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Fighting Spirit (manga)

Fighting Spirit (はじめの一歩, Hajime no Ippo?, lit. "The First Step" in Japan) is a boxing manga and anime series created by Jōji "George" Morikawa which is serialized by Kodansha in Weekly Shōnen Magazine.

The manga has been running since 1989, spans 90 tankōbon. A 76-episode anime adaption, titled Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting! was produced by Madhouse, the Nippon TV Network and VAP, directed by Satoshi Nishimura and ran on the Nippon TV Network from October 2000 to March 2002.[2] One OVA and a movie were also produced. At the end of 2003 the anime was licensed in North America by Geneon.[6] Geneon released it as Fighting Spirit. It was called Knock Out! in the Philippines.

On September 15, 2008 it was announced in Weekly Shōnen Magazine, that a second season of Hajime no Ippo would begin airing on January 6, 2009. The second season is called Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger and concluded on June 30, 2009.

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Ippo Makunochi is a very shy high school student who never had the time to make friends because he was always busy helping his mother run their family-own fishing business. Because he kept to himself, a group of bullies led by Umezawa got into the habit of picking on him. On one particular day these bullies decided to give him a rather serious beating, but a middle-weight professional boxer who was passing by stopped the bullies and took the injured Ippo to the Kamogawa Gym (鴨川ボクシングジム Kamogawa Bokushingu Jimu?), owned by retired boxer Genji Kamogawa, to treat his wounds. After Ippo awoke to the sounds of boxers training, the boxer who saved him, Mamoru Takamura, tried to cheer Ippo up by letting him vent his frustrations on a sandbag. It was then that they had their first glimpse into Ippo's talent for boxing. After that incident, Ippo started his regular training and began his path in Japan's professional boxing, beginning with two spars against the talented Ichiro Miyata who is the same age as Ippo.
The story focuses heavily on character development, even during the matches something is learned about the fighters. Ippo and his friendly rivalry with Miyata is the main draw in the early part of the series. That later changes to Ippo's path towards the Japanese Featherweight Championship and eventually the world championship. Along the way we are given glimpses into the other side character's pasts, motivations, relationships to others and current boxing trials. A colorful cast of support characters and opponents as well as side stories concerning their path in the boxing world rounds out the series.

List of Hajime no Ippo chapters
Geneon distributed the Fighting Spirit series in North America on 15 DVDs with 5 episodes per disc. The first DVD was released on July 6, 2004 and the fifteenth released on December 19, 2006.[7] The DVDs included English and Spanish language tracks, as well as the original Japanese. The movie, Champion Road, has also been released in North America on DVD by Geneon. Unfortunately, plans for the second OVA, Kimura vs Mashiba, are not in the works. Disc sales of the series did not break even. The first DVD was the best selling at ~5,000 units with each DVD afterwards selling ~1,000 units. [citation needed] Many fans blame the lack of marketing and the negative appeal that a sports anime has on the mainstream audience. [original research?] As Geneon USA closed its doors at the end of 2007, the US rights of the series are in question.
Video games
There have also been some video games based on the series, first released on the PlayStation, then later the PlayStation 2 and Game Boy Advance, and recently to Wii, as well. Two of the games have been released in North America and in PAL territories. There was some confusion regarding the Western title Victorious Boxers 2: Fighting Spirit prior to its Western release, as this is generally assumed to be the same game as Hajime no Ippo 2: Victorious Road, when actually it is the next title in the series, Hajime no Ippo - The Fighting! All Stars.[8] The Japanese released Victorious Road is unique amongst the titles as it includes the option to create your own boxer and control his training, diet, weight etc. The second Western title, Fighting Spirit, gives the player a choice of over 70 fighters for VS play. Each title has its own story mode which closely follows that of the manga, though obviously the storytelling is not of the same quality.
Recently, Ippo and Takamura have also appeared in the crossover video game Sunday VS Magazine: Shuuketsu! Choujou Daikessen! as playable characters.
System English Title Japanese Title English Translation
N/A はじめの一歩 THE FIGHTING! Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting!
PlayStation 2
Victorious Boxers: Ippo's Road to Glory[9]
はじめの一歩 VICTORIOUS BOXERS Hajime no Ippo: Victorious Boxers
N/A はじめの一歩2 VICTORIOUS ROAD Hajime no Ippo 2: Victorious Road[10]

Victorious Boxers 2: Fighting Spirit
はじめの一歩 ALL☆STARS Hajime no Ippo - The Fighting! All Stars[11]

Game Boy Advance
N/A はじめの一歩 THE FIGHTING! Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting![12]

Nintendo DS
N/A はじめの一歩 THE FIGHTING! Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting!
Victorious Boxers: Revolution
はじめの一歩 THE FIGHTING! Revolution Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting Revolution[13]

N/A はじめの一歩 THE FIGHTING! Portable Victorious Spirits Hajime no Ippo: THE FIGHTING! Portable Victorious Spirits [14]

Episode List
Round Episode Name Original air date [15]

1 "The First Step" October 3, 2000
2 "Fruits of Labor"
"Doryoku no seika (Results of Great Effort)" (努力の成果) October 10, 2000
3 "Tears of Joy"
"Ureshi namida (Happy Tears)" (うれし涙) October 17, 2000
4 "Shadow Boxing"
"Shadō bokushingu (Shadow Boxing)" (シャドーボクシング) October 24, 2000
5 "3 Months to Counter"
(カウンターへの3ヶ月) October 31, 2000
6 "The Opening Bell of the Rematch"
"Saisen no gongu (Gong of the Rematch)" (再戦のゴング) November 7, 2000
7 "The Destructive Force of 1 cm"
"1 cm no hakairyoku (Destructive Power of 1cm)" (1cmの破壊力) November 14, 2000
8 "Promise to Meet Again"
"Saikai no yakusoku (Promise of Another Meeting)" (再会の約束) November 21, 2000
9 "C Class License"
"C kyū raisensu (C Class License)" (C級ライセンス) November 28, 2000
10 "Debut Match!"
"Debyū sen! (Debut Fight!)" (デビュー戦!) December 5, 2000
11 "Obsession for Victory"
"Shōri no shūnen (Tenacity to Win)" (勝利への執念へ) December 12, 2000
12 "Becoming a Bully's Buddy"
"(Violent Friend Announcement)" (手荒なダチ宣言) December 19, 2000
13 "The Eastern Japan Rookie Championship Tournament Begins"
"Kaimaku, higashi nippon shinjin Ō sen (Curtain Rises, Eastern Japan Rookie-of-the-Year Fight)" (開幕、東日本新人王戦) December 26, 2000
14 "Powerful Arms! Hooks vs. Uppercut!"
(強腕!フックvsアッパー!) January 9, 2001
15 "Test of Endurance"
"Gaman kurabe (Endurance Contest)" (我慢くらべ) January 16, 2001
16 "Anticipating a Fierce Fight"
"Gekisen no yokan (Presentiment of a Fierce Fight)" (激戦の予感) January 23, 2001
17 "Ippo on the Beach"
"Ippo on za bīchi" (イッポ•オン•ザ•ビーチ) January 30, 2001
18 "Clinch"
"Kurinchi" (クリンチ) February 6, 2001
19 "Dream of a KO"
"KO no yume" (KOの夢) February 13, 2001
20 "The Threat of Shotgun"
"Shottogan no kyōi" (ショットガンの脅威) February 20, 2001
21 "The Way to Capture a Prodigy"
"Tensai kōryaku no michi (The Way of Capturing a Genius)" (天才攻略の道) February 27, 2001
22 "Forward! Forward!!"
"Mae! Mae!! (Forward! Forward!!)" (前へ!前へ!!) March 6, 2001
23 "The Other Semi-Final"
"Mō hitotsu no junkesshō (One More Semi-Final)" (もう一つの準決勝) March 13, 2001
24 "To the Promised Place..."
"Yakusoku no basho e (To the Place of Promise)" (約束の場所へ...) March 20, 2001
25 "Grudges, Sorrows & Dreams"
"Sorezore no omoi (Each Emotion)" (それぞれの想い) March 27, 2001
26 "The Battle for Distance"
"(Kyori no kōbō) Attack and Defense of Distance" (距離の攻防) April 3, 2001
27 "Death Match"
"Shitō (Struggle to the Death)" (死闘) April 10, 2001
28 "Victory or Defeat"
"Shōhai (Victory or Defeat)" (勝敗) April 17, 2001
29 "Rocky of Naniwa"
"Naniwa no Rocky (Rocky of Naniwa)" (浪速のロッキー) April 24, 2001
30 "To Enemy Ground"
"Tekichi e (To Enemy Ground)" (敵地へ) May 1, 2001
31 "Traces of Intense Battles"
"Gekitō no sokuseki (Footprints of Fierce Fighting)" (激闘の足跡) May 8, 2001
32 "Throw Your Right!"
"(Right Hits!)" (右を打て!) May 15, 2001
33 "Smash Force"
"Sumasshu no iatsu (Coercion of the Smash)" (スマッシュの威圧) May 22, 2001
34 "The Rookie King"
"Shinjin Ō (Rookie of the Year)" (新人王) May 29, 2001
35 "The Counting Journey"
"(To Go Further on the Journey)" (さらなる旅立ち) June 5, 2001
36 "The Champ and I"
"Ōja tono deai (Encounter with the King)" (王者との出会い) June 12, 2001
37 "A Thing to Strive For"
"Mezasu mono (Something to Aim At)" (目指すもの) June 19, 2001
38 "Two Rookies of the Year"
"Futari no shinjin ō (Two Rookies of the Year)" (二人の新人王) June 27, 2001
39 "Challenge in a Foreign Land"
"Ikoku de no chōsen (Challenge in a Foreign Country)" (異国での挑戦) July 4, 2001
40 "A Counter to Surpass All Counters"
"(Counter that Surpassed the Counter)" (カウンターを超えたカウンター) July 11, 2001
41 "Barf-michi's Big Fight"
"Barf-michi no tatakai (Barf-michi's Fight)" (ゲロ道の戦い) July 18, 2001
42 "Sharing a Dream"
"Yume e no kyōkan (Sympathy to Dream)" (夢への共感) July 25, 2001
43 "The Speed Star"
"THE SPEED STAR" August 1, 2001
44 "Blind Spot in the Ring"
"Ringu no shikaku (Blind spot of the Ring)" (リングの死角) August 8, 2001
45 "The White Fangs of the Wolf"
"Ōkami no shiroi kiba (White Fangs of the Wolf vega)" (狼の白い牙) August 15, 2001
46 "Be the Gazelle"
"(Become the Gazelle!)" (かもしかになれ!) August 22, 2001
47 "The Fighting Spirit Within"
"(Concealed Fighting Spirit)" (秘められた闘志) August 29, 2001
48 "The Red Wolf"
"Akai ōkami (Red Wolf)" (赤い狼) September 5, 2001
49 "The Courage to Believe"
"(Courage to Trust)" (信頼する勇気) September 19, 2001
50 "Something to Convey"
"(What I want to Say)" (伝えたいこと) September 26, 2001
51 "The Group Date"
"Gōkon (Joint party)" (合コン) October 3, 2001
52 "The Challenger"
"Chōsensha (Challenger)" (挑戦者) October 10, 2001
53 "So That I Can Be Myself"
(俺が俺であるために) October 17, 2001
54 "Fists of the Champ"
"Ōja no kobushi (Fists of the King)" (王者の拳) October 24, 2001
55 "The Japan Featherweight Title Match"
"Nippon fezākyū taitorumacchi (Japan Featherweight Title Match)" (日本フェザー級タイトルマッチ) October 31, 2001
56 "The Power that Stands in the Way"
"Tachi hadakaru chikara (The Power That Blocks the Way)" (立ちはだかる力) November 7, 2001
57 "Conclusion"
"Kecchaku (Conclusion)" (決着) November 14, 2001
58 "Heartbroken"
"Shōshin (Heartbreak)" (傷心) November 21, 2001
59 "A Determined Gaze"
"Ketsui no manazashi (A Look of Determination)" (決意のまなざし) November 28, 2001
60 "Rival"
"Raibaru (Rival)" (ライバル) December 5, 2001
61 "Comeback Anxiety"
"(Anxiety to Recovery)" (再起への不安) December 12, 2001
62 "Revival"
"(Revival)" (復活) December 19, 2001
63 "Youth of Fire"
"(Youth of Flame)" (炎の青春) December 26, 2001
64 "Hot Rod Era"
"(Enthusiastic Era)" (熱中時代) January 9, 2002
65 "The Summer of the Kamogawa Corps"
"(The Summer of the Kamogawa Corps)" (鴨川軍団の夏) January 16, 2002
66 "Mr. Takamura's Tears"
"(Takamura's Tears)" (鷹村さんの涙) January 23, 2002
67 "The Kamogawa Gym Swings Into Action"
"(The Kamogawa Gym Moves Out)" (動き出す鴨川ジム) January 30, 2002
68 "The Chief's Peril"
"(The Chairman's Crisis)" (会長の危機) February 6, 2002
69 "The Trap of the Southpaw"
"(Trap of the Southpaw)" (サウスポーの罠) February 13, 2002
70 "The Young Punk"
"(A Naughty Boy)" (ごんたくれ) February 20, 2002
71 "Time for the Showdown"
"(Moment of the Decisive Battle)" (決戦の刻) February 27, 2002
72 "Lallapallooza"
"Lallapallooza" March 6, 2002
73 "Surpass that Moment"
"(Surpass that Time)" (あの時を超えろ) March 13, 2002
74 "Mix-Up"
"()" (ミックスアップ) March 20, 2002
75 "A Step Further"
"(Into the Next Step)" (さらなる一歩を) March 27, 2002
76 "Boxer's Fist"
"()" (ボクサーの拳) March 21, 2003
The Second Series
The continuation of the series - called Hajime No Ippo: New Challenger (はじめの一歩 New Challenger) - started on January 6, 2009, on NIHON TV and ended on June 30, 2009.
Episode List
Round Episode Name Original air date
1 "The New Step"
"Arata Naru Ippo" (新たなる一歩) January 6, 2009 [4]

