leafed due to the tropical climate.
• Montt (Dark Elf Town)
With Ignis teeming with volcanoes, Dark Elves constructed Montt likening a massive fortress, as if to withstand its sweltering heat, and upon the assembling of numerous families hitherto dispersed, a collective parliament was convened, and a new king elected to fashion Montt as we know it. Montt's high city walls are built with special heat-resistant material, accurately reflecting distinct Dark Elf architectural traits and pride. The current king Kanos Lyonan's residential palace is perpetually under airtight security with warps surrounding it to deter foreigners. Dark Elves have employed exclusive black magic for convenience in transport and daily life.
In crafting, a player receives certain materials after extracting them from vegetation, minerals, or gemstones. There are 4 parts to crafting:
1. Gathering
2. Producing
3. Upgrading
4. Extracting
To craft anything firstly you have to do a quest from the "Crafting Studio" which is collecting novice mineral from just outside a city for example "Einhoren". the quest can be obtained from colek ( he is in crafting studio). Weapon: to make a E grade weapon you need to collect a few things : firstly collect a bunch of E grade minerals like Artirum, Panadium , Cadmium. collect 10 of each and turn them into E grade ingots through the mineral processor. Astantine will be needed , it is a rare drop that does drop sometimes when you are gathering minerals. You will need E crystals and extraction option stones which can be obtained through pulverizing uni items at CS in the pulverizer. You then get the blueprint for the Artisan/craftsman wep and register it. Then, go to weapon anvil and craft.
In forging a player can make a rare, unique or ancient weapon. A rare weapon can be forged by combining two general weapons, and a unique weapon can be forged by combining two rare weapons. When combining weapons, a roulette determines whether the combination is successful or a failure. In both circumstances the original weapons are discarded: if the process is successful, the player gains a new weapon with stats combined from the originals; if unsuccessful, the player loses the two weapons and gains nothing. When forging, the player can also choose to put in an optional item, which makes the resulting weapon more powerful. An ancient weapon is much harder to make than a unique weapon or a rare weapon. To make an ancient weapon you will need a unique weapon and an accessory, and the process has a low success rate.
Monsters are positioned in all regions of the Rohan Continent. Gamers must engage in combat utilizing exclusive skills and assorted tactics when encountering a monster. Both the keyboard and mouse can be used when battling in R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud. When you log in for the first time, characters begin in front of Bindstones of corresponding start towns. Did you locate the Bindstone Gatekeeper? Talk to the gatekeeper to launch your first hunt in R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud.
You may also undertake the Tutorial mode of R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud. Upon completing the tutorial, it will reward you with items and information essential for your survival on the continent.
Party play in R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud allows up to 6 members in a party including yourself. Parties are recommended for executing demanding quests and hunting high-level monsters. You can easily level-up with a party at hand.
Pets and Mounts
Four different types of mounts are available to each race totaling 16 not including the ones that are available for all races, Kruger (Snow Kruger, Hidden Kruger, Wandering Kruger), Pumas, and Zebra Stud (Zebra Stud, Twilight Stud, Daybreak Stud). Listed below are the main mounts for each race with variations available:
*Rhino - Giant
*Spider - Dark Elf
*Gon - Dekan
*Tegu - Dhan
*Wolf - Half Elf
*Unicorn - Elf
*Stallion - Human
Pets in the game aid players in battle by boosting abilities. Pets can level up after being fed a certain amount, this will boost the specific pets abilities. A pet can die in Rohan due to negligence and can be revived by a revival ticket. A pet can be bought from either the pet merchant in any major town, or from the Item Mall. Pets are equipped with special abilities to aid in gameplay such as elevating a character's health, raise mobility, and enable teleporting. Below are the types of pets available for purchase from the town's pet NPC; no level restrictions apply to pet use. Pet level initially is 1, and increases as you feed them, with the maximum level at 3.
*Soft Kahto User's mobility increases by 10%-30% depending on the pet's level.
*Honey Bear User's health increases by 10%-30% depending on the pet's level.
*Angel Bunny Teleport ability to a previously recalled site. Length of retention of the saved spot increases per level.
*Molly Heals the HP and MP of the user when the health gauge of the user reaches 20% or upon command. Has a cooldown time of 2 minutes. It also provides a percentage of damage negation, from 5% to 15%. Amount of HP and MP heal and percentage of damage negation increases per level.
*Power Tiger Increases critical hit rate from 1% to 3%, and also decreases damage taken from critical attacks at a percentage. Critical rate and damage reduction from critical attacks increases per level.
*Speedy Hawk Increases Attack Speed and reduces casting time for certain spells. Amount deducted increases per level.
*Brave Dragon Additional damage pet depending on the user's level. Damage multiplier increases per level.
*Golden Monkey Item looting pet. Option for looting varies. Additional options are available when the level increases.
Pet Fusion
In order to create these pets, you will have to combine 2 pets of any kind that are already level 3. In order to combine these an item will have to be purchased from the item mall to bring up the Pet Fusion interface. The following items are required to create these pets:
Royal Dragon:
Level 1: Site memory retention 10 minutes. (allows you to teleport back to this location) Mobility increased 20%. Weight increased 30%.
Level 2: Site memory retention 20 minutes. (allows you to teleport back to this location) Mobility increased 30%. Weight increased 40%.
Level 3: Site memory retention 30 minutes. (allows you to teleport back to this location) Mobility increased 40%. Weight increased 50%.
Queen Fairy: Level 1: All stats increased by 14. Auto loot (7 item types) Weight increased by 30%
Level 2: All stats increased by 20. Auto loot (13 item types) Weight increased by 40%
Level 3: All stats increased by 30. Auto loot (13 item types) Weight increased by 50%
Empress Unicorn: Level 1: Complete Defense 10%. Recovers HP/MP by 5000. Buffs with greater than 3 sec cast reduced by 1 second. Weight increased by 30%.
Level 2: Complete Defense 15%. Recovers HP/MP by 9000. Buffs with greater than 3 sec cast reduced by 1.5 second. Weight increased by 40%.
Level 3: Complete Defense 15%. Recovers HP/MP by 12000. Buffs with greater than 3 sec cast reduced by 1.5 second. Weight increased by 50%.
King Lion: Level 1: Crit damage reduced by 10%. HP increase by 20%. Attack Speed increase by 10%. Weight increase by 30%.
Level 2: Crit damage reduced by 15%. HP increase by 30%. Attack Speed increase by 15%. Weight increase by 40%.
Level 3: Crit damage reduced by 20%. HP increase by 35%. Attack Speed increase by 20%. Weight increase by 50%.
Using these items has a 90% chance of success for the Pet Fusion. In the event of failure during the pet fusion, both level 3 pets will be preserved but the Fuse Item will be lost. At this time, these pets can eat Organic Animal Meal sold by the Pet NPC, and any item mall sold foods.
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