2 "Bloody Cross"
(Bloody cross-血の十字架-) January 13, 2009[4]

3 "To the Promised Place"
"Yakusoku no Basho e" (約束の場所へ) January 20, 2009[4]

4 "Towards the World"
"Sekai e no Taidō" (世界への胎動) January 27, 2009[4]

5 "The Strength of the World [16]"
"Sekai no Chikara" (世界の力) February 3, 2009[4]

6 "A Figure to Chase After"
"Oi Tsudukeru Senaka" (追い続ける背中) February 10, 2009[4]

7 "The Advent of the Devil"
"Akuma No Kōrin" (悪魔の降臨) February 17, 2009[4]

8 "Spirit for One Last Attack"
"Tamashii no Ichigeki" (魂の一撃) February 24, 2009[4]

9 "Qualifying for Succession"
"Uketsugu Shikaku" (受け継ぐ資格) March 3, 2009[4]

10 "Cannon Fodder"
"Kama Se Inu" (噛ませ犬) March 10, 2009[4]

11 "Ippo vs. Hammer Nao"
"Ippo v. Hamma Nao" (一歩vsハンマーナオ) March 17, 2009[4]

12 "What It Means To Be a Pro"
"Puro no Jōken" (プロの条件) March 24, 2009[4]

13 "Ippo on the Beach 2"
"Ippo on za Biichi 2" (イッポ•オン•ザ•ビーチ2) March 31, 2009[4]

14 "Two Sparring"
"Futatsu no Supaaringu" (二つのスパーリング) April 7, 2009 [4]

15 "Itagaki's Debut Match!"
"Itagaki Debyū Sen!" (板垣デビュー戦!) April 15, 2009[4]

16 "The 2 Hawks"
"2 Hane no Taka" (2羽の鷹) April 21, 2009[4]

17 "Wild Child"
"Yasei Ji" (野性児) April 28, 2009[4]

18 "Extreme Weight Control"
"Kyokugen no Genryō" (極限の減量) May 5, 2009[16]

19 "Explosive Confrontation"
"Isshokusokuhatsu" (一触即発) May 12, 2009[16]

20 "World Jr. Middle Weight Title Match"
"Sekai J. Midoru Kyū Taitorumacchi" (世界J•ミドル級タイトルマッチ) May 19, 2009[16]

21 "The Battle of the Hawks!"
"Battle of Hawk!" May 26, 2009[16]

22 "Battle Fight!"
"Kenka Battoru" (ケンカバトル) June 2, 2009[16]

23 "Supporting Hand"
"Sasaeru Te" (支える手) June 9, 2009[16]

24 "The King"
"Ou-sama" (王様) June 16, 2009[16]

25 "My Bronze Statue, Please."
"Douzou wo Douzo" (銅像をどうぞ) June 23, 2009[16]

26 "New Challenger"
(new challenger) June 30, 2009[16]

Second Season
Rikiya Koyama, the voice actor of the Mamoru Takamura character in the Hajime no Ippo boxing anime franchise, has revealed in his blog that a sequel to the Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger television series is being planned. Koyama was posting about the end of dialogue recording for the series, since the cast just finished work on the 26th and final episode. (The final episode, "New Challenger," aired in Japan on June 30.) At the end of his Friday blog entry, he wrote, "Of course, a sequel is also being planned!!"
Anime news network website
1. Fighting Spirit: Champion Road TV Special (はじめの一歩 TVスペシャル -Champion Road- Hajime no Ippo Terebi Supesharu ~Chanpion Rōdo~?)
2. Kimura Vs. Mashiba
It was reported at Otakon 2009 that the director of the first series is working on a new movie.[17]
The music for the first anime series was composed by Tsuneo Imahori, who also did the third opening theme song. Various tracks of guitars, drums, piano, horns, and combinations of the instruments were used to help accentuate the mood and action of the scenes. The soundtrack was released in Japan on two CDs, "First KO" & "Final Round". The music for the second series was composed by Yoshihisa Hirano.
Anime Theme Songs
Opening Theme Songs[2]
1. "Under Star" by Shocking Lemon (Episodes 1 - 25)
2. "Inner Light" by Shocking Lemon (Episodes 26 - 52)
3. "Tumbling Dice" by Tsuneo Imahori (Episodes 53 - 76)
4. "Hekireki" by Last Alliance (Second Series, Episode 1 - 26)[18]
Closing Theme Songs[2]
1. "Yuuzora no Kamihikouki" by Mori Naoya (Episodes 1 - 25)
2. "360°" by Mori Naoya (Episodes 26 - 52, 75)
3. "Eternal Loop" by Saber Tiger (Episodes 53 - 74,76)
4. "8 AM" by Coldrain (Second Series, Episode 1 - 26)

Thxx 4

Detektif Conan

Detektif Conan dikenal di Jepang sebagai 名探偵コナン (Meitantei Konan?) adalah sebuah serial manga detektif yang ditulis dan diilustrasi oleh Aoyama Gosho dan diserialkan dalam majalah Mingguan Shōnen Sunday sejak tahun 1994. Serial ini menceritakan tentang Shinichi Kudo, seorang detektif SMA, yang tubuhnya mengecil akibat sebuah racun.

Detektif Conan telah diserialkansecara terus menerus di majalah antologi manga Mingguan Shōnen Sunday sejak tahun 1994 dan telah dikumpulkan dalam 68 volume Tankōbon sampai dengan Mei 2010. Dalam versi bahasa Indonesia, Detektif Conan diterbitkan oleh Elex Media Komputindo yang telah menerbitkan sampai volume 56 sampai dengan Mei 2010.

Detektif Conan telah diadaptasi dalam serial animasi TV yang diproduksi oleh TMS Entertainment dan Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation yang masih berlangsung di Jepang karena mengadaptasi beberapa cerita dari manga. Serial ini juga telah diterbitkan dalam bentuk OVA, Drama TV, spesial TV, 14 film animasi, beberapa permainan video, dan banyak barang yang berhubungan dengan Detektif Conan.

Shinichi Kudo, seorang detektif SMA berusia 17 tahun yang biasanya membantu polisi memecahkan kasus, diserang oleh 2 anggota sindikat misterius ketika mengawasi sebuah pemerasan. Dia kemudian diberi minum racun misterius yang baru selesai dikembangkan yang ditujukan untuk membunuhnya, namun karena sebuah efek samping yang jarang terjadi yang tidak diketahui anggota sindikat tersebut, racun tersebut mengakibatkan tubuhnya mengecil seperti bocah berusia tujuh tahun setelah mereka meninggalkannya.[2]
Untuk menyembukan identitasnya dan untuk menginvestigasi keadaan sindikat tersebut, yang selanjutnya dikenal dengan nama Organisasi berbaju Hitam atau Organisasi Hitam, dia menyamarkan namanya menjadi Conan Edogawa.[3] Untuk mencari jejak sindikat tersebut, dia tinggal bersama dengan teman sejak kecilnya yang bernama Ran Mouri, yang ayahnya, Kogoro Mouri, merupakan seorang detektif swasta.[3] Dia bersekolah di SD Teitan dan membentuk Grup Detektif Cilik dengan 3 teman sekelasnya; Ayumi Yoshida, Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya, dan Genta Kojima. [4] Meskipun tubuhnya mengecil, dia tetap memecahkan kasus, biasanya dengan meniru suara Kogoro Mouri dengan alat yang diciptakan oleh tetangganya, Prof. Agasa. Kogoro Mouri, seorang detektif yang agak bodoh, awalnya bingung pada kemampuan memecahkan kasusnya meningkat secara mendadak, tetapi tidak heran karena ia senang karena ketenarannya yang meningkat. Ran Mouri pernah beberapa kali mencurigai bahwa Conan adalah Shinichi, namun karena kecerdikkan Conan, maka Ran pun percaya bahwa Conan bukanlah Shinichi.
Selanjutnya dalam seri ini, tokoh utama lainnya, Ai Haibara, muncul. Dia adalah seorang mantan anggota Organisasi Hitam, yang memiliki nama sandi "Sherry", nama aslinya adalah Shiho Miyano, seorang ilmuan yang mengembangkan racun APTX 4869 yang membuat tubuh Shinichi mengecil.[5] Setelah kakaknya secara kejam dibunuh oleh anggota Organisasi Hitam, dia mencoba keluar dari organisasi itu namun dia ditangkap.[5] Dia mencoba bunuh diri dengan menelan pil APTX 4869, namun ternyata tubuhnya mengecil, dan dia berhasil kabur dari mereka.[5] Dia kemudian bersekolah di SD Teitan dengan nama samaran "Ai Haibara".[5] Dia mengetahui identitas asli Conan dan membantunya dalam perjuangan Conan untuk menjatuhkan Organisasi Hitam.[5]
Kemudian, Conan terlibat dengan FBI, dan mereka berhasil menangkap Kir, seorang anggota Organisasi Hitam. Kir kemudian diketahui merupakan seorang agen CIA yang menyamar, dan berjanju akan memberi informasi tentang Organisasi Hitam kepada FBI.[6] Mereka kemudian mengembalikan Kir ke organisasi tersebut. Kemudian, dia memeberitahukan kepada FBI bahwa di Organisasi Hitam ada seorang anggota baru bernama sandi Bourbon.[7]
Anggota Organisasi Hitam yang telah diketahui adalah Gin, Vodka, Vermouth, Pisco, Tequilla, Calvados, Chianti, Kir, Kusuda Rikumichi, Masami Hirota, Sherry, Bourbon, Rye, Hell Angel, serta Big Boss yang selalu ditampilkan secara kabur dan selalu disebut oleh Gin sebagai "orang itu" (あの方 Anokata?).

Sebuah patung Conan Edogawa di Hokuei, Prefektur Tottori, Jepang, kota kelahiran Aoyama Gosho, pengarang Detektif Conan.Serial Detektif Conan menampilkan tokoh-tokoh ciptaan Gosho Aoyama. Alur utama cerita ini berlatar belakang tempat di Jepang, dengan penggunaan nama-nama tempat sungguhan seperti Tokyo dan Osaka, tetapi juga menggunakan nama tempat fiktif seperti Kota Beika. Versi Amerika Serikat (FUNimation) memiliki sejumlah perbedaan nama tokoh dengan versi asli [8].
Artikel utama untuk bagian ini adalah: Daftar volume dalam seri Detektif Conan
Jilid dari manga Detektif Conan ditulis dan diilustrasikan oleh Aoyama Gosho. Di Jepang, mereka telah diterbitkan di Shogakukan's Weekly Shonen Sunday sejak tahun 1994. Sejak premier Detektif Conan, lebih dari tujuh ratus bab telah dirilis di Jepang. Masing-masing bab dikumpulkan oleh Shogakukan dalam serangkaian volume Tankōbon. Jilid pertama ini dirilis pada 18 Juni 1994; sampai dengan 18 Agustus 2009, enam puluh lima volume telah dirilis.[9][10] Viz Media (penerbit Detektif Conan dalam versi Amerika Serikat) merilis volume pertama pada 7 September 2004, dengan tiga puluh dua jilid dirilis per 27 November 2009.[11][12] Elex Media Komputindo merupakan penerbit Detektif Conan dalam versi Bahasa Indonesia.
Ada 3 edisi Detektif Conan yang diterbitkan di Indonesia (oleh Elex Media Komputindo), yaitu:
• Detektif Conan edisi reguler berupa volume berbentuk tankobon yang isinya telah diterjemahkan dari bahasa Jepang ke bahasa Indonesia.
• Detektif Conan Edisi Spesial yaitu edisi yang setiap bab (file)-nya berisi 1 kasus dan kasus- kasus tersebut adalah kasus yang pendek.
• Detektif Conan Seri Animasi TV
Artikel utama untuk bagian ini adalah: Daftar episode dalam seri Detektif Conan
Episode dari serial anime Detektif Conan diarahkan oleh Kenji Kodama dan Yasuichiro Yamamoto dan diproduksi oleh Tokyo Movie Shinsha dan Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation.[13] Lima puluh episode dari serial Detektif Conan Bahasa Inggris disiarkan di Cartoon Network sebagai bagian dari blok program Adult Swim pada 24 Mei 2004 sampai Januari 2005 dan telah dihentikan karena rendahnya popularitas.
Pada Juli 2009, 17 bagian dan 143 total volume telah dirilis oleh Shogakukan.[14] Lima kotak koleksi DVD dari adaptasi Inggris dari anime telah dirilis oleh Funimation Entertaiment dan berisi lima musim pertama dari anime.[15][16][17][18][19]
Spesial TV
Lupin III vs Detective Conan (ルパン三世 vs 名探偵コナン Lupin Sansei vs Meitantei Conan?) merupakan spesial TV pertama dari serial Detektif Conan.[20] Episode ini menceritakan tentang Conan yang bertemu dengan Lupin III yang berusaha mencuri mahkota ratu kerajaan Vespania.[20] Episode ini ditayangkan pada 27 Maret 2009[20]
Detective Conan Special: Secret of the Birth of Kaitō Kid (名探偵コナンスペシャル 「怪盗キッド誕生の秘密」 Meitantei Conan Supesharu 「Kaitō Kiddo Tanjou no Himitsu」?) merupakan spesial TV yang kedua dari serial Detektif Conan.[21][22][23] Episode ini ditayankan pada 24 April 2010.[21][22][23] Episode ini sebenarnya adalah serial Magic Kaito episode 1.
Empat belas film layar lebar telah dirilis yang berasal dari seri Detektif Conan. Film- film tersebut telah dirilis pada bulan April sejak tahun 1997. Setiap film layar lebar memiliki jalur plot tesendiri, dan bukan merupakan adaptasi dari cerita manganya. Diantara 14 film ini, hanya 6 yang pernah ditayangkan di Indonesia melalui Indosiar, yaitu film ke-1, ke-2, ke-6, ke-9, ke-10,dan ke-11.[24]
No. Judul dalam bahasa Jepang
Judul dalam bahasa Inggris
Tanggal pertama kali dirilis Pendapatan/
box office (¥) Durasi
1 名探偵コナン 時計じかけの摩天楼
(Meitantei Konan Tokei Jikake no Matenrō?)
Detective Conan: The Time-Bombed Skyscraper 19 April 1997 ? 95 Menit
2 名探偵コナン 14番目の標的
(Meitantei Konan Jyuuyon banme no Tagetto?)
Detective Conan: The Fourteenth Target 18 April 1998 1,05 miliar [25]
99 Menit
3 名探偵コナン 世紀末の魔術師
(Meitantei Konan Seikimatsu no Majutsushi?)
Detective Conan: The Last Wizard of the Century 17 April 1999 1,45 miliar [26].
100 Menit
4 名探偵コナン 瞳の中の暗殺者
(Meitantei Konan Hitomi no Naka no Ansatsusha?)
Detective Conan: Captured in Her Eyes 22 April 2000 2,5 miliar[27]
99 Menit
5 名探偵コナン 天国へのカウントダウン
(Meitantei Konan Tengoku e no Kauntodaun?)
Detective Conan: Countdown to Heaven 21 April 2001 2,9 miliar[28]
99 Menit
6 名探偵コナン ベイカー街の亡霊
(Meitantei Konan Beikā Sutorīto no Bōrei?)
Detective Conan: The Phantom of Baker Street
20 April 2002 3,4 miliar[29]
107 Menit
7 名探偵コナン 迷宮の十字路
(Meitantei Konan Meikyū no Kurosurōdo?)
Detective Conan: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital 19 April 2003 3,2 miliar[30]
108 Menit
8 名探偵コナン 銀翼の奇術師
(Meitantei Konan Gin-yoku no Majishan?)
Detective Conan: Magician of the Silver Sky 17 April 2004 2,8 miliar[31]
110 Menit
9 名探偵コナン 水平線上の陰謀
(Meitantei Konan Suiheisenjō no Sutoratejī?)
Detective Conan: Strategy Above the Depths 19 April 2005 2,15 miliar[32]
109 Menit
10 名探偵コナン 探偵たちの鎮魂歌
(Meitantei Konan Tantei-tachi no Requiem?)
Detective Conan: The Private Eyes' Requiem
15 April 2006 ? 111 Menit
11 名探偵コナン 紺碧の棺
(Meitantei Konan Konpeki no Jorī Rojā?)
Detective Conan: Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure
27 April 2007 2,53 miliar[33].
95 Menit
12 名探偵コナン 戦慄の楽譜
(Meitantei Konan Senritsu no Furu Sukoa?)
Detective Conan: Full Score of Fear
19 April 2008 2,42 miliar 116 Menit
13 名探偵コナン 漆黒の追跡者
(Meitantei Konan Shikkoku no Chaser?)
Detective Conan: The Raven Chaser
18 April 2009 3,4 miliar 111 menit
14 名探偵コナン 天空の難破船
(Meitantei Konan Tenkuu no Nanpasen?)
Detective Conan: The Lost Ship in the Sky[34]
17 April 2010 ? ?
[sunting] Drama Televisi
Dua drama televisi tunggal yang telah dibuat dari seri ini, satu pada tahun 2006 dan satu pada tahun 2007.
Dalam drama pertama, Detective Conan: Shinichi Kudo's Written Challenge (名探偵コナン- 工藤新一への挑戦状 "Meitantei Conan: Kudo Shinichi he no Chosenjo"?), yang perdana di Jepang pada Nippon Television pada 2 Oktober 2006.[35] Itu menjabat sebagai prekuel dari cerita saat ini, dibintangi oleh Shun Oguri sebagai Shinichi Kudo, Tomoka Kurokawa sebagai Ran Mouri, dan Takanori Jinnai sebagai Kogoro Mouri. [36]
Drama TV kedua perdana pada tanggal 17 Desember 2007[37] yang berjudul Shinichi Kudo Returns! Showdown with the Black Organization (工藤新一の復活!~黒の組織との対決 "Kudo Shinichi no Fukkatsu! Kuro no Soshiki to no Taiketsu"?), dengan menambahkan karakter seperti Yu Kashii (sebagai Shiho Miyano), Kuranosuke Sasaku (sebagai Gin), Okada Taro (sebagai Vodka), Ryosei Tayama (sebagai Agasa), Fujisaki Nao (sebagai Conan) dan Shibata Kyoka (sebagai Haibara).
Album jalur suara

Gambar sampul album dari Detective Conan Original Soundtrack
Tiga puluh satu album jalur suara, diproduksi oleh Polydor Records dari Universal Music Group, telah dirilis untuk seri anime dan film Detektif Conan.[38]
• Detective Conan: Original Soundtrack 1 dirilis pada tanggal 21 Februari 1996 dan berisi 20 lagu.[39]
• Detective Conan: Original Soundtrack 2 dirilis pada tanggal 2 Mei 1996 dengan 70 lagu.[40]
• Detective Conan: Original Soundtrack 3 dirilis pada tanggal 25 November 1996 dengan 27 lagu.[41]
• Detective Conan: Original Soundtrack 4 ~Let's go! Detective Boys~ dirilis pada tanggal 25 April 2001 dengan 28 lagu.[42]
Tiga CD dirilis dengan berisi koleksi lagu tema "terbaik" di dalam seri anime.
• Detective Conan: Original Soundtrack- Super Best dirilis pada tanggal 27 November 1997 berisi 30.[43]
• Detective Conan: Original Soundtrack- Super Best 2 dirilis pada tanggal 17 Desember 2003 berisi 22 lagu.[44]
• Detective Conan TV Original Soundtrack: Selection Best dirilis pada tanggal 5 Desember 2007.[45]
Lima CD dirilis dengan berisi lagu tema yang digunakan untuk anime. Dua album foto dirilis bersamaan dengan 4 album singel. Setiap film dari serial ini juga memiliki CDnya masing- masing.
Permainan Trading Card
Case Closed Trading Card Game adalah sebuah permainan yang dapat dikoleksi didasarkan dari seri Detektif Conan (Case Closed). Diproduksi oleh Score Entertainment, permainan ini dipublikasi pada Juni 2005 di Amerika.[46] Permainan ini dimainkan diantara 2 sampai 6 pemain.[46] Para pemain bersaing untuk menyelesaikan 3 kasus menggunakan petunjuk yang sesuai, sementara secara bersamaan berusaha untuk menghentikan lawan mereka dari melakukannya. Setiap pemain masing-masing mengambil 5 langkah dalam 1 giliran.

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Skip-Beat ! "Anime From Japan"

Skip-Beat! (スキップ・ビート!, Sukippu Bīto!?) is a Japanese shōjo manga by Yoshiki Nakamura. It is the story of Kyoko Mogami (最上 キョーコ, Mogami Kyōko?) a 16-year-old girl who discovers that her childhood friend and romantic goal, Sho Fuwa, only keeps her around to act as a maid and earn his living expenses, as he works his way to become the top pop idol in Japan. Furious and heart broken, she vows to get revenge by beating him in show business. In Japan, the manga was first published in Hakusensha's shōjo manga magazine Hana to Yume in February 2002, while in the United States, it began publishing under Viz Media's Shojo Beat label in 2006. As of June 2008, nineteen volumes have been released in Japan, and as of May 2009, eighteen volumes have been released in the United States. In 2002, a drama CD adaptation was made and released by Marine Entertainment, and covers the first volume (chapters one to five) of the manga. An anime adaptation is produced by Hal Film Maker, and began airing October 5, 2008.[1] It ended airing with episode twenty-five on July 12, 2009.

Skip-Beat! follows the story of Kyoko Mogami, a sixteen year-old girl who loves her childhood friend, Sho Fuwa (Shotaro), but is betrayed by him. Having spent a lot of time at Shotaro's parents' inn she learned a great deal about hostelry and other such jobs. Shotaro, not wishing to take over his parents' inn, moves to Tokyo to pursue a career in music. Sho, as he is called by his fans, asks Kyoko to leave high school and her life in Kyoto Prefecture behind to help him. Upon arrival in Tokyo, Kyoko lives an unreasonably frugal life, spending nothing on herself and doing whatever she can for Sho, who eventually becomes ranked seventh in the top twenty most popular entertainers of Japan. One day, she overhears Shotaro complaining about her to his manager, saying that she is a boring and plain girl. He proceeds to sweet-talk and flirt with his manager, in stark contrast to the cold and demanding attitude he usually exhibits towards Kyoko. Kyoko doesn't shed many tears when she learns that Sho thinks she's only good for housekeeping. Instead, her "Pandora's box" opens and she vows vengeance on Sho. As she is carried away by security, Sho mockingly tells her that if she wants revenge, she had better become a bigger star than him. And so, Kyoko changes her appearance and enters the entertainment industry, facing many challenges along the way. Skip Beat! follows Kyoko's journey to climb the showbiz ladder as she meets interesting people, troublemakers and friends alike, with hopes of getting revenge on Shotaro, as well as regaining the sense of compassion that she had lost when her heart was broken by him. As Kyoko cultivates her acting and friendships, she soon discovers a sense of self totally separate from her initial plans for revenge.
Main article: List of Skip Beat! characters
Kyoko Mogami (最上 キョーコ 最上 京子?, Mogami Kyōko)
Voiced by: Miki Nagasawa (drama CD), Marina Inoue (anime)
Kyoko is a bright, intelligent girl bent on revenge against the boy that used her feelings of love and devotion for his own selfish gain. More vengeful than depressed, she swears to get even. Shōtaro, the one who used her, tells her that the only way to do this would be to beat him in show business. She changes her hair style and her attitude and begins the task of applying to Shō's rival company, L.M.E. While her audition stood out, the president of the company realized that she lacked the key component needed to become an idol: love, as without genuine love for this profession and for the audience, she could not succeed. However, despite her failure, she had such an interesting audition (she did katsura-muki as her talent portion) that Kyoko was given a second chance. Thus, L.M.E.'s "Love Me" section was founded. Lory made a deal with Kyoko that if she completed all the jobs given to her as a Love-Me employee to the client's satisfaction (determined by points stamped into her record book), by the end of a certain period of time, having accumulated enough points, she would be given a grand debut. Having entered show business, Kyoko found a genuine love for acting and a rare talent for performing a great range of emotions and characters. Her professionalism, raw talent and willingness to give her all for her act eventually earn her the respect of those around her, including Tsuruga Ren and Kotonami Kanae.
Ren Tsuruga (敦賀 蓮 Tsuruga Ren?)
Voiced by: Ken Narita (drama CD), Katsuyuki Konishi (anime)
Ren has an extremely kind and gentle persona. He takes his acting very seriously and expects professionalism from those around him. While he maintains a perfect public image, he has frequently shown his true face to Kyoko, failing to keep his polite facade in front of her. He was originally unhappy with Kyoko, and frequently found ways to annoy and tease her because of her impure reasons for joining show business. However, once he realized that her acting was more than a tool for revenge, he began to support her growth as a budding idol. Although at first in denial, he eventually came to terms with his love for Kyoko and grew as an actor as a result of the realization. He makes many attempts to express his love, but Kyoko is continuously blind to all romantic overtures. Ren was voted top male celebrity in Japan on the same poll ranking Shotaro seventh, causing the latter to have strong feelings of jealousy and rivalry towards him. Ren tends to become jealous whenever anything happens between Sho Fuwa and Kyoko due to their former relationship and now their frequent coincidental, and un-coincidental meetings, giving Sho multiple openings to cause him emotional distress. Despite the obvious obstruction of Sho's closeness to her, Ren has no intention of giving Kyoko over to him. Ren's hidden past is another obstruction to his romantic feelings towards Kyoko yet to be fully explored in the manga.

Shō Fuwa (不破 尚 Fuwa Shō?)
Voiced by: Nobutoshi Kanna (drama CD), Mamoru Miyano (anime)
His real name is Shōtarō (松太郎?). He keeps it a secret because he finds it very old-fashioned. He is an extremely egotistical, extremely talented music star. Shō had no qualms about asking Kyoko to give up her life in Kyoto to become his unpaid servant, fully cognizant of her misconceptions of the nature of their relationship. After Kyoko's transformation, he is shocked and soon discovers he had more feelings for her than he originally thought. He has disliked seeing Kyoko's tears since childhood, knows her preferences in food, and of her love for fairy tales and things romantic in nature (even buying her an ornate, whimsical bouquet of blossoms and pearls to her specific tastes). Shō holds a great animosity towards Ren because he is hailed as the coolest, number one guy in Show Biz. Shō declared that he'd steal all of Ren's fans and the title of "The Coolest Male Celebrity" from him. He does not like Ren's closeness to Kyoko and he challenges Ren as he makes it known that he would not willingly give up his place in Kyoko's heart as the one she thinks of the most.
Kanae Kotonami (琴南 奏江 Kotonami Kanae?)
Voiced by: Yukiko Tagami (drama CD), Risa Hayamizu (anime)
When introduced, Kotonami's character looks to be the villain to Kyoko's heroine, but Kanae is much more sympathetic than she first appears. Kanae wants desperately to be a top-rate actress and was at the same audition as Kyoko. Although she made it further than Kyoko, she also failed for lack of love. Thus, she became the second member of Love Me. Kyoko calls her Moko. After their tag-team effort in winning an audition for a commercial, despite obvious differences in their personalities, both girls recognize that they are in fact very similar, leading them to become friends. Although her attitude towards Kyoko may seem aloof at times, it is clear that she values their friendship, as she reluctantly shares her secret with Kyoko when she fears her unwillingness to share her troubles might drive Kyoko away.
Yukihito Yashiro (社 倖一 Yashiro Yukihito?)
Voiced by: Masahito Kawanago (anime)
He is Ren's manager. When first seen he is a serious character, later on he is used largely for comic relief. We get a better understanding of Ren’s subtle emotional shifts from Yashiro’s not-so-subtle reactions to Ren’s interactions with Kyoko. He fully supports a romantic relationship between the two and often needles Ren about his lack of progress in that area. He also tends to associate anything Ren says in relation to Kyoko and his feelings for her, even before Ren himself came to terms with them.
He must use latex gloves when handling electronics because any electronic device that he touches directly will soon be rendered useless. In particular, he has mentioned that a cell phone will die after about 10 seconds of direct exposure to his skin.
Lory Takarada (ローリィ宝田 Rōri Takarada?)
Voiced by: Banjo Ginga (drama CD), Kouji Ishii (anime)
Lory is the extravagantly flamboyant president of L.M.E and Maria's grandfather. He is one of the first people to recognize Kyoko's potential of being a great star, and created the "Love Me" section because of this. He seems genuinely concerned for Kyoko and wonders what could have happened in her past to cause her to lose the ability to love. He learns in Vol. 4 that Kyoko has never known her father and has a bad relationship with her mother but does not know the details. Later, when he learned that she dropped out of school he arranges for her to attend a high school that is specializes in accommodating students working in show business and their hectic schedules.
Takenori Sawara (椹 武憲 Sawara Takenori?)
Voiced by: Tomoyuki Kōno (drama CD), Kenji Hamada (anime)
He is a the head of L.M.E.'s talent section. Sawara was tormented by Kyoko into getting her into an audition (Kyoko originally auditioned under "Talent" rather than "Acting"). Despite the initial meeting, he is actually very supportive of Kyoko, even through her penchant for tripping her own idol career up.
Maria Takarada (宝田 マリア Takarada Maria?)
Voiced by: Hiromi Konno (anime)
Maria is the granddaughter of the president of L.M.E. and used to use her cute appearance to get people's sympathy. She did so before Kyoko's audition; however Kyoko recognized this, and called her out on it. While some people would be angry at Kyoko, Maria began to idolize her, and views her as an ultimate big sister. Maria also suffered from a huge guilt complex from her believing that she is the cause of her mother's death. As a result, Maria was unable to talk or even be around her father, since she thought that he hated her. Kyoko managed to make Maria understand that her father didn't hate her, or think that Maria caused her mother's death. Maria also loves to dabble with black magic (along with Kyoko's side) and has a large crush on Ren Tsuruga.

Shoko Aki (安芸 祥子 Aki Shōko?)
Voiced by: Rio Natsuki (anime)
Shoko Aki is Sho Fuwa's manager. Since he and Kyoko split he's been living at her place. Actually he was already living at her place most of the time even when he was still living with Kyoko, though the two of them, Kyoko and Shoko, get along rather well. Shoko Aki herself wanted to become an actress (Act.85), but decided she didn't have the talent for it. But she still wanted work that was connected with Show business, and got a good job as a manager. She also is aware of Sho's feelings for Kyoko, and tries to hint at him that he should confess his feelings to her.
Main article: List of Skip-Beat! chapters
Skip-Beat! began as a manga series written and illustrated by Yoshiki Nakamura which started serialized in Hakusensha's shōjo manga magazine Hana to Yume on February 15, 2002. The first bound volume was released in Japan on July 19, 2002, and as of June 19, 2009, 24 volumes have been released in Japan. Now, there are currently 25 volumes. The manga was licensed by Viz Media for release in English in North America on Viz Media's Shojo Beat imprint.[2] The first volume was released in English on July 5, 2006, and as of March 2, 2010, 20 volumes have been released.[3]
Drama CD
A single drama CD entitled Skip-Beat! Drama CD was released by Marine Entertainment bearing the catalog number "MMCC-7029" on September 26, 2002[4]. The drama CD covers the first volume (chapters one to five) of the manga.
Main article: List of Skip Beat! episodes
The anime adaptation was directed by Kiyoko Sayama and animated by Hal Film Maker, it began airing in Japan on October 5, 2008 and most recent episode aired on March 29, 2009. The next expected episode is named, "The End."[1] The first opening theme is "Dream Star" by the generous. The first ending theme is "Namida" by 2BACKKA.The second opening theme is "Renaissance" by the generous, and the second ending theme is "Eien" by Yūsaku Kiyama.[5] Popular anime streaming website Crunchyroll also officially streams the anime online with English subtitles due to an agreement with TV Tokyo.[6]
Live-action Drama
Main article: Extravagant Challenge
A live-action television drama version has been announced in a press conference in Japan.
Two idol stars of previous Taiwanese drama versions of shōjo manga will headline this new production. Ariel Lin, the actress who starred in the live-action It Started With a Kiss (TV series) adaptation of Kaoru Tada's Itazura na Kiss manga, will play Kyōko. Jerry Yan rose to international stardom in the Meteor Garden drama retelling of Yoko Kamio's Hana Yori Dango manga, and he will now take on the Skip Beat! role of Kyōko's acting mentor Ren Tsuruga. Production has been halted as the Japanese production group is rejudging the script.
A game was released using same name at 28th May 2009 in Playstation 2 .
The opening song of this game is "Blow Wind" by SMILY☆SPIKY. The game takes place after the animation of Skip Beat! where the main character, Kyoko Mogami, needs to choose her next job and develop her relationships with others .
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• Skip Beat! at Viz Media
• Official Skip Beat! website at Hana to Yume (Japanese)
• Skip Beat! (manga) at Anime News Network's Encyclopedia
• Skip Beat! (anime) at Anime News Network's Encyclopedia

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No Bra Anime

No Bra tells the story of Masato Kataoka, a somewhat dimwitted high school student, whose childhood friend Yuki Nomura moves in with him one day. Because of Yuki's cute face, girlish clothing, and apparently feminine features, Masato is extremely happy with his new life—until Yuki's mother calls Masato, and tells him that Yuki is a boy. The story revolves around Masato's relationship with Yuki and his slowly disintegrating reluctance to develop romantic feelings for him.


Years before the start of No Bra, Masato Kataoka and Yuki Nomura were childhood friends, though they were later separated—with Masato soon forgetting anything about the friendship and Yuki still treasuring those memories. Masato grows to become a high school student enrolled in Meikyuu Private Academy, whereas Yuki moves from school to school, never quite fitting in because of his crossdressing and feminine features. One day, however, Yuki moves in with Masato and starts going to Meikyuu. Yuki soon becomes one of the most popular "girls" in the class, alongside Kaoru Oozora, whom Masato nurses a crush on. Meanwhile, Yuki continues to refuse all of Masato's pleas for him to act more manly, forcing Masato to stop any idea that Yuki and Masato live together, while also juggling his feelings for Yuki and Kaoru.
Masato Kataoka (片岡 正人 Kataoka Masato?)
Masato Kataoka is a freshman in Meikyuu Private Academy who lives by himself in Tokyo. He always wears Hawaiian shirts and is best friends with Hideki Nogami. Masato is often one to blend with the background, although he does stand up to what he deems unjust from time to time. Masato constantly daydreams about the opposite sex (or about Yuki with a female body), but also becomes confused when he sees Yuki as attractive, since he is biologically male. Masato and Yuki were also childhood friends, but Masato does not remember anything from that time period[1], much to Yuki's chagrin.
Yuki Nomura (野村 ユウキ Nomura Yūki?)
Yuki is Masato's childhood friend, though unlike Masato, Yuki remembers and treasures the friendship. Ever since Yuki and Masato parted ways in their childhood, Yuki has been growing out his hair; when Masato finally convinces him to cut it, Yuki obliges because it represents a "memento of [their] meeting again"[1]. Yuki is also a crossdresser, and this combined with his naturally feminine features causes everybody except Masato to believe Yuki is a girl; Masato's attempts to convince people otherwise usually result in them belittling Masato and insulting him.[2] Therefore, Yuki is extremely popular with the rest of the boys in his class, although Yuki states the only person he loves is Masato. His family is fully aware that he is a crossdresser, but whether or not they are aware that Yuki is bisexual is unknown.
Hideki Nogami (野上 秀樹 Nogami Hideki?)
Hideki is Masato's best friend. He is completely unaware that Yuki is male, and as such is constantly determined to make Masato fall in love with Yuki. Hideki is also very overweight, though he uses this trait to his advantage—at one point using his massive body as a human shield for Masato to carry away a drunken Yuki from would-be male admirers. Hideki is also nicknamed "Hidepon" in the manga[3].
Kaoru Oozora (大空 薫 Ōzora Kaoru?)
Kaoru is the most popular girl in Masato's class, having both athleticism and high grades[3]. Masato is enamored with her, although he constantly berates himself for being too out of her league. However, Masato has helped Kaoru on many occasions—some of which Masato does not even remember—and this causes Kaoru to harbor some feelings for Masato, as well. Noticing this, Hideki becomes angry on Yuki's behalf, and often tries to keep the two apart. In chapter 18, it turns out "Maa-kun" is actually Kaoru. She was 'Masato Kaoru' until her mother remarried and changed her name from 'Masato' to 'Oozura'.
Mariko Mizutani (水谷 麻理子 Mizutani Mariko?)
Mariko, also known as "Miss Mizutani" (水谷先生 Mizutani-sensei), is Masato, Yuki, Hideki, and Kaoru's homeroom teacher. She becomes suspicious when she discovers that Yuki and Masato have the same home address. She's quick to take advantage of their situation in order to keep herself from being fired and so she can pay her overdue loans, saying she doesn't have to pay rent while living with them. Mizutani is a rude, freeloading, drunkard. Extremely irresponsible, she has Yuki drink with her and spends all of her wages on expensive goods instead of paying off her loans. Caring only for her own wellbeing and comfort, she goes to extreme lengths to make her life easier even at the expense of others. She later offers Masato sexual experiences to continue living in his home.

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^ a b Kawatsu, Kenjiro (2002). No Bra, Volume 1. Tokyo, Japan: Akita Shoten, chapter 5. ISBN 4-25-320331-0
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No Bra (manga) at Anime News Network's Encyclopedia
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Mysterious Girlfriend X

Mysterious Girlfriend X is the story of high school student Tsubaki Akira (椿明?) and his classmate, a strange scissors-wielding girl named Urabe Mikoto (卜部美琴?), who begin an unusual romance after he becomes addicted to her saliva.Contents


The story begins with Urabe Mikoto, a new transfer student, being introduced to Tsubaki Akira's class. She is assigned to a seat next to Tsubaki, who is designated by their homeroom adviser to be her guide.

Tsubaki and the rest of the class soon discover that Urabe is an unusual girl. She makes no attempt to be sociable with her new classmates - choosing instead to sleep at her desk during break times - and rebuffs the friendly advances of those who seek to get to know her better. These actions - and her breaking out in hysterical laughter in the middle of class on her first day at school - cause her to be labeled as a strange person and avoided by her classmates.

Leaving school late one afternoon, Tsubaki returns to the classroom for his bag and finds Urabe still asleep at her desk. Waking her up, he catches a glimpse of her pretty face (which is usually half-hidden by her bangs) before she leaves. Noticing some drool left by Urabe on her desk, he absentmindedly tastes it before realizing what he is doing, and hurries home in embarrassment.

That night, Tsubaki has a strange dream about himself and Urabe. A few days later, he falls ill and collapses at school. Five days later, with his fever showing no signs of breaking, Urabe visits him at his house and asks him whether he tasted the drool on her desk. Upon receiving an admission of guilt, she has him lick her saliva off her finger which, to Tsubaki's amazement, causes his illness to subside immediately. Urabe explains to him that he was suffering from "love sickness", and that he experienced withdrawal symptoms from not receiving her saliva since the day he first tasted it.

From the next day onward, Tsubaki finds Urabe waiting for him on his way home from school. They settle into a routine of him licking her saliva off her finger before they part ways in order to prevent a fresh onset of withdrawal symptoms. It is during one of these walks home that Tsubaki learns that Urabe keeps a pair of scissors tucked into her panties, and that she is very skilled in their use.

Tsubaki eventually realizes he has fallen in love with Urabe, and asks her to become his girlfriend. Urabe tells him he first has to prove uniquely his desire for them to become a couple, which Tsubaki does by using Urabe's scissors to destroy a photograph of a girl he previously had a crush on. Overjoyed at Tsubaki's unusual demonstration of love, Urabe accepts.

Over time, Tsubaki discovers that he and Urabe can "communicate" to each other their emotions and the physiological states of their bodies through their saliva, and that Urabe can also read his thoughts by tasting his saliva in turn. The rest of the manga chronicles significant milestones in the progress of the couple's relationship and the events leading up to them, and highlights the unique emotional and telepathic bonds they share.
Tsubaki Akira
The story's main character. Since he has tasted Urabe's drool the two have entered into a strange love relationship. He's reached the age where he's acquired some interest in the opposite sex, but his lack of experience and knowledge of Urabe and her feeling for him are a hindrance to Tsubaki, as he is unable to judge the pace of their relationship and make any progress in romancing Urabe. Tsubaki lives with his sister and father after the death of their mother. Oka has also dubbed him as the possessive type, as he got jealous when many guys where considering to ask Urabe out after her new hairstyle shows off her face. He has recently become a fan of the idol Imai Momoka, but only because she looks just like Urabe and sees her in place of Momoka.
There is also a list of things he wishes to do with Urabe but is stopped in fear of her using her panty scissors on him. Through a twist in events he got to see a small glimpse of her completely nude in Chapter 25, of which he denied when asked because from an earlier event he didn't want to embarrass her.
1. Call her by her first name (which he is unaware is that it is something she wants)
2. Have a more physical relationship with her (wants to hold her, kiss her and dreams about having sex with her)
3. Getting a picture of her smiling (which he seems to use Imai Momoka to substitute)
Urabe Mikoto
A transfer student who joins Tsubaki's class at the start of the manga. She is considered strange by her classmates because of her unwillingness to socialize with others and her habit of sleeping at her desk during break times. Unknown to most people, she has the ability to communicate telepathically and transfer the physical condition of her body through her saliva and, on at least one occasion, through her perspiration - as well as read others' thoughts and have the physical condition of their bodies transferred to her via their saliva. This ability is limited to only a couple people, the reasons for which are not known. She carries a pair of scissors with her at all times, and is very skilled in their use. She is also good at sports, and excels at running and swimming. Not much is known about Urabe's family at this time. Every time Urabe has had Tsubaki visit her in her apartment her parents have been out but it has been stated that her father owns a house by the sea, hinting that her parents might be divorced or separated. And after a certain incident in chapter 21, it appears she likes to have her left ear played with. She too has a possessive personality, getting really jealous when he looks at other girls, including girls in magazines (especially Imai Momoka who looks just like her) where she shreds them with her scissors. Though she always has a monotone expression, she has been seen reacting erratically if she accidentally injures Tsubaki, which suggests that her control over her emotions is starting to crack. She was later mistaken as Momoka by her manager, and taken by mistake. Also she doesn't prefer using any beauty products as when Tsubaki complimented her scent and asked if she was wearing any perfume, she answered "I don't use anything like that".
Oka Ayuko
A short (143 cm tall), bespectacled girl with a well-endowed chest and an impressive figure. She is the only person who knows that Tsubaki and Urabe are dating as she is interested in the unusual relationship between the couple, and wants to become friends with them. She inadvertently finds she has a saliva "bond" with Urabe, very similar to that of Tsubaki's. Oka's cooking is enjoyed by Urabe and the two have lunch together often at school. While Urabe has claimed she doesn't want to be friends, Oka has becomes Urabe's closest companion at school. She likes to tease Urabe, in a way able to see through her emotional wall and tell what Urabe would like Tsubaki to do for her, as well as constantly touch her to the point that Urabe describes Oka's reaction similar to that of a perverted old man. Her glasses have the tendency of fogging up when her heart beats fast enough.
Ueno Kouhei
A bespectacled friend and classmate of Tsubaki. He and Oka have been dating for about a year, but try to keep it a secret from their classmates. Only Tsubaki and Urabe (and later Hayakawa) are aware of their relationship. He often fondly recounts to Tsubaki his experiences with Oka; Tsubaki in turn gets romantic ideas to use on Urabe from Ueno's stories. He also seems to possess a possessive style as he won't take Oka to the beach because other guys will see her in a bikini and jealous when other guys talk to her.
Tsubaki Youko
Tsubaki's elder sister. She considers it her duty to raise her brother properly in place of their deceased mother, and refuses to consider getting married until he graduates and finds a job.[1] She spends her time housekeeping. Tsubaki's occasional strange behavior from the effects of Urabe's saliva sometimes makes Youko worry about her brother. Youko has met Urabe, but has not been told of the full extent of her relationship with Tsubaki. Urabe said she was only a classmate Tsubaki helps often at school, though some dialogue suggests she knows the truth.[2]
Minor characters
Hayakawa Aika
A beautiful, long-haired girl who was Tsubaki's classmate and first crush in middle school. She knew of his feelings for her, but never told him, and attended a different high school after graduation. Out of all of the cast she has a very possessive personality, faking a bruise to trick Tsubaki to pretend to be her boyfriend for a day and setting it up so Urabe will come to the festival during that time. However, after clearing up everything with her boyfriend they returned to being a couple again. Another note is that she and Tsubaki have similar quirks.
A popular, good-looking classmate of Tsubaki and Urabe who is also a star player of the school soccer team. He is interested in Urabe, and tries to ask her out, but she turns him down because, unlike Tsubaki, his body has no reaction to her drool.[3]
An attractive, short-haired schoolmate of Tsubaki who is one grade below him. She and Tsubaki met through the school film club. She likes Tsubaki because they share unusual tastes in movies. Although Tsubaki in turn enjoys talking to her, he worries that the attention she gives him will make Urabe jealous.
Imai Momoka
A media idol who looks almost identical to Urabe, except that she has brown hair and much smaller breasts. She makes an appearance in Chapter 37, and seems to have much more in common with Urabe than one would expect, though more energetic. Like how Urabe uses scissors on people, she kicks, though she wears restraints, however both are located where their panties are. She sought out Urabe in hopes she will agree to her plan of switching between model and student, however Urabe completely turns her down. After accidentally knocking her out (and Urabe cutting off all of her clothing), she discovers the difference in their breast sizes, seeming to have a changed her mind after discovering this. After seeing Urabe and Tsubaki's bond, she goes with her promise and lets go of her plan to switch places, however not before stealing Urabe's uniform and going to make Tsubaki taste her drool.[dubious – discuss] It is revealed she wanted to become a "normal" girl due to an incident with a boy she had a crush on before she became famous. Then after being discovered and becoming famous, she finally gained up the courage to confess her feelings to him, but before they kissed he asked if he could tell his friends he was dating a famous girl. Realizing he only liked her because she was famous, she high kicked him in the head.

ISBN 978-4-06-314424-6, published on August 23, 2006
ISBN 978-4-06-314457-4, published on June 22, 2007
ISBN 978-4-06-314490-1, published on February 22, 2008
ISBN 978-4-06-314539-7, published on November 21, 2008
ISBN 978-4-06-314583-0, published on August 21, 2009

Volume 1
Chapter 0 : Mysterious Girlfriend X
Bonus Chapter 0.5 : Mysterious Haircut
Chapter 1 : Mysterious Bond
Chapter 2 : Mysterious Photograph
Chapter 3 : Mysterious Test Tube
Chapter 4 : Mysterious Day When the Wind was Strong

Volume 2
Chapter 5 : Mysterious Outdoor Pool
Chapter 6 : Mysterious Summer Vacation
Chapter 7 : Mysterious Girl Meets Mysterious Girl
Chapter 8 : Mysterious Girl meets Mysterious Girl Continued
Chapter 9 : Mysterious Sign
Chapter 10 : Mysterious Wonder Drug
Chapter 11 : Mysterious Arousal
Chapter 12 : Mysterious Memory
Bonus Chapter 12.5 : Mysterious Nyaa

Volume 3
Chapter 13 : Mysterious Dessert
Chapter 14 : Mysterious Rain Shelter
Chapter 15 : Mysterious Step Up
Chapter 16 : Mysterious Sea-Bathing
Chapter 17 : Mysterious Athletic Festival
Chapter 18 : Mysterious Exam Study
Chapter 19 : Mysterious Big Sister
Chapter 20 : Mysterious Sensation
Bonus Chapter 20.5 : Mysterious Boyfriend X

Volume 4
Chapter 21 : Mysterious Feeling
Chapter 22 : Mysterious Response
Chapter 23 : Mysterious For Some Reason, That Kind of...
Chapter 24 : Mysterious Idol
Chapter 25 : Mysterious Moment
Chapter 26 : Mysterious Souvenir
Chapter 27 : Mysterious Summer Greetings
Chapter 28 : Mysterious Adventure
Bonus Chapter 28.5 : Special Moves Report

Volume 5
Chapter 29 : Mysterious Letter of Challenge
Chapter 30 : Mysterious Cultural Festival - The Night Before
Chapter 31 : Mysterious Cultural Festival 1
Chapter 32 : Mysterious Cultural Festival 2
Chapter 33 : Mysterious Cultural Festival Part 3
Chapter 34 : Mysterious Cultural Festival - After Party
Chapter 35 : Mysterious Delusion 1
Chapter 36 : Mysterious Delusion 2
Bonus Chapter 36.5 : Mysterious "Old Man Transformation" Phenomenon

Volume 6
Chapter 37 : Mysterious High Kick
Chapter 38 : Mysterious Plan
Chapter 39 : Mysterious Unison
Chapter 40 : Mysterious Letters
Chapter 41 : Mysterious Performance
Chapter 42 : Mysterious Experiment
Chapter 43 : Mysterious Experiment Results
Chapter 44 : Mysterious Tremble
Chapter 45 : Mysterious Choice


Info Air Gear Anime

Air Gear

Air Gear (エア・ギア, Ea Gia?) adalah manga dan anime shonen yang dibuat oleh mangaka Oh! Great.

Air Gear telah diserialisasikan di Weekly Shonen Magazine sejak 2002. Sekarang, 17 volume telah dirilis di Jepang oleh Shounen Magazine Comics. Serial ini juga dibuat versi musikalnya yaitu Musical Air Gear, yang memulai debutnya pada 7 Januari 2007 dan berlangsung sampai 21 Januari 2007. Versi ini mengadaptasi bebas dari manganya dan mirip dengan musikal dari Prince of Tennis dimana semua karakter wanita dihilangkan dari plot.Daftar isi
1 Plot Cerita
2 Tim-Tim
2.1 Sleeping Forest
2.2 Genesis
2.3 Behemoth
Plot Cerita
Perhatian: Bagian di bawah ini mungkin akan membeberkan isi cerita yang penting atau akhir kisahnya.

Itsuki "Ikki" Minami, seorang murid yang dikenal sebagai babyface terkuat adalah pemimpin dari geng remaja "East Side Gunz", dalam perjalanan pulang setelah dipermalukan oleh grup storm rider bernama skull saders, dia mengungkap rahasia tersembunyi dari keluarga angkatnya, Noyamano bersaudara, yang ternyata adalah anggota dari group storm riders legendaris dengan nama Sleeping forest. setelah menuntaskan dendamnya dengan Skull saders, Ikki dalam perjalanannya menemukan hal yang "melebihi kepuasan dari sekedar balas dendam". setelah merasakan pengalaman saat "terbang", Ikki langsung terlibat dalam dunia Air Treks yang penuh dengan misteri. Artikel bertopik anime/manga ini adalah sebuah rintisan. Anda dapat membantu Wikipedia dengan mengembangkannya.


«»< Kogarasumaru> Rank: B class
Minami Itsuki/Ikki

Adalah anak yang ceria yang terus berusaha untuk menjadi kuat. Dulunya dijuluki "Unbeatable Babyface" karena selalu menang dalam perkelahian. Sekarang, setelah mengenal AT, ia di juluki "si burung gagak" oleh semua orang kerena ia selalu terbang bebas ke udara ketika memakai AT. Ikki digosipkan akan menjadi penerus Sky King setelah Sora Takeuchi. Mempunyai peliharaan burung gagak bernama Kuu yang bersarang di rambutnya. Saat ini dia mendapat gelar sebagai Storm king dan menguasai Hurricane Road
Akito/Agito Wanijima

Akito adalah anak laki-laki manis, ceria, dan lugu yang berkepribadian ganda. Kepribadiannya yang satu lagi kasar dan galak bernama Agito. Akito merupakan Fang King dari Bloody Road yang asli, dan bukan Agito. Agito muncul karena Akito kaget setelah mengetahui tujuan kakaknya Kaito Wanijima yang merupakan pemimpin Wind SWAT.Pengguna AT level A.
Mikura Kazuma/Kazu

Anggota Kogarasumaru yang merupakan teman Ikki sejak kecil. Mantan anggota geng "East Side Gunz". Sering digambarkan sebagai pesawat jet karena dia sangat cepat. Terkadang ia digambarkan sebagai anjing. Kazu menjadi pewaris Flame Road. Berkat Kazu, Kogarasumaru naik menjadi ranking B. Meski sebenarnya Kazu itu hebat, tapi dia selalu merasa rendah diri sebelum akhirnya disadarkan Ikki dan Agito.
Issa Mihotoke/Buccha

Tubuh besarnya bukan karena obesitas, melainkan karena darah dalam tubuhnya kebanyakan ketika main AT. Sering digambarkan sebagai Tank yang siap menghabisi siapa saja.

Teman masa kecil Ikki dan Kazu. Dia hanya bisa menggunakan AT di kepalanya, dengan kepala di bawah. Sering digambarkan sebagai babi. Menguasai Smell Road.
Sleeping Forest

Rank: A class
Artikel utama: Sleeping Forest

Generasi pertama:
Rika Noyamano
Ine Makigami

Generasi saat ini:

Adalah mantan pemegang gelar Gem King dari Sleeping Forest terdahulu, dikenal sebagai "Gaia Road" Kilik. dia adalah salah satu dari gravity children angkatan pertama bersama saudari kembarnya; Simca dan teman masa kecil Sora sekaligus yang paling diberkahi dari angkatan pertama tersebut. saat masih aktif sebagai anggota Sleeping Forest, dia sangat mencintai Rika. sadar kalau Sora memiliki niat jahat, dia bersama Gravity children yang lain lalu memberontak melawannya. akhirnya dia mengalahkan Sora, mencuri regalia angin, lalu kehilangan regalianya sendiri saat melawan Nike. setelah Sora muncul kembali di dunia AT, dia memulai latihan dalam tekanan udara yang sangat tinggi agar bisa melawan Sora. Gaia Road yang dikuasainya mampu melihat cara berlari dari seorang rider bahkan bisa menebak berat,kekuatan, jenis AT hingga suku cadang yang digunakan dalam AT tersebut atau dengan kata lain; ia bisa membongkar semua rahasia dari trik gerakan yang dilakukan oleh seorang rider terlepas seberapa tinggi, cepat atau rumitnya trik yang digunakan.
Ringo Noyamano

Pemimpin Sleeping Forest yang baru, salah satu dari 8 King di dunia AT dengan gelar Thorn Queen. Saking hebatnya, ia dijuluki Crazy Apple. Ringo adalah seorang gravity children angkatan kedua yang memilki kekebalan terhadap tekanan udara di dalam menara tropaion karena pengaruh dari jalannya; Sonia Road, yang membuat dia tidak terkalahkan dalam pertarungan disana. Sonia Road yang dikuasainya menyerang menggunakan kelincahan gerakan yang sangat Indah namun mematikan dengan menggunakan regalia duri; Thorn Reaper yang bekerja menyerupai cambuk dan bisa menembakkan gelombang " Duri" dalam ukuran kecil dari jarak jauh. dia menyukai Ikki tapi belum berani menyatakannya. Ia sangat khawatir pada Tim Kogarasumaru sehingga apabila tim baru itu kesusahan, ia membantu mereka dengan nama samaran Croissant Mask atau croissant bertopeng.

pertama kali muncul dihadapan kazu, dia memegang gelar Horn King namun belum diketahui seperti apa "jalan" yang dikuasainya. regalianya; Hatch Venom memakai prinsip penggunaan yang sama dengan Bloody armor namun serangan yang dihasilkan lebih menyerupai sebuah tembakan meriam. Nue sempat takluk pada pertarungan di pertemuan pertama mereka namun berhasil bangkit kembali dan mengalahkannya pada pertemuan selanjutnya. Gabishi akhirnya dihukum oleh pemimpin Genesis dan menerima bermacam-macam siksaan namun akhirnya dilepaskan dan kembali ke Sleeping Forest.
Shiraume Noyamano

Yang termuda dari Noyamano bersaudara. Dia sangat dimanja oleh ketiga kakaknya. Hobi anak yang dipanggil Ume ini adalah membuat boneka. Seorang pengguna AT yang handal juga.
Mikan Noyamano

Kakak Ume dan Ringo serta adik Rika. Senang menggoda Ringo tentang Ikki. Ia juga suka menyiksa Ikki dengan jurus-jurus gulat.
Rika Noyamano

Kakak tertua di Noyamano bersaudara. Demi menghidupi keluarga menjadi pegulat wanita profesional Destlerr Barlett. Awalnya Rika melarang Ikki membuat tim Storm Rider karena takut Ikki akan bernasib seperti Sora Takeuchi. Mantan pemegang gelar Thorn Queen di Sleeping Forest ini dulunya menjalin cinta dengan Sora. Akhirnya diketahui bahwa Rika bukanlah saudara kandung dari Ringo, Mikan dan Ume.

Rank: A class Genesis adalah kumpulan dari tim-tim Storm Raiders yang tersebar di Jepang. Hal tersebut membuat tim dari Kelas A yang dipimpin oleh Simca ini menjadi tim terbesar di Jepang. Suatu hari, Simca membawa seluruh anggota Genesis ke hadapan Ikki dan meminta Ikki untuk memimpin mereka. Simca sangat yakin kalau Ikki-lah yang akan menjadi Sky King dan membawa Genesis menguasai Trophaeum Tower. pada akhirnya diketahui kalau pada saat kehancuran sleeping forest terdahulu, adalah Nike; bukan Simca, yang mendirikan Genesis. jadi Pemimpin sebenarnya adalah Nike sementara Simca hanya bertindak layaknya seorang pemimpin. Tujuannya sama dengan Sleeping Forest terdahulu; khusunya Sora, menaklukkan menara tropaion dan mendapatkan regalia Langit. Anggotanya antara lain:

Dikenal sebagai Simca Si walet atau burung yang bermigrasi. tertarik dengan kepribadian Ikki yang mana sangat mengidolakan dirinya dan meramalkan kalau ikki akan mendaptkan gelar Sky king. bahkan terlalu percayanya dia sampai memutuskan untuk menyerahkan kekuasaan terhadap genesis dibawah genggamannya. Dia memilki Saudara kembar yang sama-sama merupakan Gravity Children angkatan pertama, mantan pemegang gelar Gem king, "Gaia Road" Kilik.

Pertama kali muncul disekolah Ikki untuk menyaksikan pertandingan Tingkat F antara Ikki melawan Issa "Buccha" Mihotoke. ia memimpin regu storm ridernya sendiri yang bernama Volcanoes dibawah bendera Genesis sekaligus memegang Gelar Flame King dan dikenal sebagai "Flame Road" Spitfire. Dulu dia; bersama Sora, Pernah melawan Sleeping Forest bentukan Kilik yang pada akhirnya mengalami kekalahan. Flame Road yang dikuasai Spitfire dipusatkan penggunaanya pada kecepatan, yang bahkan bisa mengendalikan aliran waktu. dan jika digunakan pada penempatan waktu yang tepat, hasil dari kecepatan tersebut menimbulkan akibat kobaran api yang menjalar sesuai dengan jalur yang dihasilkan saat berlari.serangannya yang terkuat adalah gabungan antara "Flame road" dan "Time Road"; bersama Aeon Clock, mmenghasilkan jalan ganda yang dinamakan "Apollo Road"

Nue muncul pada saat menyaksikan pertandingan antara kogarasumaru melawan Behemoth (dimanga, dia muncul pertama kali dihadapan Ikki didaerah pemakaman umum).Dia bersama kelompoknya; Black Crow, merupakan Gravity Children angkatan kedua adalah pemegang gelar Thunder King dan dikenal sebagai "Rising Road" Nue. dia tetap bergabung dengan Genesis karena Sora menjanjikan akan memberikan kehidupan yang normal bagi mereka. Rising Road yang dikuasai oleh Nue memusatkan penggunaanya pada penciptaan ilusi lewat medan magnet dan menyerang menggunakan kabel-kabel listrik yang ada pada seluruh jubah regalia miliknya yang konon mampu menghancurkan sebuah kota

pemimpin regu storm rider bernama Trident asal kansai dibawah bendera Genesis sekaligus pemegang gelar Rumble king Dan dikenal sebagai "Over Road" Yoshitsune. tantangan yang dia berikan kepada Kogarasumaru telah berhasil dilalui oleh Ikki sehingga memutuskan untuk melatih mereka. Over Road yang dikuasai Yoshitsune dipusatkan penggunaanya pada suara, yang mampu menyerap udara atau angin dalam bentuk gelombang kejut seperti "taring" dari Agito. Yoshitsune juga pakar dalam mengatur siasat. dia sendiri menyatakan kalau dalam pertempuran yang lebih diutamakan adalah penggunaaan akal pikiran untuk melihat keadaan yang ada dalam medan pertarungan .

Nike ini hanyalah sebuah alias. nama aslinya adalah Sora Takeuchi yang kanjinya berarti "Angkasa". dia tinggal di Amerika setelah mendirikan Genesis dan menyerahkan kendali kuasanya kepada Simca. pemegang gelar Gem king saat ini dan dikenal sebagai "Jade Road" Nike setelah berhasil merebut regalia permata milik Kilik saat kehancuran Sleeping forest terdahulu. dia adalah yang terkuat dari empat raja Genesis. Jade Road yang dikuasai Nike belum jelas seperti apa bentuknya atau akibat yang dihasilkan ketika digunakan, namun tampaknya berhubungan dengan daya tahannya terhadap segala serangan lawan.
yasuyoshi Sano

mantan anggota Behemoth dengan julukan Aeon Clock yang bisa megendalikan aliran waktu dan sama seperti spitfire; juga mengikuti jejak nya menguasai "Flame Road" walaupun dia memilki ciri khas tersendiri yang bisa dianggap sebagai "Time Road". saat behemoth dikalahkan, dia ditunjuk oleh Simca sebagai juru bicara Genesis yang meminta Ikki untuk bersedia meimpin mereka. Time Road yang dikuasai Sano pada intinya sama dengan Flame Road, tapi lebih cenderung digunakan sebagai pengendali waktu daripada menghasilkan kobaran api. serangannya yang terkuat adalah gabungan antara "Flame road" dan "Time Road"; bersama spitfire, mmenghasilkan jalan ganda yang dinamakan "Apollo Road"
Sora Takeuchi

pendiri dan pemimpin sleeping forest terdahulu yang sekaligus memegang gelar Wind King dan dikenal dikenal sebagai "Wing Road" Sora Takeuchi. dulu dia memilki hubungan khusus dengan Rika Noyamano, dan putus akibat pengkhianatan Kilik yang sadar bahwa Sora mempunyai niat jahat terselubung dibalik terbentuknya Sleeping Forest. Sora bersama Spitfire, Dontores, dan Blackburn kemudian bertempur melawan Sleeping forest bentukan Kilik yang pada puncaknya; kelompok Sora mengalami kekalahan dan Sora kehilangan kedua belah kakinya yang harus diganti dengan dua belah kaki biomekanis. dia yang membimbing Ikki meguasai penggunaan angin dan menggunakannya sebagai senjata yang sangat dasyat tapi dia juga yang mengkhianati ikki dengan mencuri regalia angin, bagram. karena takut Ikki akan melebihi kemampuannya. Wing Road yang dikuasai Sora dipusatkan penggunaannya pada penciptaan bermacam-macam trik di udara sebagaimana yang ditunjukkan oleh Ikki dan bisa mengalirkan Infinitine atmosphere dari regalianya berupa angin dengan kecepatan atau bahkan bisa me"nol"kan efek regalia yang lain, oleh karena itulah siapapun yang megikuti jalan ini dianggap sebagai calon pemegang gelar Sky King; gelar legendaris yang tengah diincar oleh Sora.

Rank: D class Walaupun memliki kemampuan untuk menjadi tim kelas A, tim Behemoth dengan sengaja tetap berada di kelas D, karena mereka bertekat untuk mengganjal semua tim yang berniat meningkatkan kelasnya. Tim yang dipimpin oleh Akira Udo cowok pemberani yang dijuluki singa beranggotakan Mitsuru Bando yang ahli dalam pertarungan jarak dekat dan punya tonjokan yang dahsyat , Fumei Goshogawara bisa menyingkirkan puluhan musuhnya dalam hitungan detik, Ryo Mimasaki bisa menghipnotis, dan Yasuyoshi Sano bisa menghentikan waktu.tim kogarasumaru bertarung habis - habisan melawan tim ini.
Akira Udou
Bando Mitsuru
Ryo Mimasaka
Sano Yasuyoshi

tim-tim lain:skull saders,east side gunz.Dll



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